All About You in 52-Week 3

I have always love my Grandma Thomas. Nettie Gertaline Cook Thomas. I still remember the smell of her. I still have her letters she wrote me when I lived in Germany. I remember she was a wonderful cook, although I did not like eggplant or boiled okra, but that wasn't her fault! LOL I remember wearing patten leather shoes and making those black marks on her floor. Ooo, would I get it.
I remember her as an adult as someone safe in my life. At the time of her death she had over 80 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Even then she loved me and my children greatly. I have so many memories of my grandmother. There were things I did not know and did not know how to ask. So I gave my grandmother a book called "A Gift of Memories from Grandma." This was "Grandma's memory album...the first person story of Grandma's early years. A gift that will be a family treasure." They were right this book has become a family treasure.

After Grandma's funeral we were at Grandma's house. I pulled out her memory book she made for me. I passed it around to all her children. You could hear the laughter everywhere. They were amazed at the things they did not know about their mother.

I love my treasure. I love my Grandmother! Her advice to me via my treasure book is "Just be yourself which you are. Be a good mother & wife & home maker. Teach your children the ways of the Lord by all means."

I want to have my own treasure book like my Grandmother.

All About You in 52-Week 3

"If you could have changed one thing about yourself, what would it have been?"
Journaling Reads:
"As a little girl I believe I must have been perfect, other than being shy. As a teenager I felt all wrong. I wanted to be pretty, thin, have straight hair & be outgoing.
Now, no matter, I know I'm perfect just the way God made me."
My Minds Eye, Pattern Paper from Laundry Line; transparency, flowers, and title cardstock.
Maya Road Sheers
Quick Quotes slide mount ring
Hero Arts stamp Art, Life & Beauty
Fiskars Border Punch, Lazy Days of Summer

I hope this one gives you a good challenge. If you think you are behind you are not. Start this week and at the end add the last two questions. This is not a challenge to overwhelm you, but to help you create your "treasure book." If you still want to join the challenge send me an email to let me know. If you have a blog and it is not hyper-linked on the "Wall" let me know and I'll add your blog.

I appreciate everyone taking time to look and comment on the layouts everyone is creating. If you are trying to see the ones posted on the Fiskateer site, it is a closed gallery. The only way you can have access to it is to join the Fiskateers. That is an easy thing to do. AND we are having a major major CHA Virtual crop this coming weekend. If you would like to join, send me an email and I'll give you the instructions.

Winner of the Fiskars Goody Bag is Marla.
Winner of the All About You in 52 MME pack is Melissa.

These were random drawings from Congratulations ladies! Send me your full name and address and I'm going postal Wednesday.

Gratitude List
1. My beautiful Daughter (Tab)
2. My beautiful Daughter (Ashley)
3. Focus
4. Successful class
5. God's unending blessings in my life, even when things are darkest I know His light leads me.


  1. Love what you wrote about your grandmother. Very touching. The challenge this week is an awesome one. Love your layout too!

  2. maryanne hoekman9:19 AM

    great layout debby and awesome story about your grandma!
    maryanne # 5271

  3. I agree...with a face like were perfect! And you still are. You are a child of God and you give of yourself all the time. Great layout. You win!!! lol

  4. Challenge is great this week it will make me think that is for sure. . . Love your Grandma story!

  5. Beautiful layout. Love the vibrant colors and how unafraid you are to have a lot going on on your pages.

  6. I love the question for the week. They are very good thought provoking questions. Here is my layout:

  7. Hi! Love your layout, and those eyes are to die for!! I'm so jealous!
    My layout is here

  8. I am done with week three. . . It is here

    I am volunteering this week to work at the Fiskars booth at CHA this week so I hope I can keep up!

  9. Well my lo is up on my blog, It made me sad. But that's ok, sad is as good an emotion as happy. Just not as much fun! Thanks for the challenge Debby!

  10. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Here is my week 3...
    Journaling says...
    If you could have changed one thing about yourself, what would it have been?
    To have a prettier singing voice.
    Then I realized that I did…to God and my two boys.

  11. Debby there are 2 Melissa's which one won lol

  12. ok - I'm going to try this again... I was trying to post late at night without a clear head and it wasn't working. I've caught up with all 3 weeks - here is this week's thoughts


    There's mine :) Thanks for the challenge!

  14. This didn't go like I planned it.

  15. Here's mine for this week - it really made me think!

  16. I had alot of fun with this weeks challenge and I love the way my LO turned out....It was good to have a question that wasn't painful. You can see my LO on my blog at:
    I cant' wait till tomorrow to see the new question. Thanks Debby!

  17. Yay for week 3! Done and posted on my blog. So far so good Debby!

  18. mine is done:)
    looking forward to Monday

  19. finally finished the layout for week one. LOL okay I am behind on my layouts, but at least I am keeping up on the journaling.
    layout is posted on my web
    or at fiskateers under my gallery

  20. Here is mine! Better late than never, I suppose.

  21. I'm a little late with Week 3 due to the big Fiskars sale but I am posting it right now on Fiskars site.......the hidden journaling was about not being able to ever take a good picture. This one was when I was 13 with my dad & probably one of the last ones I actually liked.

  22. Dawn R1:01 PM

    Here is my submission for week 3! One more and I'm caught up!

  23. Here is my week 3.....this was a hard week for me.


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