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My blog houses many of my design team projects and is at times used specifically for that purpose. Most of the time my blog is simply me. It's my time to share about my family and friends through my scrapbooking. I love sharing "What I Learned."  It is genuine, from the heart, it's simply me. 

The Story
My daughter-in-law's niece is the cutest. Kiwi is less than 2 years old and is an outgoing, beautiful little girl. A friend of their family made this dress for Kiwi. Her and her sister had a great time at their own photo shoot. 

The Layout

What I Learned
  • I still have real hesitation when I create simple layouts. My tendency is to ink and cluster and layer and....
  • Make sure your sewing machine is on the right setting. The zig zag stitching was supposed to be just that. If you look closely you can see when did not double check my settings. Several zig zags then two straight stitches. It's not bad, just not what I wanted.
  • Check your spelling, over and over again. When I went to take the photo I noticed my title said "O, Silly." Yep, check your spelling.
  • I really like using circles. I'm looking for more creative ways to use them in a layout.
  • Not everything has to be in a row.  When I'm dealing with liner pieces such as the paper, ribbon and three circles accents.  When I was deciding to use the brads I just had to place them out of the center of the circles. I guess if I had a "signature" to my layouts it would be not everything has to be what is expected.
  • I think I've lost the art of trying to correlate my color photos with the paper. If the paper I want to use does not work with the photos I want to use my solution has been to make them black and white. I think I made the colors work in this layout. I hope to try a bit harder to do this more often.
My challenge to you this week is to be "simply you."

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1. love that makes you your best
2. insight of myself that is led by God and not my faulty view
3. time to read
4. safety of my granddaughters
5. not acceptance of who God made me to be, but rejoicing


  1. boy oh boy i love this sketch....i'm going to scraplift this layout thanks for sharing...

  2. I love a goos sketch and this is that!!! Great LO~love the colors and adorable pictures!! super cute!!

  3. love the layout! the colors are perfect


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