Trip to Charleston

It was one wild trip to Charleston for Tabitha’s bridal photo shoot. Tabitha and the photographer Tracy Turpin are both nut cases and will do anything for that perfectly unique shot. I’ll be posting photos after the wedding. Tracy Turpin is one of the finest photographers I’ve ever seen. I was able to an assistant yesterday and learned so much about lighting and just being creative. It was a fun time with my daughter.

Here are a few photos I can share of where I went in Charleston yesterday. Major contrast from location to location.

Early Morning on the Isle of Palm

It's a different type of art..but very cool.

Gratitude List
1.  safe trip
2.  tons of fun
3.  beatiuful areas
4.  enjoying my awesome daughter
5.  God's provision for my trip


  1. Hey Debby, I love the pix. Where did you see the grafitti? I'd like to go check it out.
    The plantation looks like it's a beauty. Is that where the wedding will be? I can't wait to see the wedding pix. I'll bet she's a beautiful bride!


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