Fiskars Friday on Thursday...Update for Maya...Update on Week 2 Winner of "52"

My Snowman has a Meltdown! LOL

Actually, I'm going to put this up Wednesday night because I'm going to bed early. LOL Today is a demo of Fiskars Border Embossing Punch. I find as I teach and demonstration Fiskars tools that everyone loves them, but at times they end up in the top of their closet because they "didn't work" or "I just can't get it to work." Because I want to liberate any Fiskars Border Punches that might be in the closet, I decided to do this simple demo. Watch the demo and watch for the challenge I'm putting out there for everyone!

To see projects using Fiskars Border Punches go to Projects or Articles at If you want to see more there is a search box that you can put in the name of your punch or any Fiskars tool. Another resources is that nearly all the top scrapbooking magazines have projects using a Fiskars Tool.

So on to

Liberating Fiskars Border Punches!

Remember the challenge. If I use your tool in an upcoming "Fiskars Friday on Thursday" I'll send you some Fiskars goodies! Leave your comments.
Other CFD's doing Fiskars Friday

All About You in 52
I've been very excited to see everyone working hard on their layouts. I know mine will be a wonderful treasure to me and to my family. I suspect the same for you. If you haven't started, it's not too late. Just pick up this week and put the other two questions at the end. Leave your comment on the Post Week 3, Question 3.

If you have a blog that you would like to link with your name on the WALL. Send me an email and I'll be happy to do it as long as you are working on the Dare. Also if you want to see the layouts that are posted on the Fiskateer Site you need to join to see those. Do you want to know more about joining Fiskateers? Let me know and I'll get you hooked up!!


Actually it was Melissa that won week 2
Melissa said...
here is mine! nothing like the last min.
Michelle I will be sending you a Fiskars Goody Bag. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

It's happening starting Sunday and the sneak peeks are hitting all of us like crazy. Of course I have my Fiskars List, my Maya Road List, my Tim Holtz List, my Studio 490 List and the lists go on and on. Good grief. I will tell you that Queen and Co. has a great giveaway on their blog. I love the bling and the felt flowers.

Okay, I just found out my favorite all time actress Jane Seymour is going to be at CHA. I love her new design and campaign with the two hearts. She will be promoting her art at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I'm ill I won't be able to see her in person. I love her work.

If you are a Fiskateer, there is a photo shoot for all Fiskateers at CHA Sunday, at the Fiskars Booth, at 5:30. Be there, wave hi and I'll pretend your waving at me!!!

Gratitude List
1. Breathe
2. God's love
3. God's trustworthiness
4. my Hannah and Amber
5. When I fail, God never blinks..He loves and forgives me every time.


  1. Thank you for your awesome videos on the Fiskars tools. I have to admit that I am guilty of buying and not using because I get all thumbs and can't figure things out. You're an angel!

  2. I love my border punch, now I'm gonna love it more, I've been using it backwards. My wrists thank you!

  3. I have two circle punches that I have not used yet. . . guess I should get those out and give them a try.

  4. Debby you truly are the best!! Great video. I am a border punch addict also!! The only ones I have not really cared for are the embossing ones because I dont think the impression is good enough. I too was not using the punch correctly - I had it pointed in the opposite direction. What is the name of the punch you used?? I really like it!! I am going to get out my embossing daisy punch and try using it how you described because I havent been fond of it.

  5. Thanks so much for this video Debby! I've been using mine facing the wrong way. It really does make a difference comfort wise on your wrist. The problem I'm still having is that as I slide the paper through for the next punch I sometimes double punch an area & it doesn't look very nice. I have the most trouble with my threading water punch...if I double punch some times the holes are slightly larger.
    Again, thanks for doing these videos, I'm learning a lot from you.

