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My Gift

Could you check out Tracy Turpen’s blog, our photographer, and leave a bit of love for her marvelous work with Tabitha’s bridal photos?

Okay, I'm about wedding-ed out. LOL We’ve had two in the last 6 months with my children and now mom is ready to have some me time. I'm looking forward to heading for Chicago in July for CHA. My friend and I are planning on working as well as spending time enjoying the trip.

Here are several more projects from the wedding I'd like to share with you.

This was my joy, but hard. Tabitha loves the Tim Holtz look, although she calls it the mom look. So I inked, distressed and inked again 245 wedding program. I printed each one with Tabitha and David's logo and embossed each one. Although it looks simple, it was time consuming!  These are the times you remember how much you love your children.

This is a gift I made for Dr. and Mrs. Safdi. It is the 7Gypsies photo stand. These are the divider pages and I added the kids’ engagement photos. The q…

Recovery Is Tough

My house is crying out to be put back in order once again. My body is saying sleep and rest. I guess I'll do one then the other. Which one first is the question!

A wedding is not a wedding without good tears. Tabitha had created a slide show with the two of them growing up. They showed it during the rehearsal dinner. The beautiful part was that she included a voice over of David at the end of his part of the slide show of how he felt about his family and Tabitha did the same. During David's years they sat with the Safdi's and during Tabitha's years they sat with us. I cried through both of them.

Tabitha told me not to make her cry during the day of the wedding. I was ordered to say nothing sappy! So I smiled and watch my daughter get her hair done, I helped her with her dress, smiled as I left her and her dad at the door to go to the location. I cried, but I did not make her cry. Her dad wanted to say something special as they were to walk down the isle but Tabitha to…

Party Like No Other Party

Tabitha's Bridal Portrait

Tears and laughter was the earmark of the weekend. Tabitha is now Mrs. Safdi and I have a wonderful son-in-law. I don't have a lot of photos because I promised my daughter that if the professional photographer was there I would not take a we are not waiting for the professional photos. I have more stories and photos to scrap. Jimmy and me laughed so much. So if you will put up with me this week I share a few of my photos of the wedding, a photo or two of some of the things I made for the wedding and share funny and hair raising experiences.
We had two people hospitalized that played important roles in the wedding. Tabitha’s Uncle Bill went to the hospital ER the night before they were to leave Florida to travel to South Carolina. His condition worsened and we were all concerned. Prayers were answered and he is mending fine now. Uncle Bill was the one bring one set of the Grandparents and the two Flower Girls. His daughter, Roseanne was able…

Do I Scrapbook Anymore?

Sure I do. I have just been doing a lot of scrapbooking for the wedding that my daughter will not allow me to post until after the wedding. I've not been nixed from showing you my jewelry. I made this necklace for the rehearsal dinner using parts from two different kits from Making Memories new jewelry line. No one will certainly have a necklace like mine. I love the different pieces and the colors are brilliant.

You can click for a close up view.
Dare Ya!  I had dared you earlier to make something of a layout or project from your wedding or a wedding you attended.  I can't set up the slide show as it will ask for my approval for every post, so post your project on your favorite message board gallery and leave your link here.  I'll draw a winner for a pack of the new Prima Flowers.  These are awesome as is or sprayed with your favorite colors.  I can't use enough of them. 

National Scrapbook Day/Month is coming and of course I have some fun lined up for Debby's Dare …

Saturday My Little Girl Won't Be Mine Anymore

Her life and love will be devoted to another.  I will miss my little girl and love the woman she has become.

Blog still undergoing renovations!

Gremlins on Loose

UPDATE:  Winner of the Dare Ya! giveaway is ....
Teresa Godines #6857 said...
  What a cool idea. I am going to give this a shot. Thanks Debby!
Send your snail mail to  I'll be mailing RAKS next week.  Congratuations Teresa and thanks everyone.

Excuse the mess I'm redesigning my blog.  --Debby


Gremlins were loose in my studio recently. I was moving from table to desk to a different table just to avoid the Gremlins. LOL Finally, I’m finished crafting for the wedding as far as I know and I cleaned up the studio. I don’t think the Gremlins had come back, but it was fast becoming a place for them to move back in.

