1st RAC Challenge

I will be giving away 5 "Clean Out the Scrap Studio RAC" every Friday of February. I will try and always include one new Fiskars item and I have some new Queen and Co. felt hearts to go in each one. So here is the picture of the first goodie pile.

The Fiskar item will be a surprise each week. I will also be adding a little to the stack as I clean up a little more. Many of the items are new in the package, but some have been used thus the reason it is a "Clean Out the Scrap Studio" RAC.

I'm sorry I can not ship off the Continental USA. If you know someone here in the states that can mail it to you I will be glad to ship it to them and you work it through with them. I wish I could afford to ship everywhere.

One thing I always try to do on Debby's Dare is to leave with a "Gratitude List." Sometimes when the day is off focus, iffy, or just plain bad, I reflect on the positive and good things in my life. In order to participate in the first round RAC, that ends February 1 at midnight, comment here and list 5 things you are thankful or grateful for in your life.

Gratitude List:

1. My mom

2. My camera

3. Fiskateers

4. My Morning Thread on Two Peas

5. God's unrelenting presence in my life.

PS: This was the easy one to get everyone started. Next time it's going to be a project!


  1. I am thankful for:

    My husband
    My children
    The ability to change
    Scrapbooking (my stress reliever)
    my job

  2. I am thankful for:

    My son
    My parents
    My health
    My friends
    Chocolate (As you can see, this is last on the list but definitely in my top 5.... LOL)

  3. I am thankful for:

    -My family and having them close
    -My friends
    -My job and the wonderful people I work with
    -The positive atmoshere I live in
    -My education...and continuing education

  4. I am thankful for:
    my hubby that is still alive after a car accident
    my children
    my grandchildren
    my devil dog
    my job
    my scrapping which offers some stress relief!

  5. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I am thankful for many things, but if I had to pick only 5 I would choose:

    1. God
    2. Family
    3. Health
    4. Friends
    5. Sugar (I love sweets) :)


  6. my children
    my husband
    my camera
    my friends

  7. My parents
    My grandparents
    My soulmate and nest friend Kevin

  8. Renee K.10:21 PM

    1. My Husband
    2. My family
    3. My friends
    4. My church
    5. My Health

  9. I am thankful for:

    My Kids
    My husband
    My Mom
    My Aunt & Uncle
    My Friends

  10. I am thankful for:

    My family
    Art in my everyday life

  11. trcrn9:09 AM

    I am thankful for:
    God's Grace and Mercy
    My Family
    My Health
    My Job
    My Circle of Friends

  12. antdiva8010:04 AM

    I am thankful for:

    1. ...my son who means the world to me.
    2. ...my cat who loves me even if I forget to feed him.
    3. ...my parents who are both alive and healthy.
    4. ...my creative mind that allows me to go places I can only dream about.
    5. ...having friends and loved ones who care about me.
    I have tons more, but those are my top 5.

  13. Hi Deborah! I figured I better get in on this one since I probably won't have time for projects! Plus, if I win, it'll save you the postage! LOL! I am thankful for:

    My husband & children
    My parents & sisters
    My church & God
    My friends
    My camera

  14. Hi Deborah! I recently joined this site and was reading through all the threads and thought I might try this out....I just started scrapbooking thanks to my future sister-in-law....
    It is hard to narrow this down to 5 but the ones on the top are...

    1. My Grandmother/Great Grandmother..without them I would not be who I am today.
    2. My children..I almost lost my oldest son and I have two wonderful sons...They keep me young
    3. The love of my life and his family...I could not ask for anyone better! I Love You Ronnie!
    4. Nonie of getting me involved in scrapbooking
    5. The chance to reconnect with my mom and learn about my roots on her side after 33 years. Thanks Rene for holding to Grandma's wish in Finding Kris and I. She is smiling from Heavan.

