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Excuse Me!

Debby's Dare is undergoing some huge changes.  Hang in there with me while I whittle away and see what I find underneath it all.

Update:  Tuesday
The bear share of the blog is complete.  Getting the banner design was probably the hardest thing I've done so far.  I also went into the "belly" of the blog to remove border from the banner and tabs.  It looks so much cleaner.  Tomorrow should be the last day of work on the blog.
Update:  Monday
I made headway with the clutter.  It's beginning to get the feel and function I want for my blog.  Let's see what Tuesday holds.


We are in countdown mode.  Jay moves to his college dorm in 15 days.  He is the last of my "babies."   He has become more than Dad and I could have ever hoped or dreamed.  He has become a man of integrity, laughter, honor, respect, fun (only Jay would wear a purple squid hat on his senior trip!), passionate, and hard working.  Okay, now I'm crying again.

I've been going through photos and mementos of his childhood.  It will take me another lifetime to scrap them tell the stories. 

The Story
The photo is of Jay and a couple a friends on their Air Force JROTC trip this past year.  One place they visited was the Museum of Aviation.  Jay's dream is to fly for the Air Force.  This was a real treat to be able to see and sit in some of the airplanes of the past.  This is another page of his story.

The Layout
What I Learned
I cut out the "NASA" symbol from one of Jay's photos.  I forgot about the wealth of elements and embellishments  you can take fro…

Paint, Ink, Scissors, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I went totally nuts, but I love it! Sometimes when I just need to totally do it MY way I pull out the ink, paint, micro-tip scissors and just go for it. That's what I did with this layout. Talk about art therapy.

The Story
This was Uncle Jay’s first time holding Little Honey who was only 6 weeks old at this photo. From the time Jay entered the room LH could not take her eyes off him. Jay was not accustom to babies and really didn’t know what to talk about with her. Rarely can you catch a photo of a fun moment like this with a six week old. This will be a treasured photo for Uncle Jay and LH. 

The Layout

What I Learned
It was difficult to think how I can make this layout with Jay in mind as well as LH. I mixed distress, grungy style with sweet butterflies, flowers, and the doily. I used Maya Road's large bottle caps to make my background circles. It's hard to tell in the photo but I used Tim Holtz's Distress Crackle Paint. Not bad and very different for me.I was…

Simply Me

My blog houses many of my design team projects and is at times used specifically for that purpose. Most of the time my blog is simply me. It's my time to share about my family and friends through my scrapbooking. I love sharing "What I Learned."  It is genuine, from the heart, it's simply me. 

The Story
My daughter-in-law's niece is the cutest. Kiwi is less than 2 years old and is an outgoing, beautiful little girl. A friend of their family made this dress for Kiwi. Her and her sister had a great time at their own photo shoot. 

The Layout

What I Learned
I still have real hesitation when I create simple layouts. My tendency is to ink and cluster and layer and....Make sure your sewing machine is on the right setting. The zig zag stitching was supposed to be just that. If you look closely you can see when did not double check my settings. Several zig zags then two straight stitches. It's not bad, just not what I wanted.Check your spelling, over and over…

Creativity Runs in the Family--CHA Layout

Yes, I come from a huge creative family.  My mom and all her brothers and sisters can just about create anything.

Mom:  quilts, crochet, knits, sews

Uncle Max:  artist and more

Aunt Pat:  creates awesome food, flower arrangements, anything she needs

Aunt Ruby:  quilts, knits, crochet, and children's crafts

Aunt Evelyn:  quits, crochet

Aunt Peggy:  creative eye, just about anything she wants to do

Uncle Lamar:  woodwork

Uncle Leonard:  woodwork, rebuilds antique farm equipment, he can do anything with his hands
No Contemporary Photo Uncle Earl:  woodwork
No Contemporary Photo Uncle James:  woodwork

Aunt Robbie:  did not know her well, but she was an avid collector
Many of my cousins are uber talented.  Well now it's in the hands of the next generations.  My granddaughter loves, loves crafts and she loves Grandma's studio.  I never say she can't have anything in my stash.  She's been working Fiskars squeeze punches since she was two and had her own by the time she was three.  I …

Gasp! They Went to CHA Without Me

Tomorrow starts the Summer 2011 Craft and Hobby Trade Show.  This the crafting industries show that Retailers, Designers, Press, and a few others go to see the next releases from manufactures and place their orders for their stores.  This includes the BIG craft stores as well as your local scrapbook stores.  I've had the privilege to attend the summer show for 5 or 6 years now.  This year I took a break.  BUT my several of my designs went without me.
If you are at CHA you can see my designs at the Epiphany Crafts booth.  I know Trish, Brian, and Cathy have worked hard and have an awesome booth.  If you are not at CHA like me I want to show you my designs this week right here.  Also I added the links to the design team's blogs and some of them will be showing their designs or have done so already.  Either way these ladies are incredible designers.
All the designs are stylistically different.  My journey in working towards learning different styles and mediums really came in handy…

I Took a "Mulligan"

A Mulligan is "when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action."  I could not live with the layout I posted Wednesday as it was.  I had to fix it.  Did I mention I HAD TO? Although not everything is as I would like it, I certainly feel assured it's better!