  6. FREE THE BORDER PUNCHES!!!! LOL Great reminder!!!

  7. ThankU Thank U
    MaryNSC 1121

  8. Love your blog!

    Karen #4500

  9. Poor Fiska-snowman...LOL

    Sandy (Fiskateer #31)

  10. Debbie, thank you for the video. I self taught myself how to use my border punches and I punished quite a few pieces of papers along the way. Now I see what I am doing wrong. I appreciate it. I'm not sure where to post this but I would love to know how to use my decorative scissors, especially when I want to cut a narrow strip and I want them two sides to match. I just couldn't do it when I was trying to do my bookmarks. Love your blog.

    Fiskateer 2262

  11. Your snowman made me LOL!! :o) I'm enjoying Youn In 52 and have been neglectful in posting!

  12. Just adding my Name and # - marla#3291. Thanks for the border punch help!!

  13. Back again...Tona #4437

  14. awsome video... great job i love watching what u come up w\..
    Stacey #5354

  15. I still have trouble with my circle punch:=(
    Sandy~Turtlelady #1715

  16. What was the poor snowman made of?
    Cicly #1835

  17. Wow thanks for the tips...what a help that will be great video :)

    Fiskateer # 5479

  18. Even being a CFD I don't use my punches as often as I should because sometimes the punches and I just don't see eye to eye on what I need it to do. :)


  19. Great video. I have not mastered the video for my blog yet. Baby steps, I guess. Your snowman cracked me uo before he had a meltdown.

  20. Debby THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This will help me so much!! I don't have that punch so hopefully it helps with the others. Connie #2909

  21. that snowman has seen better days! poor dude...
    and thanks for the tips on the border punches. I only have threading water, but I hope to get some of the new ones soon!!

  22. Laurie U. # 26306:49 PM

    AWESOME blog!!!

    Laurie # 2630

  23. RobinV6:56 PM

    Love your Fiska-snowman.

    RobinV #4844

  24. I love the video! It's so cool that you encourage others to ask for demonstrations on tools they have trouble with! Great job!

    Heather Q
    Fiskateer #3770

  25. Love the video!

    Fiskateer #4813

  26. Jacquie
    Fiskateer #5594

    I am a newbie to scrappin!!

  27. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I love your blog!
    Fiskateer #1598

  28. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Great video on the border punch really helped.
    I would love if you could do one on the Circle Border Punch. I got one in my stocking this Christmas and so far I haven't been able to make a proper design on ANY circle.
    Debbie #4668

  29. Debby
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial about the border punches. I don't have one yet, but am looking for one.
    By the way I feel sorry for your little snowman. If I could I would send you some of our snow.

    Colleen Fiskars 2970

  30. Cindy Brooking Fiskateer 20598:43 PM

    Debby, i love your videos. you have a great way of explaining things.

  31. What a fun blog!

    Fiskateer #5229

  32. Thanks for sharing, I love a border punch!
    Amy # 2996

  33. Debby, your videos are so great. I learn something helpful everytime I view one. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Thanks so much for your video! I've been hesitant to buy a border punch since I heard that some were having trouble using them. Now I want one!

    sandyh50 #4165

  35. Hi Debby! Wow thanks so much for the video, I never knew that you could lift the handle and it had a guide line. I do have trouble with lining up the threading water punch and making it go around a corner. Could you help with that?:(
    Thanks Donna # 4454

  36. Poor snowman!!! Love your videos!!!
    Joy Fiskateer #4434

  37. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Debby I Love your video. I will have to try my border punch again!!
    Thanks, Tami #5568

  38. I love this new Video. And it is so true that they end up put away at first because you dont really get how to do it. i was one of those people and now that i got it. (after playing with them for a while) I LOVE IT! great video as always!

    Fiskateer 5512

  39. Oh how I wish I could be at the CHA. I have heard so much about it but it is soo far away. If it were in North Dakota I might be able to get a way down but not when it's this far away.

    Brenmarie #1175

  40. Oh WOW! I've totally been using my border punch wrong! (turned the wrong way)
    Thanks for the info.. I'm a dork! LOL
    Love your blog and videos!