Here are a couple of photos of my wall at the desk area. In front of me is nothing to do about storage, but more of an inspiration. I like not having my tools or storage directly in front of me. I’ve always had my punches organized and on the wall in front of me. Granted I still love my punches, but they g…

Debby's Dare Demo, Stamps and One Cool Bracelet...Giveaway

I went nuts Friday. Good nuts like a new cut and color for my hair. Good nuts like talking to my friend Sudie who made me crazy talking about creating so I had to stop with the wedding for a few minutes and craft from my heart just to relieve a little stress. What better way to craft than to do a Debby’s Dare Demo.  FYI:  Did you know if you embed Debby's Dare widget (to the right) you can watch Debby's Dare Demos from your own blog and share it with your blogging friends.  Click on the arrow and you will see a choice for Debby's Dare YouTube. 

I decided to use my Studio 490 stamps by Wendy Vecchi and Ranger’s Archival inks to make several charms on my bracelet. I added a Prima Rose and few beads and “ta da” I have a cute quick bracelet.

Enjoy the video then continue to read for an easy DARE YA!

I could have kept shrinking all day. Before I shrank one of the Studio 490 flowers I used my white color pencil to add a bit of color to the center. I didn’t have to color it to…

It's Wednesday So It Must Be Artful Legacy Day

As part of the Design Team for Artful Legacy Rubber Stamps and More I create one or two projects every week. This week I did the second half of a magnetic memo board set of my granddaughters. I did one for Hannah a month or so ago. This week I made one for my teenage granddaughter using Artful Legacy Stamps.

Artful Legacy’s large flower stamp is a perfect outline to hand stitch or machine stitch. I hand stitched three of the same image to give this refrigerator memo board a large look. I stitched loosely in order that the threading would look thicker. I added Queen and Co. Pearls to the center.

The boarder to the left of the photo is one of Artful Legacy’s very creative boarder stamps. I did one stamp in black and one in a light brown for shadowing. And I had to add Artful Legacy's cute little butterfly stamp to the memo section of the layout. I love this little lady as it is a clean stamp and is absolutely beautiful.

Other Ingredients
Artful Legacy Stamps
My Minds Eye: pattern pap…

Here I Am

That's about all I can say. I had a bit of a crash yesterday. But we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I think. My friend Ruth will be over later to paint signs, which you are going to love and Tabitha will be back tonight to work on Escort cards which are to die for. Honestly, my daughter came up with all these ideas and designs and said "mom, can you." When she uses the puppy dog eyes there is nothing I won't try. We are at less than two weeks and hours are zooming by. My thoughtful daughter-in-law purchased a handkerchief set for me for the wedding. So sweet. She knows I won't get through the first moment without crying.

I wish I had more photos to show, but at last Tabitha said no.

Are you working on your Dare Ya?
During the week I’ll be gone for the wedding I want to have a Debby’s Dare giveaway. I’d like to make it interesting. How about making a layout or project that concerns your wedding day? If you are not married what about a family membe…

Debby's Dare Demo: Glimmer, Mist, Reinkers

Debby’s Dare Demos is back. I’m starting to see the end of the Wedding craftiness and I have a great friend who took a couple of projects upon herself to do. In all the craziness I asked why she is doing all this? It is certainly hard and a headache. Her answer was “to help my friend.” I love Ruth so much and she is a dearer friend than I deserve.

I did a fun comparison video with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Maya Road Maya Mist, and Ranger’s Reinkers all as a way to cover an area quickly. I’ve been doing that a lot lately getting things ready for the wedding. I believe all three products are unique and each have a special quality that helps me achieve different looks.

If you have questions or further information, please post them in the comment section. I hope you enjoy.

Jessica wants to know the location of the graffiti art from my trip to Charleston. When my daughter gets back in town I’ll give you the address. I know you go through downtown Charleston towards folly Beach. It’s …

Trip to Charleston

It was one wild trip to Charleston for Tabitha’s bridal photo shoot. Tabitha and the photographer Tracy Turpin are both nut cases and will do anything for that perfectly unique shot. I’ll be posting photos after the wedding. Tracy Turpin is one of the finest photographers I’ve ever seen. I was able to an assistant yesterday and learned so much about lighting and just being creative. It was a fun time with my daughter.

Here are a few photos I can share of where I went in Charleston yesterday. Major contrast from location to location.

Early Morning on the Isle of Palm
It's a different type of art..but very cool.

Lowndes Grove Plantation
Gratitude List 1.  safe trip 2.  tons of fun 3.  beatiuful areas 4.  enjoying my awesome daughter 5.  God's provision for my trip