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  15. I am thankful for:

    *my hubby
    *my kids
    *that hubby and I still have our parents with us, and my grandparents are still here
    *God and Jesus

  16. Sarah #322010:41 AM

    I am thankful for:

    1. God...I know he will never throw at me something I am not strong enough to deal with
    2. My birth parents who put me up for adoption, so that I could have what they could not provide me
    3. My family for they are my support system
    4. My camera to capture all those moments I never want to forget
    5. online film developers...I am so glad I don't have to waste time sitting at those machines they have in stores

  17. I am thankful this week during my tranistion with work time:

    1. overtime (to pay some bills comming my way)
    2. My very supportive Husband and friend willing to give me time off while I am seeking out my passion for work
    3. My camera it helps me see the world as it truely is. Then I can make it what I want with the help of the computer.
    4. My ability to stay calm and love everyone for who they are and not hold it against them the next day.
    5. My pampered chef business I know it will keep me focused on the larger goals (Paris in April 2009)

    Thanks for this making me stop and think for a minute.

  18. 1) The health and safety of me and my family
    2) God
    3) my sister
    4) my dogs
    5) having a home

  19. I am thankful for:
    my children
    my parents
    the Fiskateers
    my friends
    my camera

    Chocolate would be on the list, but since all the above (minus the camera) know I love chocolate they provide for me well ;)

  20. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I'm Thankful for:
    My Husband
    My Children
    My Family
    My new kidney

    Thanks So much for the Chance to win :)


  21. Barb (#2975 at Fiskateers)11:26 AM

    I am thankful for...

    1) My twin boys - double the love
    2) My husband, who has put up with me, an unconventional gal, all these years
    3) My challenging, yet still flexible job
    4) That my elderly cats are still with us - more unconditional love :)
    5) That my children have everything they need (not want) and are learning the difference...
    6) (Bonus) The Fiskateers!

  22. Patty W 283211:27 AM

    1. My husband, soul mate & best friend!

    2. My children..

    3. Laughter, the ability to find some reason to be Joyful each day.

    4. Nature..we live in a beautiful country!

    5. Family, Friends & Faith

  23. I am thankful for...

    1) My Family and Friends
    2) My Dogs
    3) My Health (and the health of my family and friends)
    4) Love
    5) Scrapbooking (it truly is a creative outlet. Without it, I'd probably be a real LONEY!)

    Have a great day!
    * Amanda *

  24. 1. God for his Abudant Grace and Mercy for my mistakes.
    2. My loving husband that reminds me at the end of the day I am loved.
    3. My children for the love and laughter they provide.
    4. My parents and sisters. We are family no matter what.
    5. My friends they are beside me when I need them and sometimes behind me pushing me forward.
    (6. SCRAPBOOKING - STRESS RELIEF. I din't want to leave this one off.)

  25. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I'm grateful for:
    My Family
    A working heater
    Everyone being healthy
    Having a roof over my head
    The phone -- so I can easily talk to all my loved ones that life far away


  26. I'm thankful for...

    1.My family who all in some way or another have been my inspiration to all my crafting.

    2.Fiskar/Fiskateers who also have inspired me and also with out Fiskars I wouldn't have most of my scrapbooking supplies.

    3.My Betta who is so lively and seams to watch me every move. He is so much fun to watch and on gloomy days he just makes me so happy.

    4.Chocolate/Skittles: Crafting isn't much fun if there isn't anyone there to inspire you but with chocolate or something sweet there I guess I get by. :P

    5.Heidi Grace and Cloud Nine... What would my scrapbooking pages look like with out their produces!!!

  27. Kristin in OH7:51 PM

    I am thankful for:
    1. Jesus Christ
    2. My dear husband
    3. My precious four children.
    4. My parents & siblings.
    5. Our awesome church family

  28. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I am thank full for
    1.haveing Jesus as my persoal Savior
    2. My Husband
    3.my health
    4. my family
    5.My Mom and Dad and familyujsjkyoa

  29. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I am thank full for
    1.having Jesus as my personal Savior
    2. My Husband
    3.my health
    4. my family
    5.My Mom and Dad and family


  30. Vicky (fiskateer #2766)10:02 PM

    I am thankful for:

    My husband
    My son, dil & 2 great grandkids
    My family
    My Health
    Our 2 dogs

  31. Neat idea,
    I am thankful for:
    1. My husband
    2. My daughters Sarah and Kristen
    3. My Church
    4. My teacher's associate (without her I would be insane)
    5. My cat's and their undying devotion to us.

