Debby's Dare Demo: Glimmer, Mist, Reinkers

Debby’s Dare Demos is back. I’m starting to see the end of the Wedding craftiness and I have a great friend who took a couple of projects upon herself to do. In all the craziness I asked why she is doing all this? It is certainly hard and a headache. Her answer was “to help my friend.” I love Ruth so much and she is a dearer friend than I deserve.

I did a fun comparison video with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Maya Road Maya Mist, and Ranger’s Reinkers all as a way to cover an area quickly. I’ve been doing that a lot lately getting things ready for the wedding. I believe all three products are unique and each have a special quality that helps me achieve different looks.

If you have questions or further information, please post them in the comment section. I hope you enjoy.

Jessica wants to know the location of the graffiti art from my trip to Charleston. When my daughter gets back in town I’ll give you the address. I know you go through downtown Charleston towards folly Beach. It’s a have to find. There is some incredible art behind this broken down looking building.

Dare Ya!

During the week I’ll be gone for the wedding I want to have a Debby’s Dare giveaway. I’d like to make it interesting. How about making a layout or project that concerns your wedding day? If you are not married what about a family member or friend. Still if not, create a project you would use on a wedding day. This is your formal heads up. I’ll post a slide show and give instructions on how you can add your photo of your project to it. When I return I’ll draw a winner of … have to wait for me to tell.

Gratitude List
1. blessings from God with my friend Ruth
2. blessings from all of you that are faithful even when I’m not posting as much
3. God’s peace as we get through “meltdown” moments
4. My God who listens and answers my prayers according to what He knows is best for me
5. Beautiful weather to enjoy


  1. That is way cool! I don't own any glimmer mists but am thinking I need to get some!

  2. Thank you for this. I liked the idea of stamping with your masks, neat idea

  3. onto to do the challenge!

  4. Thanks Debby, that was quite informative,Theresa

  5. Thanks for the comparison. I've used Tim's reinkers & glimmer mist but I've always wondered how the maya mist compares to the other 2.


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