Gremlins on Loose

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Teresa Godines #6857 said...
  What a cool idea. I am going to give this a shot. Thanks Debby!
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Gremlins were loose in my studio recently. I was moving from table to desk to a different table just to avoid the Gremlins. LOL Finally, I’m finished crafting for the wedding as far as I know and I cleaned up the studio. I don’t think the Gremlins had come back, but it was fast becoming a place for them to move back in.

Here are a couple of photos of my wall at the desk area. In front of me is nothing to do about storage, but more of an inspiration. I like not having my tools or storage directly in front of me. I’ve always had my punches organized and on the wall in front of me. Granted I still love my punches, but they get better use where I store them now. But that’s a later Gremlin buster.

Since crafting is a major part of my life I always want to be reminded that it is God who inspires, sparks the imagination, and provides all I see and more.

To my right are my quick picks and more inspiration. I had seen the little magnetic strips and the round tins, but they were never long enough, too cute, etc. I decided to give it a crafty try and purchased magnetic tins at Ikea and found some divided ones at Michaels on sale. I ended up at Lowes buying a steal strip the size I wanted. Jim said it had to be coated so I used my copper alcohol ink to coated it and give it a bit of an aged look. Hubby bolted it to the wall and ta da I’m in business. I really love it. It’s quick and handy. I’ve purchased some really strong magnets to add other type of inspiration or storage to the steel strip. I’m loving it.

Above my tins is a coat rack I purchased at Hobby Lobby at 80% off. That place is a gold mine when they have a sale. I’ve hung my tags from Tim’s class, two of Wendy Vecchi’s classes, 12 Tags of Christmas, tag from Mr. Stampers Anonymous Ted Cutts, CHA make-n-takes from some of my favorite artists. When I want a little inspiration in that area of the arts, it is right there.

So this is a bit of how I make my studio inspirational and functional at the same time. Gremlins are moving out!

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I’ll update the post tonight with a winner of the Dare Ya! See the previous post on Debby’s Dare Demo and leave a comment to win. There was a question about the shrink film …

ababykoala said...

     Wow... What a fantastic idea... Curious if you can print on the shrink film with an inkjet printer?

Yes you can! Grafix has a Ink Jet Shrink Film. It can be printed on both sides. It is different than the General Shrink Film, that cannot be used in the printer. There are instructions on the packaging on how to size your project and set your printer. I only use the Ink Jet so I can run it through the computer, but I can still stamp on it as well.  Here's a link where you can purchase  Ink Jet Shrink Film 8.5"X11" 6/Pkg - White .

Gratitude List
1. wedding’s almost here
2. quiet peace
3. Ms. Jane
4. God’s peace with our family during preparations this week
5. God’s covenant of marriage


  1. I love your inspiration wall, those tags are beautiful

  2. oh my wow, your inspiration wall took my breath away. yumsters!

  3. This is fabulous! Your inspiration pieces are amazing!!!

  4. love how you have your tags displayed!!!

  5. OMJ I so wish I had mind looking like your spot! Just stunning Debbie and of course your works is just fabulous!

  6. ROFLOL why oh why did I not spell your name right then hit the button going no stop . . . like they listen?

    I really do know how you spell your name DEBBY!


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