Snow Reports

{Question 3}

It is SNOWING in South Carolina. LOL For those amazed in our excited of a little snow, we haven't seen snow here in about .. I don't know. My granddaughter is nearly 5 and this will be her first snow. But it has been a long while here.

I thought throughout the day or however it lasts (LOL) I would post little reports. This is report number one:

I'll post my gratitude list at the end of the day when the post is finished.

Report 2 Bailey Bailey in Snow

Snow Report 3

At the end of the snow day I was only able to make this little Fiska-snowman with Lil' Davis ribbon and Cloud 9 Rain dots. The snow was too dry to make a nice round snowman.

Gratitude List:

1. Caring, loving friends

2. Snow for a day

3. Sleep

4. messy scrapbooking

5. God who's guidance will lead our nation into a new era.


  1. Enjoy the snow, Debby!

  2. ah enjoy the snow.

  3. Hey Deb, we didn't get any snow in n. charleton. or at least at my house anyway! Have yourself a great snow ball fight with the kids!

  4. LOL Debby, that little snowman is just too cute! Great gratitude list. I have been praying a lot the last few days for God's guidance, for me, for our new president and many others. :)

  5. I kind of wish that we had gotten any snow! Of course I didn't have to got out in it! TFS

  6. Awwww, look at that snow, how fun! It snowed in 2004 down South where I live; it hadn't snowed like that for about 100 years! And it will probably be another 100 before it snows like that again...

  7. I hope you enjoyed your snow day! I can't believe that I'm jealous that you got snow and YOU'RE IN SC!!!!!! lol.
    Loved watching your videos too. Now if ONLY we'd get a few flakes our way sometime this winter. Ugh....

  8. I got it too.. I still got some..:O) I still think its beatuiful.. I was scared I was going to Loose Power again .. Lost it the coldest night.

  9. Your little snowman is so stinkin cute! :)


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