Wow, What a Week

Personally, where do I start? Hmmm

Last Thursday Jay went in for an emergency appendectomy. I tell you one thing, as scared as mom was Jacob was a trooper. He was never scared, he never complained, and he did not take the first painkiller after the surgery! Wow! I'm so proud of him. Even through all the doctors and nurses he was polite and complying to all their instructions. Can a mom's heart stand it? Tears came to my eyes as I realize that my baby is grown up (15 years old next month). Using my Camera Phone

BTW: my in-laws came in for a Christmas visit while they were taking Jacob into surgery! They were great and supportive.

My mother and my uncle were in the hospital at the same time. Mom was having chest pains, but we found out it was new medication she was taking. My uncle is having a series of mini-strokes and needs your prayers.
Mom is 69 years old and looks and acts like someone in their 30's. I'm proud of my mom!!

Couple of Big News Items From my Scrappy Life:

I won a big photo contest this week. I was overwhelmed and excited.

I've been asked and I've accepted an invitation to join a Local Scrapbooking Store's "Dream Team." I'm so excited about this opportunity. My responsibilities and fun will consist of designing layouts and projects, teaching classes, advising, and promoting the store. Pages from the Heart is easy to promote as Nan Hood, owner, is a great person, great scrapbooker, and has a fantastic store! She is certainly a woman of faith and has a gift for encouragement and understanding. I'm proud to serve on her Dream Team and look forward to this new adventure with much vigor.
Another Layout in my 12 Days of Christmas series.

I'm getting ready for another Fellowship of Scrapbookers crop. I'm excited on how well this fellowship has established itself. I love all the women and homeschoolers that come, share and scrap. I'll be teaching homeschoolers a layout on pets. We have some real horse lovers in the group so I know we will have tons of fun.

Have I said how much I enjoy scrapbooking and the scrapbooking community both locally, nationally, and internationally. I love my PEA family and most certainly my new Fiskateers family. I've been learning and growing as a scrapper as of late. But more importantly I've been learning and growing as a woman of faith. My word for the year:


Ali Edwards' blog challenged us to pick a word and explore it throughout 2008. Journal it, scrap it, Live It. I want to live in the light of God's faithfulness to us, but I also want to be faithful in many ways to the people around me and to God who is always faithful to me.

Gratitude List:
1. My new "boss" Nan and her love for her family and God.
2. Old friends and new friends
3. Forgiveness
4. A new beginning
5. God's unending, unconditional love that amazes me each and every day!


  1. I don't know why, but for some reason I was thinking it was Adam in the hospital. I'm glad Jacob and your mom are well. I love the 12 days of christmas pages, very cute!


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