Here I Am

That's about all I can say. I had a bit of a crash yesterday. But we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I think. My friend Ruth will be over later to paint signs, which you are going to love and Tabitha will be back tonight to work on Escort cards which are to die for. Honestly, my daughter came up with all these ideas and designs and said "mom, can you." When she uses the puppy dog eyes there is nothing I won't try. We are at less than two weeks and hours are zooming by. My thoughtful daughter-in-law purchased a handkerchief set for me for the wedding. So sweet. She knows I won't get through the first moment without crying.

I wish I had more photos to show, but at last Tabitha said no.

Are you working on your Dare Ya?
During the week I’ll be gone for the wedding I want to have a Debby’s Dare giveaway. I’d like to make it interesting. How about making a layout or project that concerns your wedding day? If you are not married what about a family member or friend. Still if not, create a project you would use on a wedding day. This is your formal heads up. I’ll post a slide show and give instructions on how you can add your photo of your project to it. When I return I’ll draw a winner of … have to wait for me to tell.

Book Recommendation
I do have a wonderful book recommendation from Trduy Sigurdson through Making Memories Publications. I've been using several techniques from her book Tantalizing Textures: Ideas and Techniques for Scrapbookers. Two thumbs up for ideas and techniques.

Gratitude List
1. helping hands
2. prayers
3. gentle husband
4. sense of humor
5. God's display of beauty all around me