unLayouts with unKit!

Let me toot, toot before I go on to my unLayouts. I was honored with Fiskars Sketch of the Month for May. It was one of my layouts I used in All About You in 52, but I patterned it after Fiskars Sketch for May. Thank you, Fiskars!!

unKit is a scrapbooking unkit that is similar to having a personal shopper. The owner of unKit or even a guest designer will choose many papers, embellishments, stamps, etc. unKit will have one or two themes of both color or manufactures.

When you order a pre-packaged kit, you get everything and a lot of things you do not want. With unKit everything is there for you to choose. If you want 3 pieces of cardstock, 2 yards of ribbon, 1 pack of buttons and so forth that's all you have to purchase. It's YOUR unKit. unKit also provides coupons that vary from a percentage off your order, item or free shipping. Yeah! I like the free shipping part myself.

So why not treat yourself to making your own choices for a kit! Visit unKit's site for the new June unKit! Here is unKit's ning site with an indivdual view of it all!!

Here is a bit of May's unKit, which you can still order.

1. A1C is within normal limits!!
2. God's strength to help me with my journay to strengthen this body
3. Jacob, I want to hug and squeeze him everyday
4. my friend Bob, who knows how to kick me in the pants nicely!
5. that God provides for me friends from everywhere to meet my needs and to allow me to meet theirs. Thank you Father!


  1. Awesome...nice layouts and the unKit sounds like a great idea!

  2. I have that paper, your layouts are gorgeous!

  3. Super layouts.

  4. Love the idea of Unkit!

  5. Beautiful layouts Debby!!!

  6. I love your layouts, especially the Pink Paislee one. :)


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