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Xyron Sticker Maker for a Happy Birthday!

It has been forever since I've tried recording a demo.  So I am asking for forgiveness ahead of time in hopes you will watch and help me wish a Happy Birthday to a special little girl in my life.

This is not a Xyron sponsored video or promotion.  It's just me enjoying my craft.

Tehya, I can't wait to see what you turn into a sticker first.
Everyone else, how do you use your Xryon Sticker Maker?

Create from the Soul,


Dusting Off The Blog A Bit

Follow the story and I will tie it together at the end!

I received a beautiful handmade card for Christmas from a Fiskateer friend.  Since the closing of Fiskars' social community we rarely stay in touch so this card means a lot to me.  One thing he hoped for me was that I was still crafting.

I have been away from my blog for a little over a year.  Honestly, I had/have "blog burn out."  It is a lot of work to create a crafty blog post...writing, taking and editing photos, products, editing, online events, promotions and getting the word out.

Now I have another grandchild.  Our first little boy:  MJ.  I spend a lot of time "making memories" for me and for all my grandchildren.  I hang out with my grandchildren at music, (now violin) ballet, tap, recitals, performances, museums and many other adventures.
 Little's Brother MJ Knowing some of you I can hear "...and what's new?"  LOL  I know I seem as though I am always busy.  Maybe I am to one deg…