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I'm Here, I'm Here

I haven't left. Only two posts this week. I've been very busy sharing the passion of crafting! This week has been full of friends and crafting. Here is a very quick drive by of photos:
I've had a wonderful time this week with the CHA Virtual Crop with Fiskateers. I had the privilege to play with Paper Crazy and was the winner of their cardstock sketch challenge (I'll post in a BIG update later.)

I had a BiG advenTURe in Greenville with Brain on Fire, delivering Carrie Woodward's gifts from Fiskateers and visiting several scrapbook store and seeing some familiar faces of Fiskateers. It truly is a small world after all.

I was blessed with some great people in setting up a Fiskateer Crop for May 16th in Greenville.

I worked on classes at the Stamping Place.

Last night I was back in Greeville (I might have to move...I love Greenville. LOL) for Certified Fiskars Demonstrator training and Fiskars now has 23 new new CFD's who are ready to share the passion of crafting! I h…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

{Week 4, Question 4 Link} Per your request I'm demo-ing Fiskars Circle Border Punch. Once you get the hang of it, it is sweet to use. BTW: no laughing at my singing. LOL From those who asked about Fiskars Circle Border Punch I will draw a random winner. I'll let you know who soon. BTW: One take baby!

I was Tagged today by Fiskateer Melissa . Here's the deal. You just have to go to where you store your photos on the computer, select the 6th folder and the 6th picture in the folder :D I took this photo when I was visiting Brains On Fire in Greenville, SC. I just thought is was artistic and loved it. So I took a photo. So I'm tagging: May FlaumJulie OverbyLisa FalutoAngie,photographer friend Sweet Shannon S.
Just a fun, challenge layout!

Greenville, Fiskateer Crop
Just an update. Meghan (Fiskateer of the Year), Debby ME (Fiskateer of the Year) and Sudie (a wonderful Nifty Fifty and owner of unKit) is planning a fiska-crop in Greenville, South Carolina. We are going to have fun…

All About You in 52

This has been a journey and we've only just begun. I know I've done much deep soul thinking. Those are the things my children do not know about me. The date of weddings, birthdays,, etc. are all things in general are easy to write down or your children just know. What's inside, tings that would be surprising about you is what we are searching for.
I'm amazed at the honesty and depth of you answers to these questions. For the husband and wife teams that are recording their history is awesome. I know what a challenge some of these questions are since I'm participating in the challenge myself.
A surprise for me is the journaling. I'm incredibly surprised how much I love doing the journaling and being creative about getting it on a page.
I'm excited for all of you that have been doing the challenge each week and those who work hard to catch up. You can still join and just start from today's question. Email me and I'll put your name on the WALL.
Question 4…

Advertisement of all Sorts

{Question 3}

"Nevadaangel(Donna Stevens) said...
very nice blog site, lots of good information and fun stuffnevadaangel #4373Donna Stevens "
Send me your addy.

LOL I wanted to do a blog update on what's going on and other reminders. I guess it's advertisement of sorts for different companies and people.

All About You in 52: I hope you are able to find time to work through your question and post. Monday has a new question and a new layout for you. I'm loving the layouts, but the journaling has been the best. I'm not big about journaling on my pages, but I'm loving having the stories on my pages. It is addictive. BTW: It's not to late to join in. Send me an email and I'll put you up on the WALL.

Fiskateers will be Rockin' the House as they start their online CHA Crop tomorrow morning. I can't wait.

Making Memories: is having live updates about the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show on their blog starting tomorrow. …

Fiskars Friday on Thursday...Update for Maya...Update on Week 2 Winner of "52"

My Snowman has a Meltdown! LOL

Actually, I'm going to put this up Wednesday night because I'm going to bed early. LOL Today is a demo of Fiskars Border Embossing Punch. I find as I teach and demonstration Fiskars tools that everyone loves them, but at times they end up in the top of their closet because they "didn't work" or "I just can't get it to work." Because I want to liberate any Fiskars Border Punches that might be in the closet, I decided to do this simple demo. Watch the demo and watch for the challenge I'm putting out there for everyone!

To see projects using Fiskars Border Punches go to Projects or Articles at If you want to see more there is a search box that you can put in the name of your punch or any Fiskars tool. Another resources is that nearly all the top scrapbooking magazines have projects using a Fiskars Tool.

So on to

Liberating Fiskars Border Punches!

Remember the challenge. If I use your tool in an upcoming &…

Snow Reports

{Question 3}

It is SNOWING in South Carolina. LOL For those amazed in our excited of a little snow, we haven't seen snow here in about .. I don't know. My granddaughter is nearly 5 and this will be her first snow. But it has been a long while here.

I thought throughout the day or however it lasts (LOL) I would post little reports. This is report number one:

I'll post my gratitude list at the end of the day when the post is finished.

Report 2 Bailey Bailey in Snow

Snow Report 3

At the end of the snow day I was only able to make this little Fiska-snowman with Lil' Davis ribbon and Cloud 9 Rain dots. The snow was too dry to make a nice round snowman.Gratitude List:1. Caring, loving friends2. Snow for a day3. Sleep4. messy scrapbooking5. God who's guidance will lead our nation into a new era.

