Party Like No Other Party

Tabitha's Bridal Portrait

Tears and laughter was the earmark of the weekend. Tabitha is now Mrs. Safdi and I have a wonderful son-in-law. I don't have a lot of photos because I promised my daughter that if the professional photographer was there I would not take a we are not waiting for the professional photos. I have more stories and photos to scrap. Jimmy and me laughed so much. So if you will put up with me this week I share a few of my photos of the wedding, a photo or two of some of the things I made for the wedding and share funny and hair raising experiences.
We had two people hospitalized that played important roles in the wedding. Tabitha’s Uncle Bill went to the hospital ER the night before they were to leave Florida to travel to South Carolina. His condition worsened and we were all concerned. Prayers were answered and he is mending fine now. Uncle Bill was the one bring one set of the Grandparents and the two Flower Girls. His daughter, Roseanne was able to come and brought everyone. We all missed Uncle Bill and Aunt Judy. They had never missed an event in my children’s lives. Tabitha and David were sad, but thankful that Roseanne was able to leave dad to bring everyone to the wedding.

Hailey, Tabitha and Kellar
The day of the wedding Tabitha and I were having breakfast alone when a voice mail came through. Cell phones on the island were spotty at best. She hung up the phone and asked me if she could cry now. The photographer they had been working with for about a year had an emergency appendectomy at 3 am Saturday. I got Tabitha out of the restaurant and back to her room for a good break down. Fortunately, even on her recovery bed Tracy made arrangements for her husband, a professional photographer and another professional photographer to take her place. Lances did an awesome job and bless his heart I never saw him take a break. He must have taken a couple of thousand photos of the whole event.

More war stories to come….

I designed and made several wedding items per my daughter’s instructions. Tabitha knew what she wanted and nothing would take it’s place.

The water bottle labels were fun and easy to make on PSE, I used Creative Imaginations’ Super Seal to laminate the labels to protect them from the ink from running in the ice tubs. It was awesome how great it worked.

I made the guest book from one of Chatterbox’s 8 x 8 scrapbooks. I simply added ribbon, Maya Road’s Trinket Vintage Pins, and a hairclip, which I cut the back off and reshaped to make the clip of bling. I made the inside pages adding lines and on ever pages was a different photo of Tabitha and David.

Thanks everyone reading about our weekend adventures.

Gratitude List
1. Tabitha and David are married
2. No one became ill over the changing weather
3. safety for all those that traveled from around the world
4. God’s tender touch on the ceremony
5. My overwhelming love for Tabitha


  1. Wow, she looked amazing. It wouldn't be a wedding success story without the glitches. That's what marriage is like.

    Congrats to your Family, Uncle Bill and Tracy are in my prayers.

  2. Congrats to all!! What a pretty bride~

  3. Gorgeous bridal photos - love the guest book! Congrats!

  4. She's gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics! And hear more stories. Who doesn't love weddings? I'm so glad the photographer was able to ensure another photographer to replace her. How scary and stressful!

  5. wow!!!!!!!! ur projects are fab! i especially love the guestbook -- that is such a great idea! love that bling clip! :)

  6. Beautiful bride.
    I love, love your guest book.
    You are one talented lady.

  7. I'm glad to see you all made it thru the weekend! Tabitha's Dress is exquisite! And if that guest book is any indication, all of your creations must have been beautiful! Thanks for sharing your babygirl's wedding with us.

  8. Omgosh Debby! The work you must have put into this wedding. Your daughter was a beautiful bride with such a gorgeous dress. That guest book is just beyond words awesome!!

  9. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to hearing more. :o)

  10. TracyM #67736:24 PM

    WOW - EVERYONE & EVERYTHING looking beautiful Debby - well worth the stressful preparations!!!


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