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Sewing in the scrapbook industry comes and goes. Me? I believe that is a matter of the heart. If you are so inspired that is the way the scrapbook. I don't believe in rules when it comes to my layouts. I realize that their are certain design concepts that help my layout to look balanced which make them more pleasing to me and others. The big RULE is the rule of thirds. Every scrapbook and design book writes about it so it is easy information to access. Well, back to sewing. I've been sewing on my layouts since before it was cool to sew on your layout! LOL I've quilted, machine sewed, and hand stitched with a great deal of joy in the process and the end results. This was a bit of a discussion on the Fiskateer site. So less preaching and more "gift to you."

These two pages are my "bible" of hand stitching. I know you can't see some of the "real" pictures, but how to do the stitch and what it should look like is clear. If you have questions leave them in the comment section and I'll try to answer them the best I can. My PEA Gallery has the best example of my hand sewing, ribbon sewing, and machine sewing.
Album 1...Sewing
Album 2...Sewing

Right click and download. Then you can enlarge the area you want to see or print it out. I hope you find it useful.
White copies for those downloading.My Gratitude List:
1. A sunny day
2. Bailey, Bailey who is keeping me company in my scrapping chair. LOL
3. Heritage finds this morning.
4. The Love of my God and Savior
5. You who take the time to read my blog.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Checking out your sewing helps Debby thanks for sharing with us.
    Patti Smith Fiskateer #1442

  2. Hi, I just found you from the Fiskateer Board, thanks for the sewing inspiration! I really like your blog! I've been trying to teach myself to sew lately and have been using it a little here and there. I also do the daily 5 things to be grateful for everyday it really helps you keep your perspective doesn't it?

  3. I Debby,
    I found your blog on fiskateers and have fallen in love with it. Please check out my blog to see a surprise for you.


  4. Thanks for the sewing guide - I just wish it was on white instead of green. :-/ Ahh well...will work from the computer screen instead of paper with it. :) OH! And I absolutely loved seeing some of your examples in your gallery!

  5. Thank you SOOO much for the white copies! Didn't mean to make you do that...

  6. i'm addicted to sewing on my layouts too, its fun and adds lots of character to a picture of layout


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