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If you have come here for the RAC (random act of crafting) go down four posts and leave your comment there. Thank you for participating. I'll be drawing a name on Saturday.

Sewing in the scrapbook industry comes and goes. Me? I believe that is a matter of the heart. If you are so inspired that is the way the scrapbook. I don't believe in rules when it comes to my layouts. I realize that their are certain design concepts that help my layout to look balanced which make them more pleasing to me and others. The big RULE is the rule of thirds. Every scrapbook and design book writes about it so it is easy information to access. Well, back to sewing. I've been sewing on my layouts since before it was cool to sew on your layout! LOL I've quilted, machine sewed, and hand stitched with a great deal of joy in the process and the end results. This was a bit of a discussion on the Fiskateer site. So less preaching and more "gift to you."

These two pages are my "bible&q…

Scripture Challenge

Here's my post for week 3.

For those signing up for the RAC it is two posts down. Post your comment for the RAC on that post. Thanks. Think we can hit 100 by Friday. That would be too cool.

I've come up with a fun and simple project for next week's RAC! Oh, so much fun.
Gratitude List:
1. Time, although never promised, I appreciate it very much.2. My Aunt Ruby, one great lady3. My Aunt Pat, a woman of strength.4. My Aunt Peggy, full of energy and youth.5. God, for the family he's given me!

Noel Mignon Challenge

RAC (rak) is still going on one post below. Please leave your comments on that post.

These are three cards I made for the Noel Mingnon Challenge. If you haven't been to her blog you need to visit. She creates challenges and they always stretch me. She's at

Noel Mignon Challenge .
BTW: I'm going to CHA...Craft and Hobby Association Convention. I've never been and I'm so excited. I surely hope to meet up with fellow Fiskateers and Peas. I know I want to meet Tim Holtz..please Lord and a few others. Okay the cards:
My favorite part

My favorite part

My favorite part

Gratitude List:1. My mom, her gift to me is getting me a hotel room.2. My best friend for lending my her credit card to get the airline ticket.3. Nan for watching out for me and getting me a weekend job that covers the airline ticket AND for inviting me to go representing her store Pages from the Heart.4. My family for helping me put together a flea market sale for next week.5. And for God, who does indeed listen…

1st RAC Challenge

I will be giving away 5 "Clean Out the Scrap Studio RAC" every Friday of February. I will try and always include one new Fiskars item and I have some new Queen and Co. felt hearts to go in each one. So here is the picture of the first goodie pile.

The Fiskar item will be a surprise each week. I will also be adding a little to the stack as I clean up a little more. Many of the items are new in the package, but some have been used thus the reason it is a "Clean Out the Scrap Studio" RAC. I'm sorry I can not ship off the Continental USA. If you know someone here in the states that can mail it to you I will be glad to ship it to them and you work it through with them. I wish I could afford to ship everywhere. One thing I always try to do on Debby's Dare is to leave with a "Gratitude List." Sometimes when the day is off focus, iffy, or just plain bad, I reflect on the positive and good things in my life. In order to participate in the first round RAC, t…

A Weekend of Scrapping and Friends

It's been a wild weekend around the scrap table. Me, Angie, Penny, and Karen attended a two day crop. It was so good to be with old friends and new friends. Friday night was hard because the crop went until 2 a.m., but we left about 1:15. I had to drive home and it was tough to stay awake. Well, I never really got any sleep that night because I was gathering things together "we" needed and printing a few more pictures. But I rested my head for an hour or so before I was up and running out the door. I wanted to get to the polls before it got busy. Yes, I did vote before heading out to the crop! It only took me 2 or 3 minutes to get in and get out. I voted! It's such a privilege that we often take for granted. My father helped in the fight to maintain that freedom and I won't throw it away. Sermon of the day! LOL

I did get 9 layouts and 5 cards done this weekend. I need to take pictures of the layouts, but I was able to scan my cards. The cards are for a nursing ho…

Excitement is Everywhere!

