Way too Much for One Post

Wow, did I have a week in Florida. I loved it! Jacksonville scrappers enjoyed having fun and are super talented. I did a 4 hour training class for those scrapbookers/papercrafters that wanted to be Certified Fiskars Demonstrators. Fiskars certified 6 CFDs and 1 Jr. CFD which is a first for Fiskars. We had 10 year old Dylan who was wonderful and trained right along with his mother. He was certified to be a Jr. CFD assistant to mom. I know he'll do a great job. Look out T!m!

Ft. Walton Beach was a fun party with all Fiskars Tools 50% off. We had to keep from running out and shopping throughout the training. What fun. We all picked up some new goodies by Fiskars. Fiskateers was having a party online so we had our own Orange Challenge. Renda took the prize hands down. She was definitely Orange!

I have several layouts I want to post and some personal photos to share. I had fun scrapping and taking photos the whole week I was gone. I had a birthday party with all my Aunts and Uncles there. That was the biggest treat I've ever had. Photos of the event will be in the next post...or on some cool layouts with the photos.

Toot toot!!!!

Scrapbook Retailers, our best Trade Magazine for Scrapbooking and more, feature a layout I did with on the dot paper, Studio 490 stamps, and several Tim Holtz products. It also went out with their newsletter. I've been so excited to share this with you. Let me know what you think.

Business Notes:
Stories by Everyone is live. It is a book you create! But these are not books that anyone on line can get to. You have to have the "Code" to get to the exclusive books. My mother and I made a book on Charleston and even mom can upload the photos, journal, and even add some elements. Everyone we have shared her book with has gone crazy over it. The highest priced book is $34.95.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! You can make a beautiful Family book for several members of your family. A Friends book for those special ones that are dear to you or just plan kooky! Baby books, wedding books, a Halloween book. It goes on and on. Copy down the CODE and click on the link and check it out. It is sponsored by Scrapbook etc. Remember this CODE gets you into come exclusive books.

You will see I've add a little Creative Dreams Store. Yeah!!!! I will be ordering (I have mine!) as many Fiskars Push and Print Stamp Factory Kits as YOU would like. Click the link and see Stephanie from Fiskars demonstrate how "Frankie" works. I can only do Pay Pal right now. I would love to see everyone have this great new product from Fiskars. I do not ship internationally, but if you email me at CreativeDreamsStudio@yahoo.com we can talk about the possibility.

Thank you SO much for those who have been donating to the Susan G. Koman foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness. Several of you have been greatly affected by Breast Cancer by someone you know or yourself. This is the time to give to help other women who have breast cancer, to help with early detection, and to help with research. If you give through this link, Susan G. Koman, post back here that you did and you will be in a drawing for an exclusive art work by Wendy Vecchi of Studio 490! Don't give for the DARE of it, give for the LIFE of it.

Please pray for my greatest of friends, Sudie and her daughter A. A is having eye surgery in the morning.

Gratitude List:
1. Safety like you would not imagine
2. My Fiskateer family!! Thank you for the support while I was away.
4. My Father's watchful hand in my life while I was away.
5. God sustaining my family while in Florida.


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    WOW looks like you had a wonderful time. It sure is fun to read your blog. I would love nothing more then to own Frankie , but I can't afford him right now.


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