I Will Never Forget

Take a moment today to reflect on 10 years ago.
A 1986 postcard from my collection.  Lady Liberty continues to stand strong.
We are still one nation under God. 

I was home schooling Jacob when the phone rang.  It was from Joan, who grew up in New Jersey.  She was distraught.  She told me to get the television turned on.  

I didn't even know what I was watching.  Joan told me the North Tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by an airplane.  We watched together as the South Tower was hit.  We held our breath, praying the South Tower would not fall.  We said goodbye. 

I couldn't walk away from the television.  I was crying and feeling very helpless.  The news came that the Pentagon was hit and shortly afterward it was confirmed that an airplane had went down in Pennsylvania.  

Being a Baby Boomer during the Cold War it was like watching all my fears come true.  I was sick.  Every time they showed the Towers being hit I would wish "this time they will miss."  

I cried for the people trapped and not knowing what was taking place.  I cried for the first responders as I watched the Towers collapse.  I cried for the families who did not know where their family and friends were and if they were safe.  

As pictures came in from Washington and phone calls recorded from some of the people from United Airline Flight 93.  I felt overwhelmed.  

Life changed in America and around the world.  Although I cried, was afraid, felt the future for my family was no longer safe, I found courage. 

The courage of the first responders in New York and Washington.  The courage of those in the buildings helping others, even to the point of sacrificing their life so others in their office and building would be safe.  The courage to say goodbye to your family from an airplane far from home knowing they probably would not come away from taking back the plane without dying.  The courage of those who lived.  

Courage...Sacrifice...Strength...that is what changed for me post 9/11.  I know of other world impacting changes.  My grandchildren will never know what life was like prior to 9/11.  I do hope they learn and understand the Courage and Sacrifice that was unselfishly demonstrated that day.

September 11, 2001 a day I will never forget.

Gratitude List
1.  Men, women, and children who gave their lives that day
2.  the courage of those on Flight 93
3.  the sacrifice of the first responders in New York
4.  the strength of the men and women in the Pentagon
5.  those who lost someone and their stories of surviving with Grace
6.  God's comfort 
7.  men and women who gave everything to bring saftey back to us
8.  God's sovereignty that day, He did not disappear, He was there with everyone, He still is


  1. What an awesome post! I did an album and had my family write where they were and what their reaction was to this when they heard the news~How things have changed for America~I long for the way it used to be~when we could trust people!! {{hugs}}} friend!!

  2. We were still homeschooling ten years ago on September 11th. My husband called to ask if we were okay, but we had no idea why. He told us to turn on the TV, and that was it for school that day, needless to say. Called my parents and my sister and lunch, just needing to connect with family. Love your post!


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