All About You in 52, Week 2

I am so very fortunate to come from a family who knows how important it is to know and understand family history. My mother's family is full of verbal stories that are passed on to each of us. My daughter who is very creative used her medium of expression to create a beautifully moving movie called "The Thomas Family, A Story of Sisterhood." This was a documentary of my mother and her 5 sisters growing up in rural Florida. I cried and laughed. What a legacy my daughter gave to all of us for generations to come. The important lesson here is get our story down. No one can tell like You can.
Here's a small clip of the movie my daughter created. I could not clip it so I had to use my little Flip video to get a clip for you. This is a tiny clip of her wonderful wonderful gift.

Week 2, Question 2
What did you want to be when you grew up?
This is almost a corny question, unless you dig deep. One thing you will find me doing is answering the questions in an expected and unexpected ways. I'm using photos of me growing up whether or not it relates to the question. I want to use all the hundreds of photos my father took of me growing up.
Jouranling Reads:
cool kid

Pattern Paper, Moxie
Buttons, Moxie
Circle, Moxie (see a trend here!)
Ranger's Stickles
Making Memories journaling notes
Making Memories letters
American Craft Thickers, white leather...and inked with black Stazon ink
Note: The design on the bottom of the page was created by use one pattern paper as the background and I found a similar one in their line and used my Fiskars Fingertip craft knife to cut out the swirls. I placed it in the opposite corner to frame out my photos and journaling. Cool, huh?
RAK for Week 2's Question will be a page kit from Moxie! I think you are going to love it. I will be announcing Week 1's recipient of a pack from "on the dot" later tonight. You still have time to get it in for the RAK. Continue to work at your pace. The important thing is to do it!!!
Post your links on this post throughout the week.
Don't forget about the "Sock it" campaign. If you want to donate socks, send me an email and I'll send you my address. If you are local I can arrange for pick up.
Gratitude List
1. Friends I love dearly
2. Coffee friends
3. Scrappy friends
4. friends of my youth
5. Christ's declaration that he is our friend and proved it!
(I'm sorry about the "squished" post. I'm struggling with why my spacing on Bloggers is not working they way it shoud.)


  1. What s priceless give your daughter has given you. . .

  2. What a wonderful gift! How proud you must be!

  3. Hundreds of photos! Girl! You are so lucky!!! Love the subject this week :)

  4. What a wonderful daughter you have and a priceless treasure for sure. I wish I had something like that from my family. I am documenting my family tree very well for my children. The only family tree info I dont have is my mother in laws family.

  5. You have a wonderful daughter!

  6. Week 2 was fun and full of memories. here is a link to mine

  7. This was a good question also and took me back to read my school book that my Mom filled out which had this question in it. Here is my LO:

  8. Here is my page:

  9. I still plan on doing all of these but when and how is anyone's guess. :lol:

    Thanks for the prompts. :D

  10. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Here is my week 2... Journaling says, "What did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher, librarian, missionary, veterinarian.

  11. 2 down 50 to go!! Mine is here

  12. You are so very lucky to have a family that not only values family history but took photos to document it.

    I don't have as many photos of my (now grown) children as I would like because I could not afford the film and developing charges. Oh how I wish we had digital cameras 30 years ago!

  13. Okay 2 sown 50 to go. . . this one made me think back to try and remember what I wanted to be. . .

  14. I have finally made the leap and started my own blog!!! So here is the link

  15. Here is my layout for week 2, question 2: Paper Crafts, Pass It On

  16. I decided to try to do these pages for my husband, too. I'd like to pass along his info as well as mine to our kids. I haven't done question 1 for him yet but here is #2

  17. I think it's so cool that Angie is doing this dare for her husband as well as herself. What a great idea, and how blessed their children will be to have this when they are old and grey! lol

  18. Here's my link to week 2

  19. I think I'm caught up! Here's my link for week 2.


    I always wanted to be a teacher :)Got my wish when I homeschooled my oldest daughter for her first 6 years of education.

  21. Hey! My entry is up! my link is to the side of the page! Let me know what you think!

  22. here is mine! nothing like the last min.

  23. I'm even more "last minute-er" than Melissa! Here are my layouts:

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    And yes, I did stay up this late to finish them! Whew!

  24. I finished my LO yesterday, and it was dark by the time I could take a pic of it, so had to wait until this morning...
    here is the link

  25. I did my Week 2 layout today. And Debby, don't think I copy you on Week 3 but you had my thoughts exactly on that subject. My biggest thing is just learning to love the way God loves me.

  26. I'm done! I loved this one!

  27. Dawn R12:20 PM

    You can view my layout for this week at:

  28. I'm caught up! Hooray! You can see my Week 2 layout here:


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