  32. 1- my family and beautiful kids
    2- a job where I can support them
    3- fiskateers and the very wonderful supportive community that they have there.
    4- Internet...without this none of this would be possible.
    5- chocolate covered cherries

    Jenifer Cowles Fiskateers 679
    Thanks Debby

  33. 1-God
    2-my husband
    3- my mom
    5-crafting(what a way to relieve stress and think of new ideas)

  34. I am thankful for:
    My husband and daughter
    My parents
    My friends
    Internet--I can meet wonderful people

  35. #1 a loving supportive husband who shares my faith and beliefs, and does not let hardship conquer his spirit.
    #2 what a blessing my 3 boys have been through good times and bad, they are such a gift
    #3 God allowing me the hardships in my life to see the beauty that blooms
    #4 My sewing and scrapping creative outlets that get me through the week sometimes.
    #5 Blessed with the steady employment that gives me a roof over my head and no worries about where my next meal comes from.

  36. My children
    Grandchildren & great-grandchildren
    Scrapbooking & camera

  37. Anonymous8:07 AM

    My cat angel
    Auntie robin
    My grandma (loretta)
    my techer (mr. drogt)

  38. I am thankful....

    --MYSPACE (keeps me sane throughout the day)


    Looking forawrd to the next project!

  39. I'm thankful for:

    1. That God is alive and a major part of my life.
    2. That I'm healthy
    3. my sweet and loving husband
    4. my family
    5. Friends who are true.

    I'm canadian, but I do have connections in the US if i happen to win, but that's not all that important. Thanks for the reminder to count our blessings.

  40. Candy #30152:21 PM

    I am thankful for:

    First and formost God

    My husband-he is so wonderful

    My children-they are truley gifts from God

    My family-You never know just how important they are until you lose a member of your family.

    and last but not least My church family..They are very special!

  41. I am thankful for
    My husband-who is always supportive
    (and tolerates my scrapping mess-lol)
    My children-who gave me me darling grandchildren
    Onyx-the best dog ever who is always glad to see me
    My family and friends
    The love of God which surrounds me

  42. Nancysara5:11 PM

    i'm thankful for....
    1. special people in my life
    2. a nice home
    3. cloths
    4. food
    5. The Good Lord in my life

  43. I am so very very grateful for:

    1. My children - they are a great source of my inspiration and are a fountain of smiles for me!

    2. MY BF -- yes that can mean boyfriend or best friend...he is both -- we began as best friends and it blossomed to so much more -- I have never been so comfortable with someone and he amazes me with his support. He is my biggest fan and never ceases to show me that!

    3. My family -- They have been so very good for me - always - but as the past few years have been so hard on me, they have been so helpful!

    4. My artful expression -- Whether it be singing on stage in front of a huge crowd or creating a scrapbook page with just my cat with me...there is something about letting a bit of the true me come out!

    5. My divorce...sounds very very odd, I know, but let me explain...this sad event showed me that life is too short to take anything for granted and not to live life to its fullest!

  44. 5 Things I'm Thankful for:

    1. My family -- husband, parents, sister, etc.

    2. My friends -- they are the family we choose

    3. My cat -- she provides me sanity and unconditional love on the days when I need them the most

    4. The internet -- it allows for communication with my husband while he's away to sea working, to family and friends near and far, and it allows me somewhere else to find ideas/share in my crafts

    5. The roof over my head and the food on my shelves -- self-explanatory. :)

  45. I do this every night with DS. I think it's a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for the challenge!

    I'm thankful for
    my health
    my family
    my life
    all the good in this world

  46. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Gratitude List:
    My boyfriend
    My family
    My friends
    My need to create
    My life

    Great idea. Thank you.
    Cheers from Sheri from close to the US border in BC!

