Faithfulness is my word for the year and it is of no consequence that our Scripture Challenge this first week is "Faith." One thing I've learn over the last 12 months is that Faith is not something I can muster up within myself. Faith is not of me. Faith is a gift from God. He gives us the faith to believe. And it is God who causes our Faith to grow. If I had to depend on my faith, something I came up with or created I would believe, not believe, believe, not believe. But because my Faith comes from God through the atoning work of His Son, Jesus Christ, I have salvation. Whew, my sermon of the day!

Here is my first Scripture Challenge Card:

(Don't laugh too hard at my upside down "U"...when you need a "N" you get wherever you can. LOL)

Angie and I went and did our Zoo Garden photo shoot in the rain Friday. It would rain, it would stop, it would rain. It was funny. But we were the only two nut cases out there, so we had the run of the garden! Here's my favorite. Catching the drops of rain was fun, so we were glad we had a little rain.

I attended (online) a Fiskateer two day crop. It nearly killed me because the house was 'rockin' over there. I loved it. It was my first ever online crop that I've ever attended and the folks there were the best.

Say a prayer as I'm working toward one of my goals of submitting at least once a month. I'm sending one in tonight. We'll see how it goes.

Gratitude List:
1. God's guiding hand
2. God's timing
3. His gift of faith
4. Online scrappy fun
5. God's abundance in the light of poverty.


  1. Oh my goodness Debby! These cards are spectacular!!!! The gift boxes are just a perfect addition! These are just super PERFECT! Love 'em! Great work!

    And on another note, if you let me know each week that you have finished your cards in each week's comment section, I will know to come and look to leave some love. :)

  2. Your card is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Spectacular! Wow! (Seriously, I am in awe of your talent!)

  3. Beautiful cards, very inspiring!

  4. Patty W (2832)8:17 PM

    Hi Debby !

    Love the cards but also love the flower photo !! Very much catching the drops of rain!


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