Monday, January 25, 2016

Xyron Sticker Maker for a Happy Birthday!

It has been forever since I've tried recording a demo.  So I am asking for forgiveness ahead of time in hopes you will watch and help me wish a Happy Birthday to a special little girl in my life.

This is not a Xyron sponsored video or promotion.  It's just me enjoying my craft.

Tehya, I can't wait to see what you turn into a sticker first.

Everyone else, how do you use your Xryon Sticker Maker?

Create from the Soul, 



  1. This is adorable, and you are wonderful. The sticker maker is much loved, and so are you.

  2. Happy birthday, Miss Tehya! What a lovely name! Debby, I miss your videos. I love my xyron X. And so does my granddaughter who just turned 6. I like to run a strip of paper through it before I die cut my words. It makes it so much easier to apply. A great tool.

    1. That is great Suzi. Does the die get sticky with the adhesive?


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