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"To The Last Drop!"

Remember the old Maxwell House coffee line "good to the last drop?"  I often find a paper line that I can't manage to throw away any of the scraps.  Graphic 45 is one of those lines.  G45 had a challenge this week to use your G45 scraps in honor of Earth Day.  I added another challenge for myself:  use as many different G45 paper lines as I could.  I used Times Nouveau, Playtimes Past, A Proper Gentleman, and Le Romantique.  The eclectic look reminds me of the things of Lilly.

The Story
Lilly is my son and daughter-in-law's tiny blessing.  Lilly showed up on our doorstep one day and wouldn't go away.  We asked around about the pup.  No one claimed her and no one came looking for her.  After several weeks we called the Humane Society to find out when we could claim her as "ours."  They said "the day she showed up on our doorsteps."  Lilly showed several signs of abuse and neglect.  Although she is still skittish about certain things she has beco…

Scrapbook Layout Quilted

Thank you bloggers for all the kind comments from Monday's post.  They are always so encouraging.

If you think I had a hard time on the first quilted layout you should have been there while I was completing this layout.  At one point in my crafty beginnings I was into making the foundation of a layouts from quilt patterns.  It felt like I was truly a quilter.  Do you have a guess which paperline I used for this layout?  Let's put it this way, I could never get enough. 

The Story
This is a photo of my mom's "Daddy." Like most daughters Grandpa was Mom's first love.  Grandpa was a very quiet man and there are few photos of him.  I think he was a bit camera shy.  The photo was taken at Grandpa's house.  The suit he is wearing was one of those "rare occasions" that he wore a suit. 

The Before Layout
(bad photo...made awhile back before I got the hang of things)
The After Layout Things I Learned It's fun to use the old stash.  The die cut, rub-ons, &q…

Dad Said "Always Finish What You Started"

I have a couple of layouts that I made a few years ago.  I made the background but never finished the layout because I really loved it.  As part of my journey I decided to grit my teeth and finish the layouts.  I had several challenges along the way.

The Story
When I was in graduate school I participated with a group that went to an area of government housing once a week to play and work with kids after school.  On one of those trips a friend came with us and took photos.  These are just a few of them.  I remember the love and warmth of these children.

The Layout Before
The Layout Finished
Things I Learned
Never do a layout like this without having your photos picked out ahead of time.  Good grief I had a hard time choosing photos and then arranging them on the page.  I loved this background so much.I decided to use a few older products like the die cut flowers.  I inked them with Tim Holtz's Distressed Ink and Stains.  I  added an older Maya Road flower.  Both ribbon pieces are older.…

It's a Boy Thing

I want to thank you bloggers for the comments, emails, Facebook comments that encouraged me and my journey of learning my craft.  You are the best.

This is the final interpretation of Prima's April Sketch.  It has been fun to interpret the sketch in 3 different ways.  I don't usually use sketches so this was a challenge, but I ended up loving the results.

The Story
This is my now 18 year old son.  The picture was taken at orientation for middle school.  I started to feel twinges of the fact Jay was growing up.  I love the poster behind him.

The Layout

What I Learned
The interpretation of the sketch can certainly bring different paper layering.  I picked up some paper layers from an older scrapbook book.  I can frame out my photo with sewing.Using my older stash really looks brand new.  The paper I used is an older Basic Grey.  It's perfect for this page.  I'm learning to love my older paper once again.Metal elements really make a great boy's page.Do get in direct sunli…

It's the Butterflies!

It is getting silly around here about my butterflies.  LOL  I think that I'm really enjoying the Core'dinations embossed core cardstock.  It makes the perfect butterfly.

This is my second layout, different interpretation, of Prima's Sketch challenge for April. 

The Story
This is a photo of me and of me and Mom.  I was one year old.  I have such a thing for hats that I had enough current photos of me in different hats I was able to make a Shutterfly book about my hats.  Just so everyone knows it came by honestly.  This was just the beginning of my hat obsession.

The Layout

What I Learned
I found the paper pad for Core'dinations Jillibean Soup and snapped it up in a hurry.  The impact of the colors and design are incredible.  This is not the usual colors  or shades I use in my layouts.  It was a real challenge for me!  As I put it together I really begin to see how it all goes together.  I loved the color combo so much.One of the reasons I like Core'dinations is that I …

Yikes! I Used Orginal Photos

I don't know what ever came over me but I decided not to scan the photo, fix it, print it, let it dry, etc.  I just pulled the photos out of the box and cut, trim, and play with them.  It could have been I have books and boxes of photos.  Some I've scrapbooked others I haven't.  I need room for my scrapbook albums.  Here's the secret to avoid the panic:  scan the photos and store them digitally!  Thanks to technology.

I decided this week I was going to take one sketch and make three different versions of the same sketch.  I found the sketch on Prima's Blog.  It is simple enough to allow for a lot of creativity.

The Story
We were visiting our family in Florida.  Often we get caught up with visiting family and friends that we forget to spend time with the kids.  I took some mommy time to spend with my youngest Jacob (now 18) and my older son Adam (now 27).  The thing he kept doing with his arm is a Power Ranger thing.  He would do this constantly for about a year.

