My Funny Scrappy Adventure

Post your "All About You in 52" links in Week 1's post. Angie, what powerful journaling about your parents. Please email me if your name is NOT on the list to the right and you are taking the DARE.

I'm pure silly. So I've been told and I prove it every now and then. I'm having fun with my flip video. I went to a super Joann's on Monday for a teaching "interview." I love Sandra and their Joann's. I got the job and will be teaching in Augusta, GA twice a month.

I could not help myself so here are the snippets of my adventure.

Am I not just silly?

Gratitude List
1. People who know who to fill a need and don't think twice to do it!
2. Fiskateers everywhere "filling the need."
3. My church family and the prayer warriors there
4. My sweet granddaughters Amber and Hannah
5. My God who sees me through the storms and walks with me in the sunshine.


  1. O gosh Debbie I was going crazy!!!! I was leaning and looking.. OOO I have not been out of the house in weeks thank U for taking me shopping. I LOVE IT.. If I had been with U I Would Have fell out i Have never seen so many fiskars punches n my LIFE I got to go back and see where U WERE. O MY HEAVENS. WOnderful Do it again It was SUPER!! I M off to bed with Dreams of Punching and punching the fiskars way..:O)

  2. Fun! I haven't been scrapbook supply shopping in forever!

  3. Debby, you are so so so so LUCKY to have any store near you that carries that much FISKARS !

    OMgosh. I looked all over at Christmas for pretty scissors! My DD wanted a pair of Hg pink floral ones, so I searched for those and something comparable for my son. Nothing! It exasperates me that no store in my area carries such good stuff!

    Thanks for the tour, I surely enjoyed it! So much yumminess all in one place! Woo Hoo for that Joann's ! Thank them for being so smart as to cary that many products!

  4. Thanks for the virtual shopping!

  5. It was fun going shopping with you Debby. OMG! I can't believe how many more collectable scissors your JoAnns carries. Ours just gets 1 kind in every once in a while.

  6. Cool videos. I had no idea Fiskars had so much cool stuff. My Jo's doesn't carry half of that stuff!

  7. Very nice! Now I want to go shopping LOL Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  8. I would love to go with you next time you visit there. lol Oh, the dangers!


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