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I wanted to show off some Reminisce Paper, rub-ons, and stickers. Yes, along with many others I'm giving their Design Team a shot! When I first started scrapbooking Reminisce became one of my favorite paper lines to work with. When I joined my first DT for a local scrapbook store my 2 page layout with Reminisce paper knocked the socks off all the customers. Reminisce has been one of my favorites for years. I'm glad for an opportunity to try out for their Design Team.
This is my Granddaughter trying out hats (she's like her grandmother) for this Halloween. It is funny that the price tag was hanging down but the price did not show up, so I went into Photoshop and added a $ sign so it would not look so blank! LOL The tree and haunted house rub-ons, cardstock sticker (Boo) and the paper lines are all Reminisce. I did use Prism for the journaling.
I wish I could have been able to take a photo that really showed the "stuff" on this desktop piece. The clear pieces are T…

Whirl Win Life

I LOVE it!

I was in Florida training new Certified Fiskars Demonstrators.....2 sessions

I was in Charleston over this weekend with Wendy Vecchi from Studio 490. Oh, my goodness if you get a chance to take one of her classes DO IT!!! If you are a beginner or if you are most advanced Wendy covers the gameit! Photos know I would.

I want to finish up my photos from my trip to Florida. This is my birthday party thrown by my mom and the whole family came. It was the greatest. I was a bit excited about the whole event. Aunt Pat
My Sister, Cindi, Chip (not the dog), and Fletcher their little baby boy.
My Uncle Max and Aunt Texie Mae
Uncle Lenord and Uncle Lamar
My precious precious Aunt Ruby

Uncle Charles, Aunt Peggy (back) and my Aunt BamerIt was a very speical time for me.dit dit dit.....News around the BlockunKit for October is up and running. Run, go see. Noell Hyman is the guest unKitter. She chose the theme and products for the month. Very cool stuff.I opened Creative Dreams St…

Way too Much for One Post

Wow, did I have a week in Florida. I loved it! Jacksonville scrappers enjoyed having fun and are super talented. I did a 4 hour training class for those scrapbookers/papercrafters that wanted to be Certified Fiskars Demonstrators. Fiskars certified 6 CFDs and 1 Jr. CFD which is a first for Fiskars. We had 10 year old Dylan who was wonderful and trained right along with his mother. He was certified to be a Jr. CFD assistant to mom. I know he'll do a great job. Look out T!m!

Ft. Walton Beach was a fun party with all Fiskars Tools 50% off. We had to keep from running out and shopping throughout the training. What fun. We all picked up some new goodies by Fiskars. Fiskateers was having a party online so we had our own Orange Challenge. Renda took the prize hands down. She was definitely Orange!

I have several layouts I want to post and some personal photos to share. I had fun scrapping and taking photos the whole week I was gone. I had a birthday party with all my Aunts and Uncles there…

Hey, I Got In .... Too Cool

I'm excited that I can get into my blog from mom's computer. Whoo Hoo!

Update: I did my first Fiskars Certified Training class in Jacksonville, FL. I'm telling you I had the best possible time. The room was great, the AC Moores wonderful, but more importantly the students were top notch.

(These were the only two photo I could get to load at this time. I'll try again tomorrow.)Everyone got to demo one tool and they did wonderful. Kathy came up with a Fiskars Cheer...too funny what people will do for Rain Dots. LOL Lorri, Diane, Jennifer, Denise, Mesha, and Kathy are all going to take Jacksonville and the surrounding area by storm. Their excitement excited me all the more. Dylan was our youngest trainee. Dylan is 10 years old and trained to be a certified Fiskars demonstrator assistant to mom. He was a wonderful young man who did a great job.
I'm heading to Ft. Walton Beach on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great, great time. I'…

Two Sisters

My Aunt Pat. My Aunt Evelyn. Two Sisters, the same battle.
Aunt Pat was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her world and that of her family changed forever. A fight began. Surgery, chemotherapy, medication, shots, losing her hair, no energy, money to fly back and forth to Texas, concern for her family and her future. Aunt Pat never complained to anyone. Aunt Pat never cried in front of anyone. My Aunt Pat has survived. She has been cancer free now for 16 years. Her courage, tenacity, faith and her family motivated her to take one step at a time. By the way, I love my Aunt Pat. Aunt Evelyn was not diagnosed with breast cancer until days before she lost her battle. Everyone knew something was wrong, but she had Parkinson, so they presumed that is why she was losing weight, sick all the time, in pain. A general MD; three oncologists did not find the problem. Due to extensive bleeding they admitted her to the hospital and an internist found the problem within a few hours. But it was to…

Just a Reminder

I will be posting the winner to the Make it Pink Challenge tomorrow as well as introduce you to a great great challenge with an equally great great RAK....donated by a special person.

I'm heading to Florida Saturday morning early. First stop is Jacksonville, FL for CFD training. Then on to mom's. Saturday the 20th I will be in Ft. Walton Beach, FL for CFD training (Certified Fiskars Demonstrators). If you live in the area and would like to become a CFD email me at The training is free.
Q & A time: 1. Yes, it's Bubble Wrap...I learned to do this on Scrapbook Trends with Nat. Check the link out to the right.
2. Char, Anonymous, and anyone else who scheduled their mammogram for September or October send me your address so I can get the rain dots out ... hopefully tomorrow. I have a big mailing day Friday.
3. Dawn, I put up both your projects.
I can barley stand the wait for tomorrow.
My birthday is next week while I'm away from home. :{ But I'v…


Hi Guys!!! I'm getting closer to my 10,000 mark. A friend of mine is celebrating 100,000. Good Grief I'll never get there.

I just wanted to update you on a few things happening here at Debby's Dare.

1. We are doing a Create Pink Challenge. Create anything Pink and load it to the slide show to enter for the RAK. If you can't load it, email it to me at The winner will receive a $10 gift certificate from unKIT. And their preferred vendor A Cherry on Top does ship internationally!

2. I'm still sending Pink Rain Dots for anyone who schedules their mammogram for the months of September and October. Just leave a comment here and send me an email at with your address and I'll send you a pretty pack of Pink Rain Dots. I have all kinds...hearts, round, tear shape, eyelets. Wow. 3. I just received my code for Stories by Everyone. Stories by Everyone is sponsored by Scrapbook etc. It is not live yet, but it is so cool. These are…

A New Do!

My mother and daughter (dangerous combination) took me yesterday to get my hair done. Right, when they said hair done I figured a nice cut. Nope. Dye, Highlights, and a brand new cut. Holy Cow, I still trying to get use to the change. I like it a lot, but man is it a change for me.

They also took me shopping for a new outfit to wear while I'm training in Florida for Fiskars. I'm a babe now. LOL LOL LOL

Our Scrap Pink winner hasn't come forward yet. Here's our winner:

Winner of Scrap Pink Apron and T-Shirt: is is is is is is (mom picked the number this time)
" hf52771 said...What a wonderful blog! I will be forwarding this to a bunch of girlfriends, I promise!Not sure if my insurance covers a mammogram under 40...but you can bet I'm gonna call and check TODAY!Keep my girlfriends husband in your thoughts and prayers, he is one of those rare men who have found a lump and has HIS mammogram appointment next week. His mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer…