It Wasn't Fun!

I'm working on a double layout for a CK Convention. I'm trying to tell the story of my journey these past nine months. One, it is hard to relive. Two, try and tell the important events in a small space whereas I could write a book. So my day was hard emotionally. I expect an easier day today, but God may throw in a surprise or two. He seems to do that to keep me on my toes.

My daily gratitude list:

1. God's Grace!
2. My beautiful Hannah and Amber.
3. Friends that endure.
4. Books, books, books!
5. My loving, wonderful husband.

Here's a picture of my granddaughter. She does not believe in wearing a dress unless she can swirl and swish.

Here is a layout that I did for a contest...didn't win, but a challenge to use all those bright colors. I love being challenged.

Start your day with at least one word of gratitude.