The …

Mom's Day Is Right Around the Corner! Glue Dots® Adhesives

There are so many holidays upon us.  For me it's just another excuse to take photos!  Still looking for some Easter crafts?  Check out my post on Easter Crafts Here and Here.

I have many of the gifts my children made me for Mother's Day.  I've always loved handcrafted gifts and of course it is even more special when it's your little children.  Well, for my kids who read my blog here is Mom's List this year.
     new living room carpet
     new couch and chairs
     new kitchen cabinets
and if that is too much how about
     one lawn mowing
     three kisses from the grandchildren
     dinner at our house and YOU clean the kitchen
so if all else fails
     gas card
     airline ticket to Chicago for CHA

LOL  Better to spell it out than to get the little fountain with the forest critters all around the squirting water. 

Here is a simple but elegant present to make for the mom in your life.


Glue Dots® Adhesives Used in this Project
     ~Glue L…

Dared Myself! Experimental Layout

UPDATE:  How Cool Is This?  Ranger's Blog

I love to read Ranger's blog.  They have tutorials, tips, and techniques.  The projects by their designers are incredible.  (I love their products!)  Early this month Ranger had a blog post entitled Distress Ink Artsy Tag

Okay, here comes a bit of the story.  I have made Tim Holtz's Christmas Tags every year since he started.  I have them hung on my "coat rack" turned organizer.  They are my teaching/learning tool when I want to do something new.  I love the way this Distress Ink Artsy Tag looked, so I Dared myself:  could I do this on a layout?

The Story
I have tons of photos of my family growing up and even of my dad and mom's family while they were growing up.  Jim's family has given me many photos of this part of my family.  These are wonderful pictures of Judy, Jim's sister, growing up.  Don't you love the rocking horse, the teddy bear, and Christmas tree?  The flowers are the perfect background as …

Two, Two, Two Layouts in One!

After much research, trial and error, and 3 days I finally finished my two page layout.  Whatever made me decide to do a two page layout?  Along this journey I'm trying to learn all I can about my craft.  A double page layout has eluded me for some time.  I'm sure I have a few here and there from the early years.  I want to note I did lift a combination of different floor plans and other design elements.  The best way I learn is to find those designs and elements that fit who I am as a crafter and fashion my layout(s) accordingly.  After the first one I'm usually quite original. 

The Story
My son is about to graduate from High School and then after a summer of work and fun he will be off to college.  We visited the college this past weekend and more specifically his dorm or as they call it now the Resident Hall.  It washed over me that my son will be moving out and this part of his life will be finished.  True to fashion I went through some of his photos from when he as yo…

What Inspires You?

This week has been full of different projects and the past few days has been no different.  Announcement to my friends:  yes, I'm working on a two page layout~!  There I said it.  LOL  Those who know me best and those who read my blog regularlly know that I scrapbook ONE page at a time.  I decided to challenge myself to learn about design and elements for a two page layout.  I'm almost there, but not quite.  I'll be showing it off on Monday.  I think the challenge is to put my style with the idea of a coordinating page.  We'll see.

With life being very busy I often do not need to look beyond my own home to find inspiration.  I took some photos to share and discovered that my scrapbooking often reflects that which I hold dear in my life. 

Here are a few items:
A corner log from my Grandfather's and Grandmother's home for many years.  I had the fun of living with them for several months while dad was on a military trip.  The brick is from the fireplace.  When the…

Earth Day: Giving Back; Glue Dots® Adhesives

How do you celebrate Earth Day?  This year Earth Day is recognized worldwide as April 22.  It will be here before you know it.  What plans have you made?  Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth's environment. 
How do you give back to preserve the environment?  Jim and I recycle.  There is a recycling center not too far from here that actually pays for all types of items to recycle.  We get our "McDonald" money recycling! 

One way I recycle is to use discarded CDs and DVDs.  I make Christmas ornaments, mini-books, and now home decor.  This is a piece I did for Glue Dots® Adhesives Design Team and to help celebrate my continuing efforts to celebrate Earth Day!

Dottess Project
Earth Day
Recycle CDs

I save all the CDs we get in our home. I get CD catalogs, sometimes the CD just doesn’t burn, and my kids give me their discarded CDs. I thought I’d recycle a few CDs in an art piece for my home to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Glue Dots® Adhesives use…

My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy

I was at the Craft and Hobby Association the year that Core'dinations was chosen CHA's Top Pick.  It was my first time hearing of Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock.  I checked them out that trip and I've been hooked since. 

Today, I want to feature several projects I made predominately using Core'dinations.  I can't begin to tell you which is my favorite, but I can tell you what the theme is going to be:  Spring colors, butterflies, and flowers.  I think I have a good dose of Spring Fever!

The Story
This is my new little granddaughter.  The picture is from her dad's cell phone.  The two of them were watching the Cincinnati Bearcats play basketball.  Little Honey is having a great time.

The Layout

What I Learned Core'dination Cardstock is just addictive ! I used a Prima Mask and the light yellow Core'dination cardstock to create an embossed background.  I laid the mask on my desk and Core'dinations paper face up over the mask.  I used my stylus to…