All About You in 52-Week 3

I have always love my Grandma Thomas. Nettie Gertaline Cook Thomas. I still remember the smell of her. I still have her letters she wrote me when I lived in Germany. I remember she was a wonderful cook, although I did not like eggplant or boiled okra, but that wasn't her fault! LOL I remember wearing patten leather shoes and making those black marks on her floor. Ooo, would I get it.
I remember her as an adult as someone safe in my life. At the time of her death she had over 80 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Even then she loved me and my children greatly. I have so many memories of my grandmother. There were things I did not know and did not know how to ask. So I gave my grandmother a book called "A Gift of Memories from Grandma." This was "Grandma's memory album...the first person story of Grandma's early years. A gift that will be a family treasure." They were right this book has become a family treasure.
After Grandma's funeral we were at G…

Crafting is So Much Fun

Right off the top. Let's do a DARE with a RAK for everyone. Click on the link and go the All About You in 52 Question 2. Go to the comment section and go through and find the folks posting their layout to question #2 and leave a comment where their layout located. Come back to this post and leave a comment that you met the Dare. I'll randomly draw a winner for a Fiskars goodies bag on Monday.

I went to AC Moores last night for our first crop. Jennifer who is an avid (did I say avid, you have no idea) scrapbooker and works at AC Moores shared a photo album with me.
Jennifer brought her photo album of her scrapbook room. Okay, seeing is believing. So I pulled out my flip video and did my best to capture Jennifer's room. Enjoy the video of the

Psycho-Scrapbooker (as quoted by Lori)

Blog Post about My AC Moores Family

Send Socks, drop off socks here in Columbia, West Columbia and Lexington, or take socks to your nearest homeless shelter, children's home, battered wives homes, e…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

Don't you love it? I actually was able to do this in one shows. LOL I recorded this after the Fiskateer Chat on the Charity campaign with Socks the Fiskateers are leading with right now. I look a mess. I guess if I invite you into my home sometimes this is what you get. LOL

Let me know if this demo helps and do you like the little embellishment?

Other Fiskateers doing Fiskars Friday
Kathleen #324

The links are to the right for the questions. Make sure when you complete your layout that you post your link on the original post.

I'm Having Fun!
I have three things happening this week/end. I have a morning crop tomorrow. I'm hosting a crop at AC Moores in Columbia (only $5.00 and you get to play with their tools and Cricut too). And I'm having my first ever class at The Stamping Place Saturday. I have one spot I think left Saturday morning, but Barbara told me that if we have a few more register we will have an afternoon class. Give them a jingle.


News is Busting Out All Over

Sneak Peaks Galore! With the upcoming Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show everyone everywhere is getting peeks of the new seasons crafting products.
Maya Road Company Blog (and giveaways)
Cosmo Cricket Blog (and giveaways)
American Crafts
Graphic 45 ... one of my favorites
My Mind's Eye
And so much more.... Leave a comment and link to some sneak peaks you've found.
Fiskars Released some news yesterday via Fiskateers: After the CHA winter show this month, Fiskars will no longer be presenting any new consumable products in the Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, Ink by Steph, Li’l Davis, or Kimberly Poloson lines. Consumable products are items like paper, rub-ons, stickers, etc. We will, however, continue to produce great new stamps, scissor blade designs, and other non-consumable items for these lines" more. Certified Fiskars Demonstrators surpassed their demo/teaching goal of 1000 demos. Fiskars thinks we can do and have set a goal of 2009 for the year 2009! I know we can make …


Winner of the "Sockit to me" RAK is Peg. Congratulations!

Random drawing for Week 1 and winner of some beautiful "on the do" paper...with a few fiska-goodies is Shannon S. Congratulations. Shannon I'll see you soon and get your prize to you. Peg send me your snail mail please.

Don't think you are behind if you did not complete week one. Colleen is doing a great job in starting out with her journaling and adding her layouts later. Also know you can pick up anywhere in the DARE and as long as you write down the questions somewhere you can keep going. The PUSH is to try and have 52 pages about YOU within a year. If you need a little mojo from time to time I'll try to keep you updated.

Week 2 Question

All About You in 52, Week 2

I am so very fortunate to come from a family who knows how important it is to know and understand family history. My mother's family is full of verbal stories that are passed on to each of us. My daughter who is very creative used her medium of expression to create a beautifully moving movie called "The Thomas Family, A Story of Sisterhood." This was a documentary of my mother and her 5 sisters growing up in rural Florida. I cried and laughed. What a legacy my daughter gave to all of us for generations to come. The important lesson here is get our story down. No one can tell like You can. Here's a small clip of the movie my daughter created. I could not clip it so I had to use my little Flip video to get a clip for you. This is a tiny clip of her wonderful wonderful gift.

