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I'm Going Postal

I am taking a stand!  I'm old fashion and I like "Happy Mail" much more than an email, card, etc.  I wrote this on my Facebook Wall this week.

"I'm I old or what. It seems like the art of personal invitations is going by the wayside. Now you can email your Wedding Invitations, send birthday professional cards from American Greetings via email, post a shower invite on Facebook, text birthday party invitations...if you really want me to show up send me a REAL invitation. Good Grief."
Many of you know I'm not great at making cards, but I'm taking on another part of my journey.
52 Weeks of Mail, brought to you by Etsy Greetings Team, is designed to encourage people to be more intentional about relationships and keeping in touch with friends and family by sending out a card or letter each week, for the next year. I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting a personal, hand-written card or letter in the mail.

Throughout 52 Weeks of Mail, we …

Finally Finished: Little Honey Has a Scarf!

I posted earlier about my adventures in knitting.  Since I watch/play with my granddaughter during the weekdays it is hard to get a lot of scrapbooking done.  I have done a few pages and a little album, but as LH becomes more active and sleeps less it hard to get started.  I needed another outlet to create.  Thus knitting.

I did not have time to take classes so I searched the internet for how-to videos.  Let me qualify that.  I searched for  how-to videos that worked!  Many times I had to take information from one video and that of another to make it work.  Then it was just a matter of practice.  LOL  I did a lot of that.

I finally finished my little scarf for my granddaughter.  It's not perfect, but there are no holes from dropped stitches.  LOL  I took one of my beautiful Prima flowers and attached it to a hair bow to create an accent piece.

The Unveil 
Links that Helped
Knitting Tips by Judy --two thumbs up!
Knitting Help -- 1 1/2  thumbs up.  Great for Long-Tail Cast-on
Cyber Seams

Fun Shaped Photos: My Favorite

This is actually the layout that got me started on this part of the journey.  I found instructions on how to play with my Photoshop shape cutter to create a template for my photos.  The tutorial is from  I am so over the top about this layout.
The Story Jim and I took care of Little Honey so mommy and daddy were able to go out on a date.  I took photos of Jim and he took photos of me all with Little Honey.  Granted to say my photos of Jim and LH are much better than his!  LOL It was a great evening for the Grandparents.  Now I need to do a layout with Jim and LH.
The Layout  (the name was blocked to protect the innocent) What I Learned I'm underusing my Photoshop Elements.  I need to find the time to search for more tutorials.First I'm Utee-ing a Prima Flower (Wednesday's Post) now I'm spritzing them.  I never touch their beautiful flowers like this.  But I love the effect and plan on doing more.I used Clearsnap's Spritz Smooch to spay a flower.  The effe…

Getting Into Shape: Using "Shaped" Photos On Your Layout

Another fun layout using "shaped" photos.The design is Helmar's September sketch challenge.Connie Mercer did such a fab job with it on her blog I could not resist giving it a try.

The Story Little Honey is having a great time in her Walker.This day I happen to have my camera and she just accomplished getting the walker up on the living room rug.She was a bit proud of herself.I love this face.She shares so much through that expressive little face.
The Layout
What I Learned I had to practice with my Smooch Spritz by Clearsnap to get the design I wanted.I didn't just want a sprayed over look.I wanted spots large and small.If I pushed down on the spray nozzle ever so slightly I get little splatter.The quicker I push the nozzle the more fine the spray.I was finally satisfied with the background design. I used my Fiskars Circle Cutter (check out the page "My Demo Picks for a demonstration) to get the different size photos.What a relief I didn’t have to have a ton of templat…

Shape Up or Ship Out!

Another twist in my crafty journey.  Shapes!  Not my paper but my photos.  When I started scrapbooking cropping your photos into shapes was all the rage.  I really didn't like the shaped photos.  I would crop them down smaller but rarely into shapes.

I don't know what came over me but I decided to shape up my photos.  The first one I shaped the photos into triangles.  Photoshop Elements has the shape of a banner so I used it to crop my photos into shape.  In the "old days" I would have had to use a template, make a pattern, or forbid it cut by hand.

The Story
This is my husband's mother, father, and sister.  I've heard so many stories of Jim and Judy growing up.  I know their adventures and the love their parents have for them makes them strong.

The Layout

What I Learned
Scrapbook more of Jim's family and his stories.  It's easy to scrapbook the familiar stories.  I know it will be an adventure in and adventure to hear more of the stories and put them wit…

Is There Still FHA? What I Learned, Muti-photo Layout

Future Homemakers of America --classes in High School to learn sewing, cooking, poise, pubic speaking, etc.At least those are the things I remember.I was in FHA several years.The best part for me was the trips to conventions.

The challenge is still working with multi-photos.8 photos this time.I'm proud of me.These are original photos.Once again, I wanted to go ahead and scrap them and make room in my storage boxes for more.The pictures are 37 years old.Yikes!Life is swift.