I like third Thursdays! That is when the Fellowship of Scrapbookers meet at the Watershed to scrap, learn and fellowship. We had a great time today. I enjoy the great spirit that everyone brings to the crops.
It snowed last night. It snowed hard, but fast. So I had to figure out how to get night pictures of snow. I had no cooperation at all. No one wanted to play in the snow but ME! I had a very cold time. I was only in a got wet quick, and I was wearing my sandals. Not smart. But it sure was a lot of fun. My son spent the night with a friend and they did not get as much snow as we did and he was a little down he missed the good stuff. My baby Bailey did not like the snow. He did his thing and dragged me back to the house. It was funny. Our neighbor Ms. Jane brought her dog out and he barked at every snow flake that fell. LOL

I worked quick to do my Scripture Challenge for week two. The word is "Kindness." I studied about God's kindness. I knew there was no k…


Faithfulnessis my word for the year and it is of no consequence that our Scripture Challenge this first week is "Faith." One thing I've learn over the last 12 months is that Faith is not something I can muster up within myself. Faith is not of me. Faith is a gift from God. He gives us the faith to believe. And it is God who causes our Faith to grow. If I had to depend on my faith, something I came up with or created I would believe, not believe, believe, not believe. But because my Faith comes from God through the atoning work of His Son, Jesus Christ, I have salvation. Whew, my sermon of the day!

Here is my first Scripture Challenge Card:

(Don't laugh too hard at my upside down "U"...when you need a "N" you get wherever you can. LOL)

Angie and I went and did our Zoo Garden photo shoot in the rain Friday. It would rain, it would stop, it would rain. It was funny. But we were the only two nut cases out there, so we had the run of the garden! Here'…

Wisdom begins Where?

The beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of the Lord. What does that mean?

1. To know God by studying His Word with intent and purpose of acting on His commands.
2. Willing to obey God at all cots.
3. To hate evil
4. To be humble

Wisdom is what I'm looking towards. I have many local offers for scrapbooking events and projects that I need wisdom. I have some problems that involve my relationship with my DIL that needs wisdom. I have health issues that need wisdom. Derick Kinder stated that Fear of the Lord is "deep reverence to God that shows itself by obedience to his commands."

We all need wisdom. I'm glad when I fall short of "fearing the Lord" His unconditional love is clearly given to me through His forgiveness. Sermon of the day from the Study of Proverbs that I'm taking.

This is my beautiful Great- Grandmother on her Wedding Day! She was the wisest woman I knew.

Angie and are doing a photo shot at the zoo tomorrow, getting ready for our weekend crop by visiti…

Wow, What a Week

Personally, where do I start? Hmmm

Last Thursday Jay went in for an emergency appendectomy. I tell you one thing, as scared as mom was Jacob was a trooper. He was never scared, he never complained, and he did not take the first painkiller after the surgery! Wow! I'm so proud of him. Even through all the doctors and nurses he was polite and complying to all their instructions. Can a mom's heart stand it? Tears came to my eyes as I realize that my baby is grown up (15 years old next month). Using my Camera Phone

BTW: my in-laws came in for a Christmas visit while they were taking Jacob into surgery! They were great and supportive.

My mother and my uncle were in the hospital at the same time. Mom was having chest pains, but we found out it was new medication she was taking. My uncle is having a series of mini-strokes and needs your prayers.
Mom is 69 years old and looks and acts like someone in their 30's. I'm proud of my mom!!

Couple of Big News Items From my Scrappy Life:

I w…

First Post of 2008

Here is my LOAD (Layout a Day) for the first day in January. It is part of my album based on the 12 Days of Christmas song! I won't tell you my comment my husband made. He slept in the dog house on this one! LOL

Gratitude List:1. Scrapbook friends2. Helpful people3. Fisk-a-teers4. PEAS5. God's grace to allow me another new year!