The Story
These are pictures of me and my husband.  I can't believe the 70's look or that Jim had that much hair!  LOL  Look at those thin people, it's a wonder that it is really us.  Looking back through the great times and the hard times we certainly had great adventures.  And more to come!

The Layout

Orginal Layout
What I Learned
Dad was right when he said, "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing it right."  I toned down the embellishments.  Whew!I still kept my clocks but reduced their numbers.I used three photos instead of two.  I usually don't go for even number photos and now I understand why.  The balance is so much better with the three.I used my vintage rick …

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

Well, for those who often complain that we (those who scrapbook and blog) only bring out their best work I have a treat in store for them.  LOL  Before I get into the "oops" of the day, I want to announce the winner of the Glue Dots Adhesives Dot n Go.
sandyh50 said...
What a lovely layout! I like the ease with which you used the applicator. I like the fact that I can still put down just one glue dot too! Thanks for the chance!Congrats Sandy.  Please send your address to

The Story
I've been working on layouts to be framed and hung in my dinning room.  I've made one for each member of the family.  I only have two to go:  my daughter and her husband and me and Jim.  I was trying to do mine and Jim's using mostly older products with a few exceptions.  Just because you can cut, add embellishments, and add journaling/sub-titles doesn't mean you should do.  Needless to say this is not going up on my walls.  I can't even bring myself to tear …

Let's Dot n Go - Giveaway/RAK

Wow!  I'm back.  I inadvertently took a leave of absence from blogging.  Life got busy in a good way.  Nevertheless it's onward I go.  I did get a chance to do a classic Debby's Dare Demo. 

Glue Dots® Adhesives' Dot 'n Roll.  Have you seen it?  Have you tried it?  Well, I'm in love with mine.  I have used (and still do) my Glue Dots® Adhesives roll for embellishments, ribbon, and other things on my layouts.  I didn't really use them for the paper or photos UNTIL I purchased Glue Dots® Adhesives Dot 'n Roll.  They are awesome.  Zip, Zip and my paper is not going to move.  LOL  Glue Dots® Adhesives has removable glue dots to use while you are designing the page. 

Here is my Debby's Dare Demo working on the layout below with Glue Dots® Adhesives

The Story
The photo is of two of my favorite people.  Looking back when Little Honey was born it seems amazing that she has grown and learned so much.

The Layout

What I Learned
I love being inspired by my intern…


The winner from last Friday's blog post:  I chose to go with the Watercolor paper.  The paper is sturdy and sort of a egg shell white.  It has a slight texture.  I don't have a bind-it-all, but one of the local scrapbook stores has a Cinch.  Thank you everyone for all the ideas.  I will be incorporating several of them to the "smash" book.  The winner is: 
Missusg said...
okay how about buying one of those large water colour packets of paper, or two or three and using a Bind-It All to bind them together. one of my favorite new things to work on is watercolour paper as it allows me to use a lot of different mediums on it and doesn't warp like plain paper.Congratulations.  Send your snail mail address to Debby'

Back to the not-so-cutesy layouts.  LOL  This layout is very experimental for me.  I'm learning how to use Tim Holtz's Kraft Resist Paper.  It is really wonderful, but I want to pop the resist designs more.  This is also my first…

Freedom and Family

In the United States of America today we celebrate the Declaration of our Independence.  Our Independence and Freedom was won so that we could be "We the People."  Independence Day is our day to celebrate the people of this our great country. 

We celebrate with our close family members and our extended family.  Every year the Lewis's gather together the Friday before the 4th of July and on the 4th of July for a celebration of family.  We see cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces, nephews, and friends.  It is my husband's ultimate vacation!

This year Jim was unable to go because of work demands.  He is one sad puppy.  He plans another time at the end of the month, but he will miss seeing most everyone this year.  So we pull out the photos and see how many people we can name. 

I'm making my "Journey" short today so I can go celebrate!

The Story
The photos in this layout are priceless.  This was Mom and Dad Lewis' reunion the Friday before the biggy on th…

Have You Seen These? Giveaway

Hi bloggers!  I've been MIA for a few days.  I'm working hard on CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show that is coming up in just a few weeks.  My final deadline is today and I have several items to complete.  This is my first CHA to have projects displayed so I'm learning more about how it all works.  My journey is taking me to all parts of this crafty world.

I wanted to ask you about SMASH books.  Have you seen these or even own one?  K&Co produces these books.  The idea is to have a book to put anything into.  Do you have ideas?  SMASH it.  Do you have a magazine or newspaper clipping?  SMASH it. 

I'm just not sure about the book.  I have this bright idea that I would like to SMASH my High School scrapbook.  I had kept a scrapbook throughout my High School years.  It was really a SMASH book in a large size.  The books deteriorated, but I keep the memorabilia.  I love the idea of putting everything back into a book without "scrapbooking."  I real…