Wisdom begins Where?

The beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of the Lord. What does that mean?

1. To know God by studying His Word with intent and purpose of acting on His commands.
2. Willing to obey God at all cots.
3. To hate evil
4. To be humble

Wisdom is what I'm looking towards. I have many local offers for scrapbooking events and projects that I need wisdom. I have some problems that involve my relationship with my DIL that needs wisdom. I have health issues that need wisdom. Derick Kinder stated that Fear of the Lord is "deep reverence to God that shows itself by obedience to his commands."

We all need wisdom. I'm glad when I fall short of "fearing the Lord" His unconditional love is clearly given to me through His forgiveness. Sermon of the day from the Study of Proverbs that I'm taking.

This is my beautiful Great- Grandmother on her Wedding Day! She was the wisest woman I knew.

Angie and are doing a photo shot at the zoo tomorrow, getting ready for our weekend crop by visiting some LSS, and eating at DePratas. OMG (goodness), DePratas is one of the best lunch time places in Columbia. Dianne, who owns DePratas also owns Dianne on Devine...at least a 5 star and it is the best there is.

Everything seems quiet as far as the family is concerned. I say that with carefulness.

Scrappy News:

1. I'll be doing the make-n-take for the Cropin' in Columbia in March.
2. Will also be training in March to be a Fiskar's Demonstrator...must past the test to make it.
3. A local framing shop wants me to teach scrapbooking with an great emphasis on photography for scrapbooking (this is a bit overwhelming)
4. Fellowship of Scrapbookers meet next Thursday, along with spearing heading everything (with my faithful committee) I'll be teaching homeschoolers with a layout on Pets.
5. I'll be working at the StampScrapArt show in Feburary. I'm doing make-n-takes for a fairly new company called The Stencil Collection based out of Florida.
6. And I desperately need to finish my 12 Days of Christmas and my Anniversary Album so I can move forward. I'm one of those that will stay up day and night to finish a project!
7. Oh yes, my Scripture Challenge every week. It's a great Bible study with scrapping. I love it.

Whew, I'm a bit busy. But I'm loving it. I hope this year to make a Design Team either online or with a manufacture. But one must submit before one can get on a team! LOL

Gratitude List:
1. God's faithfulness in my well-being.
2. Being busy
3. New Bible Study on Proverbs
4. My mother's good health
5. For my Uncle Max and Aunt Texie Mae, I love them both.


  1. I can't wait for tomorrow! I hope it doesn't rain while we're at the gardens...I was hoping to actually go to Croppin in Columbia this year, but I can't. I'm going to a Ladies Retreat in March.

  2. Sounds like you are busy! How fun to try out to be a Fiskateer! You'll have to let us know how it goes, have a great Thursday!

  3. Hi Debby. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Congrats on the Design Team. I love Pages and Nan is the best. I was just there a couple of weeks ago and plan to visit again when I come for SSAT. I will be listed under Gifted Memories and will make sure I drop by your MNT to say hello. Good luck with Fiskars and thanks for the challenge.


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