    Jenny B. Fiskateer #2303

  41. Love the videos. Thanks so much they help me alot!!!
    Cindy R. Fiskateer # 5641

  42. Karen344111:11 PM

    Oh, your poor snowman! I agree that the Fiskars border punches are great. I've taught people how to use the circle ones, for some reason, they get frustrated - it's because they weren't doing it correctly! Karen 3441

  43. I love the border punches, even more so now that I use the cutter glide so they don't jam up so easy.

  44. I really think you need to demo the stamp press again. When you showed me, I was convinced that you couldn't tell me anything to make me like it and you did. I won't spoil it in case you demo it.

  45. Oh, and bless little Friskie the snowman heart! :( Sondra Fiskateer #4936

  46. I looove my border punches! Thanks for reminding me to use them. :)

    BTW, check out my Handiscrapped blog ( just put up a post you might be interested in. :)

  47. Well here is a pat on the back from 1 Fiskateer to another! You are always doing such nice things and sharing helpful videos.
    God Bless! #3903

  48. Great video....I am fiaskateer # 5375...thanks for the great info fellow fiskasister!!

  49. Good Morning from NJ.
    Kimmie #1977

  50. Anonymous10:03 AM

    poor snowperson lol. love the was so informative

    Melissa Fiskateer # 2756

  51. Anonymous10:57 AM

    This is a great tutorial. Thanks. I have the shape templates and (I think) the USX and can't get a good cut no matter what I do. The cut never matches up by the time I get to the other side of the cut-KWIM?
    Stephanie #3584

  52. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Thanks for the video. Now I can use my border punch more effectively. You rock! Roseann #2933

  53. Have to say, my border punches sat around for a while because I tried them once and didn't come back for awhile. Now I can't seem to do anything without them!! (even though I only have 3!!)

    Jennifer E.

  54. Another great post. I need to watch the video for some nuggets/tips for the border punch.
    Jennie #414

  55. Great post Debby!!

    kim3timemom #2117

  56. Nevadaangel(Donna Stevens)1:02 PM

    very nice blog site, lots of good information and fun stuff

    nevadaangel #4373
    Donna Stevens

  57. Nice video - poor snowman!
    I struggle with the USX - I've used them several times at crops with make and takes - but cannot figure them out! and hence I have not purchased one!
    Barb #2975

  58. wanda8:13 PM

    Hi Debby, I love your videos they are always so much fun as well as informative. I have four of the older border punches(solid blue)and they are in my closet for a reason...they don't work! I can't even cut a thin piece of typing paper that the blades don't stick together. My question is...Can they be fixed? or is there some kind of trick to keep them from sticking? or should I just toss them out? I would appreciate your thoughts.

  59. Debby, Great job...I too think its inportant to demonstrat punches every chance you get....people do not always understand how to really use them or how fun they are to use...
    thanks for sharing
    Peggy #4129

  60. You know, I left a comment above, but totally forgot my Fiskateer #! I'm Veronica, Fiskateer #1135

  61. I don't have an embossing border punch yet-but it looks like I might want to try one out. Pretty darn nifty!

    Beth W #2906

  62. wanda9:37 PM

    Sorry Debby I'm Wanda #5068

  63. wow, love that punch (and the paper too!!)

    jennifer - #925

  64. wowo!!great tip on the border punches!!!! jen t f#5454

  65. I love my threading water punch. I use it on everything! Linh #5178

  66. I love the punches. I have 3. I seem to use the threading water punch the most. I can't wait to get my hands on the new ones.

    Melanie #1961

  67. I've got one border punch and I use it fairly regularly :D I just need to use my scrapboss more!

    Thanks for the Video tutorial

    Ziggyeor #4823

  68. Lydia #35104:53 PM

    WOW..Now I'll be gettin' more use out of my border punchies..Thanks!

  69. Thank you for posting your video. Also, I love the poor little snowman!!

    Kathie Jo

  70. A video! I LOVE VIDEOS! Sometimes my brain is just too tired to comprehend written instructions!



  71. Anonymous3:23 AM

    thank you for 'sharing the love' of crafting. i really enjoyed watching your video. Fiskars border punches are one of my very fave tools.

    aloha, anita
    aka Krafty Wahine #395


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