What Inspires You?

This week has been full of different projects and the past few days has been no different.  Announcement to my friends:  yes, I'm working on a two page layout~!  There I said it.  LOL  Those who know me best and those who read my blog regularlly know that I scrapbook ONE page at a time.  I decided to challenge myself to learn about design and elements for a two page layout.  I'm almost there, but not quite.  I'll be showing it off on Monday.  I think the challenge is to put my style with the idea of a coordinating page.  We'll see.

With life being very busy I often do not need to look beyond my own home to find inspiration.  I took some photos to share and discovered that my scrapbooking often reflects that which I hold dear in my life. 

Here are a few items:
A corner log from my Grandfather's and Grandmother's home for many years.  I had the fun of living with them for several months while dad was on a military trip.  The brick is from the fireplace.  When they tore down the old house I decided I did not want to lose the memory of this place with so much love.

The bear is a cookie jar that was given to me upon my birth.  The gentleman who gave it to me was a friend from Russia.  This is one of my most treasured items from my childhood.  The tea cup is from my wonderful friend, Ruth.  It reminds me of all the laughter and tears we have shared over a cup of coffee or tea.  

This was passed down to me by my mom.  It is a bone china dinnerware set she bought when we lived in Berlin, Germany.  I remember so many family meals we had with this set.  I loved the tea pot and the soup bowls the best!

I'm so in love with flowers that there was a period of time that everywhere I went I would buy dry flowers for my home.  I have some from as far away as Wisconsin.

These are some of the best memories of my childhood that I have.  I lived in Berlin Germany for 3 years when I was just starting school.  The two frames on either side have photos of me in front of the Berlin Wall in 1963.  The photo in the middle is me at the Berlin Wall in May of 1990, just a few months after the Berlin Wall came down.  Yes, that is a piece of the Berlin Wall next to the photo.  It's authentic.  I was there when it dislocated itself from the wall.

Talk about traveling.  The "clams" are hand carved village scenes from Japan from around 1956 when Dad was stationed there with the military.  The music box plays Laura's Theme from Doctor Zhivago.  Mom bought this for my grandmother when we lived in Germany.  When Grandma passed away it was given to me.  The Russian doll is dressed in one of their traditional costumes.  I bought this when I went to St. Petersburg in 1995.  I bought it at the market near Catherine The Great's home.

Okay, this is different.  But orange reminds me of one of my favorite online groups:  Fiskateers!  They are very inspirational.

Quilts.  I'm so blessed to have homemade quilts from my mom, my mother-in-law, grandmother, one I believe is from my great grandmother, my aunt, and a great friend.  Scrapbooks record a visual history, these quilts hold the secrets of my family.
South Carolina Loblolly Pines.  I'm proud of my SC roots.

Planting time.  Jim's garden will become a wealth of wonderful summer veggies.  Potatoes, peas, radish, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and more.

My clean kitchen inspires me most!

This is my husband's old rotary photo.  You remember.  Pick up the handle and hold it to your ear while simultaneously putting your finger in one of the holes and turning the dial to the right, stopping when you get to the little lever.  Immediately let go.  Continue to do this until you have dialed the entire phone number. 

Seedlings.  This is squash!  Yum, Yum.  I can't wait.

My family inspire me most.  My children are the most special part of my life.  The pin the bird is holding is actually my grandmother's broach. 

So what inspires you?  Leave a comment and Monday I'll draw a winner from this post and Wednesday's "Earth Day" post to receive something scrappy inspirational.

Have a Crafty Weekend

Gratitude List
1.  my dancing Raelyn, gratiful she is so happy
2.  time, unique and special
3.  my mother's laughter as she watches her granddaughter dance
4.  goodnight kisses from my husband
5.  the small sweet things in life that God brings to our attention


  1. I remember the rotary dial phone! I laughed at your explicit explanation of how to use it, I guess I just assumed that everyone knows how to use one! LOL! I have been inspired by my old photos that I have. Just makes me want to get them in to layouts! It also brings back so many memories of the old clothes, tv, etc.

  2. I enjoyed your post somuch~what a rich heritage you have!

  3. Great photos - I love the old phones too, such a beautiful collection of memories to blog.


  4. So fun to share your memories with us.
    My SIL still has a rotary phone at her camp. My girls would phone someone just to play with the phone, teehee.

  5. What great inspirations! Creatively, I am inspired by flowers, fashion, weddings and great pictures. They give me goo ideas for crafting. Personally, I am inspired by my dh and his love for me.

  6. Wow, Debby, thank you for sharing all the beautiful pieces of your life. It really is quite touching!!

    My friends and family inspire me the most; sometimes it may be as simple as a phone call-I am thinking of your rotary phone as I type this! They are the very best!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Wow so much to get inspiration from. I am inspired by nature, colors, smiling faces, stories...

  8. Anonymous3:38 PM

    You reminded me of some wonderful family things I also have. One that sits here in my craft room is a mason jar full of my grandmother's buttons. I have used some on my cards, but just love going through them and guessing what they might have been on.
    Thanks for sharing.


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