Two Sisters

My Aunt Pat. My Aunt Evelyn.
Two Sisters, the same battle.

Aunt Pat was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her world and that of her family changed forever. A fight began. Surgery, chemotherapy, medication, shots, losing her hair, no energy, money to fly back and forth to Texas, concern for her family and her future. Aunt Pat never complained to anyone. Aunt Pat never cried in front of anyone. My Aunt Pat has survived. She has been cancer free now for 16 years. Her courage, tenacity, faith and her family motivated her to take one step at a time. By the way, I love my Aunt Pat. Aunt Evelyn was not diagnosed with breast cancer until days before she lost her battle. Everyone knew something was wrong, but she had Parkinson, so they presumed that is why she was losing weight, sick all the time, in pain. A general MD; three oncologists did not find the problem. Due to extensive bleeding they admitted her to the hospital and an internist found the problem within a few hours. But it was too late. I won't describe the physical horrors she went through. Her family trying to do everything and anything to save her life.

Aunt Evenly did not complain, did not cry in front of anyone, her concern was for her family. Her brothers and sisters with her children came and went. Uncle Max sang her favorite hymns with her, until she could not anymore and he sang for her. Aunt Evelyn said her only regret in life was that she did not do more for Christ. (She went above and beyond most all her life for the love of God.) Within days of the diagnoses Aunt Evelyn lost her battle. The loss to her children was overwhelming. The loss to her brothers and sisters was sobering and heartbreaking. Why did they not find this cancer earlier? I miss my Aunt Evelyn very much. So I come to Debby's Dare Challenge. Ladies we need help! We need better detection methods. We need better funding so that EVERYONE can get a mammogram, not just when the insurance will pay for the procedure. We need to find causes and prevention. We need to protect our children. We need to get the word out. For all this and much more we need funding. My Aunt's favorite site for donation is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Here is the challenge. Go to Susan G. Komen and contribute to the Cure. Any amount, in honor or memory of anyone you know. If you don't know someone who has dealt with breast cancer then you are welcome to donate in honor or memory of one of my aunts.

Once you have donated and do keep your receipt. Post a comment here. Don't disclose the amount. When the DARE is over I will draw one name to win a beautiful creation by Wendy Veechi of Studio 490. Wendy is a full time artist/designer and a Certified Ranger Educator. She is very proud to be a member of the Maya Road design team. Wendy also designs a line of Studio 490 stamps with Stampers Anonymous.

Isn't it Gorgeous? Thank you Wendy so very much for donating this for the Cure.

The winner will have show me a copy (you can black out important info) of your receipt in order to receive Wendy's art.

I'll be out of town next week. I'll try to moderate the comments once a day, but mom is on dial up and it is s-l-o-w. Know that I will try hard to get the comments approved.

If I owe you Rain Dots or anything else that is to be mailed. I can't mail until I get back from Florida. But I have the Rain Dots and CHA titles. I just have run out of time. I'm still sending Pink Rain Dots to anyone who schedules a mammogram for the month of September and October. Post a comment to your date and time. Then email me at with your address.

Did I mention I was to choose a winner of the Make it Pink Dare? Okay, here we go......

The Pink Cards with "Best Wishes" on it. Mom choose the number 3 while having a wonderful breakfast. I went to my slide program and chose the third project in line. So send me your email address so I can send you your gift certificate to unKIT. Congratulations!

Lastly, I ask for your prayers on this trip. For safety, for finances due to gas prices soring last night and today. Here in SC it has jumped 1.00 a gallon in a matter of just hours. That my family will be well. And that I do my best training CFD's for Fiskars. Thank you.

1. Gas is not 6.00 a gallon
2. Safety on the road last night late
3. Friends who listen when I'm bummed
4. Opportunities to demonstrate my faith in my own life
5. My Father's provision for all my needs.


  1. Your family has certainly been hit hard with cancer, it's so wonderful what you are doing to help with the cure!

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    That is so sad. I'm glad to see working so hard for the cure.

  3. just visiting from the fiskateers message board. how wonderful that you are keeping your aunts' memory alive.

    angie w

  4. Debby I made a donation today in I was not only touched by your stories of your Aunts but I also have a Sister, a Sister in law who have both had breast cancer and have won that battle so far (hank G-d) and a Niece with who is battling another kind of cancer. thanks for the gentle push.

    Michelle 3624

  5. wow Deby you are amazing!! this was a touching story

  6. Deby you are amazing what a touching story


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