Finally Finished: Little Honey Has a Scarf!

I posted earlier about my adventures in knitting.  Since I watch/play with my granddaughter during the weekdays it is hard to get a lot of scrapbooking done.  I have done a few pages and a little album, but as LH becomes more active and sleeps less it hard to get started.  I needed another outlet to create.  Thus knitting.

I did not have time to take classes so I searched the internet for how-to videos.  Let me qualify that.  I searched for  how-to videos that worked!  Many times I had to take information from one video and that of another to make it work.  Then it was just a matter of practice.  LOL  I did a lot of that.

I finally finished my little scarf for my granddaughter.  It's not perfect, but there are no holes from dropped stitches.  LOL  I took one of my beautiful Prima flowers and attached it to a hair bow to create an accent piece.

The Unveil 
Links that Helped
Knitting Tips by Judy --two thumbs up!
Knitting Help -- 1 1/2  thumbs up.  Great for Long-Tail Cast-on
Cyber Seams -- 1 3/4 thumbs up.  For beginners the very end where you cut the yarn it wasn't clear.

I plan on learning new stiches from Tips by Judy.  They look so cool.
 Attention!  Watch Out!  Here They Come!
October 1st and 2nd the greatest blog hop event takes place.  This is a blog hop full of inspiration, how-tos, and at times giveaways!  It's the Orange Blog Hop.

The Orange Blog Hop is made up of Fiskateers.  Fiskateers is a community of crafters (Fiskars Brand) that love to share the passion for crafting. 

Saturday morning the event opens and go through Sunday midnight.  The starting blog is at the Fiskateers Blog.  I hope to run into you Hopping!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  crafting fun
2.  smiles
3.  hilarious moments
4.  my world
5.  God's crafting of my life and the path I go in this life


  1. That is so pretty!

  2. Awesome job D!!! I make hats on the round loom ~adaorable and so is LH and the flower!!

  3. Lovely!! Looks so cute on her too!

  4. That is a darling scarf! I finally decided to take a knitting class at a local store. YouTube is great, but can only take me so far.

  5. oooo the scarf is beautiful!

  6. that looks great! good for you getting it completed and teaching yourself! that alone is amazing to me, can't knit to save my life

  7. Great job Debby. And your little honey is getting sooo big. And still adorable!


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