  47. I am thankful for;

    1. Jesus Christ
    2. My DD and DH
    3. All my family and friends
    4. My health.
    5. My camera and scrap supplies and room.

    I had to combine them because I actually have a list that I can't contain to only 5!! =)

  48. Thank YOU for this generous offer. I am thankful for:
    1. My husband
    2. My family and friends
    3. My puppy dog
    4. Good health
    5. A job I enjoy (I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner) -
    and the list could go on, but I'll stop here!
    ~ janet (#1716)

  49. Gratitude List:

    1. My family

    2. My crafting friends

    3. Being alive and healthy

    4. My job

    5. Being able to learn something new every day.

  50. I am thankful for...
    1.My family
    2.My house that protects me from the frigid temps of IA
    3.My job that brings smiles to my face daily
    4.My friends near and far
    5.My faith that gets me through anything and everything

  51. 1. The Saving Grace of Jesus
    2. My BFF/Sister
    3. My ministry
    4. Scrapbooking- which is a ministry
    5. My Kitty- I know, but I love him, lol!

    Great idea for a challenge, I was blessed just by participating!

  52. I am thankful for:

    1. My Wonderful Husband
    2. My most of the time wonderful daughters
    3. My adoring Daddy
    4. My Faith...always gets me through the rough patches
    5. I am thankful I converted my dining room into my scrap room.

    check my blog out if you have a minute, any input is appreciated

  53. I am grateful for:

    My Husband
    My Kids
    My Parents and Siblings
    My Talent
    My Good Fortune

    cool idea for a RaK

  54. mytwoandras9:37 PM

    I am thankful for:
    My family, immediate and extended.
    My faith.
    Cold weather.
    Lazy, do whatever you want to do days.
    Thank you.

  55. My dh that he is so supportive
    My family that they are supportive
    My friends are great to hang out with
    My camera to capture all the precious memories
    My creativness that has helped me get out of several situations.

    Michelle #2068

  56. I am thankful for:
    My Children
    My Grandchildren
    My Mother
    My Friends
    My Camera/so I can scrapbook!

  57. Mindy8:57 AM

    I am thankful for:

    My husband
    My son
    My extended family
    The ability to laugh at my shortcomings.

  58. xanderkale10:01 AM

    I am thankful for:

    1 - My two Boys...they keep me busy
    2 - My baby girl called to heaven...she reminds me to not take anything for granted
    3 - My husband...for being the great man he is.
    4 - Scrapbooking...It allows me to escape when I need to and look back at the wonderful memories I have.
    5 - Life...because its worth living! Even when times are tough and finances are crappy there is always something to smile about.

  59. My husband
    my parents
    my friends
    aryllic stamps

  60. Great Challenge! I do this everyday too!
    Today I am grateful for
    My boys having a good morning
    Hubby brought me some breakfast
    All of our good Health
    A warm Home

  61. I am thankful for:

    The never ending presence of God in my life.
    My husband
    My children
    My friends (scrappers or not)
    The roof over my head

    Thank you for offering this.

  62. Great idea and is a helpful reminder for us!
    1. My hubby
    2. My darling children
    3. That we are healthy
    4. That DH has a good job
    5. Our home that keeps us warm

    Thanks so much for doing this, Deborah! :-)

  63. I am thankful for:

    My healty
    My daughter
    My family
    My fiance'
    the people in my life...

    Fiskateer # 2736

  64. I am so thankful each day for:

    1. My Family (who make pictures worth taking)
    2. My Friends (online and in real life)
    3. My dogs and cats (for being fuzzy and so loveable)
    4. Whoever invented the camera!
    5. And last but not least, I am thankful for paper, because without it I would not have my favorite hobbies. (scrapbooking, photography, reading, writing)

  65. My husband
    My children
    My life
    My chance I had to get to know my father better before his passing.
    My family

  66. I am Thankful for:

    1. My boys (dh, and 2 kids)
    2. The warmth we have this cold winter
    3. A patient DH, who deals with my SBing mess!
    4. Having the opportunity to be a Stay At Home Mom
    5. To have had the rough past that I had to get me to where I am today.


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