Excitement is Everywhere!

I like third Thursdays! That is when the Fellowship of Scrapbookers meet at the Watershed to scrap, learn and fellowship. We had a great time today. I enjoy the great spirit that everyone brings to the crops.

It snowed last night. It snowed hard, but fast. So I had to figure out how to get night pictures of snow. I had no cooperation at all. No one wanted to play in the snow but ME! I had a very cold time. I was only in a sweater...it got wet quick, and I was wearing my sandals. Not smart. But it sure was a lot of fun. My son spent the night with a friend and they did not get as much snow as we did and he was a little down he missed the good stuff. My baby Bailey did not like the snow. He did his thing and dragged me back to the house. It was funny. Our neighbor Ms. Jane brought her dog out and he barked at every snow flake that fell. LOL

I worked quick to do my Scripture Challenge for week two. The word is "Kindness." I studied about God's kindness. I knew there was no kindness in me, so where do I get ability to be kind? Well, because God showed his kindness toward us through His Son, Jesus we have the ability and responsibility to show kindness towards even our enemies.

That brings me to another subject. Showing Kindness. During the month of February I'm going to be cleaning out my Studio ... Creative Dreams...and doing a RAK every week. I've been blessed by receiving so many RAKs during the past few months. I want to return that kindness to others. Bookmark my blog and check back as some of the RAKs will be just to leave a comment, others might be to do a layout/project. I'm excited as I pull this together. I'm thinking I might make some blank mini-books, RAK packs of paper, new personal trimmer, a book. Be on the watch.

Gratitude List:
1. FOS
2. Fiskateers
3. Crops, crops, crops
4. God's great kindness
5. My loving, over-worked hubby!


  1. Just a beautiful card! Love your stitching and everything you did here!!! Wonderful Debby!

  2. that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  3. Certainly can't think of anyone more deserving of blessings. You are a blessing to so many of us.
    Beth #2906

  4. Is that a doxie in the snow??? http://faithsisters.com/forum/index.php?topic=1750.msg20733#msg20733

  5. Debbie! Your scripture cards are just beautiful! I don't think I realized that you were doing this too! I got your blog address from the fiskars site. Well... I'm doing this same challenge... just haven't started because I keep changhing my mind on what I'm going to use! Love what you've done and I loved reading through your blog. What an inspiration!


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