Week 2, Question 2 What did you want to be when you grew up? This is almost a corny question, unless you dig deep. One thing you will find me doing is answering the questions in an expected and unexpe…

Sock it to Me, Baby!

Remember that line "Sock It To Me, Baby?" Remember who said it, what decade and what show? LOL I really remember waiting for this show to come on. It was wildly popular. (Random RAK for those who can answer all the questions above!) Well, I want to bring a new meaning to "Sock it to Me, Baby!" Fiskateers around the nation and world are collecting SOCKS for those in need. Here are a few stats that was researched
Socks are vital to overall health of those living on the streets. Socks are often not donated enough and are greatly appreciated by the recipient. Most homeless and impoverished people do not own shoes that fit properly or are not in good condition. This increases the importance of socks. Many people suffer from diabetes and other ailments and they could benefit from socks with extra support. Not all shelters accept clean used socks so it’s important when collecting that we collect new socks. Socks are relatively inexpensive to donate. There are men, women an…

Fiskars Friday Sort of on Thursday

I want to encourage everyone to push forward and complete your first layout for the Dare "All About You in 52." I'm down to only 51 more to go! Hurray. Post your link in this comment section (click on link). I've been fortunate to receive several donations from some great companies for RAKS for the upcoming year and there is room for more. Several people have already posted their link. Whether or not your are participating in the DARE. Check out their cool work and beautiful journaling.(note: I've changed some settings so that you can post and it will show immediately. You do not thave to wait for me to "be home" and others can go to your DARE.)

Wow, it was a day on Thursday. I was not feeling well and every time I began this project I was too ill to sit at the computer. I used several tools to create a layout. I have to watch others do their projects to figure out the short cuts for the time frame. Or I need to use my movie makers which I have several d…

My Funny Scrappy Adventure

Post your "All About You in 52" links in Week 1's post. Angie, what powerful journaling about your parents. Please email me if your name is NOT on the list to the right and you are taking the DARE.

I'm pure silly. So I've been told and I prove it every now and then. I'm having fun with my flip video. I went to a super Joann's on Monday for a teaching "interview." I love Sandra and their Joann's. I got the job and will be teaching in Augusta, GA twice a month.

I could not help myself so here are the snippets of my adventure.

Am I not just silly?

Gratitude List
1. People who know who to fill a need and don't think twice to do it!
2. Fiskateers everywhere "filling the need."
3. My church family and the prayer warriors there
4. My sweet granddaughters Amber and Hannah
5. My God who sees me through the storms and walks with me in the sunshine.

It's Monday and It's All About YOU!

I'm so very excited. You see I get the sneak peek on this one. I'm on the inside of it all. LOL I have really struggled over the direction to take our DARE.

Some things to keep in mind:

***Just because this is the first question, does not mean that it has to be the first page of the book.

***If you miss a week, try hard and catch up. Use my email address if you have questions. I'm pulling for all of us to complete 52 pages of US.

***When you finish your page leave a link in the comment section where we can all go and see YOU. If you do not have a gallery to post in, email me and I'll send you a few recommendations.

***You will see I'm not going to do layouts and questions in a traditional way and I hope I can inspire you to work outside your box as the designer of your memories. The first question is easy, but thoughtful.

***You interpret the question they way you would like to.

Okay, Question 1:

"Who Influenced Your Life the Most?"

I thought this would be an easy…

It Starts Tomorrow!

You cannot believe how excited I am about "All You in 52." I have to tell you what this is NOT. It's not a chronological look at your life. This is not a challenge that asks for your birthday and where you were born. It's not that kind of challenge and book.

My father passed away in 2000. We found a journal no one knew about but was addressed to my mother and all us children. Dad wanted us to know about his childhood. It was not full of dates. It was full of stories and how he felt about people, events in his life, his sadness's and his joys. I was shocked as I went through the book. My dad was special, but all this made him more special to me. I knew how he felt, why he loved, why he hurt and his dreams. What I treasure in this book I have, but even more of a treasure in my father.

Finding this book left me with even more questions, but it was too late. I'm challenged for it not to be too late for me. I want to share with my family and generations to come abou…

It's 2009 with Fiskars Friday on Thursday

Is it still Thursday??? I've spent most of the day trying to get Fiskars Friday on Thursday uploaded to youtube. I'm a bit frustrated with my own lack of technical knowledge. Oh, well I'll keep trying.

Several items before Fiskars Friday on Thursday.

My first class with The Stamping Place is up on the website. Yeah, I love it. The price which they haven't added yet is $25.00. It totally rocks. We are using Basic Greys new BitterSweet and Lil' Davis embellishments. We will play with Fiskars tools and Studio 490 stamps. Yeah! The Stamping Place has all things Fiskars! They carry the Studio 490 Stamps!! You got to just come shop if nothing else.

I will be holding Certified Fiskars Demonstrator training in the Greenville, South Carolina area at the end of January. Send me an email if you would like to participate. The training is free.

Mary NSC says I need a calendar. So I'm going to be working on that in the next few days.

Since I try hard to do Fiskars Friday on T…