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Last day of the Month and I'm Thankful

This one will be a short one today. Here's my five gratitude list for today:

1. Rain on my peas and squash...the squishy kind of rain that's fun to run through.
2. My son Adam, for loving unconditionally.
3. Always my God and Savior's grace and salvation
4. Scrapbooking a hard subject that has helped me reflect on God's goodness
5. Great friends
(Adam and His Ashley...true love)
Here's a question for you: What smells brings back childhood memories to you? Leave a comment and let me know.Me, are good homemade biscuits. It takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen where she was the best true southern cook....move over Paula Dean!

It Wasn't Fun!

I'm working on a double layout for a CK Convention. I'm trying to tell the story of my journey these past nine months. One, it is hard to relive. Two, try and tell the important events in a small space whereas I could write a book. So my day was hard emotionally. I expect an easier day today, but God may throw in a surprise or two. He seems to do that to keep me on my toes.

My daily gratitude list:

1. God's Grace!
2. My beautiful Hannah and Amber.
3. Friends that endure.
4. Books, books, books!
5. My loving, wonderful husband.

Here's a picture of my granddaughter. She does not believe in wearing a dress unless she can swirl and swish.

Here is a layout that I did for a contest...didn't win, but a challenge to use all those bright colors. I love being challenged. Start your day with at least one word of gratitude.


Well, it is hard to get back into the swing of things again on Two Peas in a Bucket Pub board, but I'm already having fun. So many changes and new faces.

This is a layout I just had a little fun with using my photoshop and mica.

My Gratitude List for Today:

1. God's love for me and for literally saving my life.

2. Being able to begin the process of scrapping once again.

3. 74 pounds down and need to change some of my blog and my picture icon on the pub.

4. Friends: Joany, Ruth, Bob and the friendly group I meet at Books-A-Million a couple of times a week.

5. God's grace as he keeps us financially okay since resigning my job to be home "mending." This is no small task as I want to buy so many of the new "goodies" out there.

I dare you to post at least one thing you are truly grateful for in your life today.

I'm working on a couple of pages for the CK convention this weekend. Think good thoughts as it is difficult to get back where I was at just 9 months earli…


Well, I'm a little faster on updating my blog. If nothing else I'm going to try and list at least five things a day that I'm grateful for. I nearly lost my life and my relationship with God this past 9 months. Life seems sweeter to be savored and God has shown me such love I'm overwhelmed on a daily basis. Here's my five for the day.

1. My relationship that is growing in Christ.

2. Being able to scrap more and more each day as I get well.

3. My sister, Cindy.

4. My loving husband, Jimmy.

5. Fresh air and beautiful stars on a dark night.

Grandma with her Hannah. Sometimes we all have bad days and need a little extra loving!