The Story
This was a great trip to the FHA convention in Orlando, FL.The convention was fun, except the unending speeches.LOL But a friend, Betty Commander, was running for a state office and we were cheering for her.We also got to go to Disney World.This was my first trip to Disney.I was so excited and took pictures that I forgot to have someone take pictures of me!

The Layout
(please excuse my photography. weather was bad so I could not retake the photo to straighten the edges.)
What I Learned I can do multi-phot…

Scrapbooking History

When you live half a century you get to see this timeline of history unfold.

A few biggies since I was born:
Berlin Wall built between East and West Germany Berlin Wall demolished We went to the moon JFK was elected president and was assassinated Space shuttle challenger exploded with the first teacher, Christa McAuliffe, in space Vietnam War Cuban Missile Crisis Berlin Wall built between East and West Germany Margret Thatcher becomes prime minister in England Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa 9-11 Attack Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered Inventions that changed the course of history
so on and so forth….

Do you scrapbook history?I had my first paper publication (Scrapbook Answers) scrapbooking the fall of the Berlin Wall.I was at the remains of the Wall just a few months after the incredible events that lead to the demolishment of the Wall by the people.

The Story
Jim, Jacob, and I had the privilege of watching a WWII B-25 raised from Lake Murray.Although the photo shows the plane in p…

I'm Dreaming of Winter! Multi-photo Layout

This is the week in my journey I push the envelope and work with multiple photos on one page.I can do two or three and be happy with it, but more is a push.

My goal was to creatively create a layout my style but with multiple photos.

This is number 1 of 3 for this week.(Hint:I have more to come for a special event.)

The Story
The photos are of Jacob during his biggest snow storm yet in South Carolina!Doesn't his smile tell you everything!That snowball in his hand did land on Mom.He helps to build snowmen and generally stomp around in the snow.My children did not grow up around snow like I did.They don't know the fine art of catching snowflakes on your eyelashes, opening your month and with your tongue catch snowflakes, or catching them on your mittens and trying to see if they are all really different.Snow angels?No way.

The Layout

What I Learned
Five photos on one layout and it turned out cool. Use what is broke.The title "Jingle Bells" is from Kaisercraft.I've had i…

I Will Never Forget

Take a moment today to reflect on 10 years ago.

A 1986 postcard from my collection.  Lady Liberty continues to stand strong. We are still one nation under God.
I was home schooling Jacob when the phone rang.It was from Joan, who grew up in New Jersey.She was distraught.She told me to get the television turned on.
I didn't even know what I was watching.Joan told me the North Tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by an airplane.We watched together as the South Tower was hit.We held our breath, praying the South Tower would not fall.We said goodbye. 
I couldn't walk away from the television.I was crying and feeling very helpless.The news came that the Pentagon was hit and shortly afterward it was confirmed that an airplane had went down in Pennsylvania.
Being a Baby Boomer during the Cold War it was like watching all my fears come true.I was sick.Every time they showed the Towers being hit I would wish "this time they will miss."
I cried for the people trapped and not …

Yarn and Scrapbooking, huh? / Winner

Thanks for the comments on “How to Teach Crafts Like a Rock Star.”I hope to see many of you there.I know it is going to be great and I can’t wait to learn more about teaching….like a Rock Star.The winner of the free seat in the class is
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Practice Makes Perfect...but not yet!
I was a stay-at-home mom for years.Now that my last baby is grown and off to college and my daughter has a beautiful new baby, I’m now a stay-at-home grandma!Taking care of a growing, energetic, bright, 6 month old is full time.I’ve tried to take my scrapbook supplies to their house but it’…

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One of my greatest friends, Sudie Alexander with unKit and Sudie TV, is throwing the online party/event of a lifetime.Teach Crafts Like a Rock Star, September 22.

When I started teaching crafts I was fortunate enough to have a Master's degree in teaching as well as 20 years teaching experience.What I didn't know was how to do the business of teaching craft classes.  There is not a lot of information available. 

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Here's what Sudie, host and Rock Out instructor, says about Teach Crafts Like A Rock Star:
Here’s what you’ll learn about in each section of Teaching Crafts Like a Rock Star.
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Take a Trip with Me Around the World

Who doesn't have a postcard or two?Roni, from Ink Stains, reminded me that I have some very cool postcards.I thought I'd share a few.Since I can remember I've collected postcards.My dad would send them to me when he was on TDY for the Air Force.I saved them in an ooooo-old scrapbook.Once I was able to travel on my own I found picking up postcards of landmarks or something cultural was better than my camera.After a while my friends would pick up postcards for me.Thus a collection is born.

I love these particular postcards because of the time period they represent.I actually purchased these from an antique shop.They capture places and events beautifully.The cards are brilliant, but the scans are grainy.

Click on the postcard to see more details.

1911 Yosemite National Park, California At the time the oldest and largest giant sequoias in Mariposa Grove. 
Postmarked 1911 Portland, Oregon It's like a scene from a movie, but actually part of our history. It has a one cent stamp

The …