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For My Daughter

This is my beautiful and talented daughter Tabitha. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is currently employed as a television producer. She produces specials, and road shows, and news reports. She has won regional and national broadcasting awards and has been nominated for an EMMY. She is also unhappy with her job right now. She is good at what she does and her supervisor is grooming her for upper management within the television market that she works for. This is great, right? No, her dream, most of her life, has been to be in front of the camera. She has on air experience, but wants much, much more.

I'm asking for a RAK from my family and friends. Please check your area to see if they are looking for on air personalities...reporter or anchor positions. She's good. But it is sometimes hard to know what is available. Although Tabitha is very successful, she really wants to follow her dream.

If you would leave a comment or Peamail me the contact information …

My First Canvas

I finally finished my first ever canvas. I love the look of canvas. I hang my layouts in my house anyways. Hey, they are pieces of art. I change them out all the time. Why not a canvas that can stay a little longer? It was fun.

This canvas is of my Aunt Evelyn that I posted about last week and did the challenge. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback/advice for any future projects. I always want to grow and I haven't "arrived" yet.

Ms. Manners

Manners? Manners!? No Manners. I work at a major university and see the student population on a regular bases. Let me tell you unless mom or dad is with the student most...not all....are without any type of politeness or MANNERS.


Comes into my office on a cell phone and does not get off until they are finished with their conversation. And picking up a cell phone in the middle of a meeting is maddening. AGHHHHH! My time is valuable and I expect consideration.

No self control when angry. People believe that it is their right to say exactly what they feel no matter the consequences. If they think you are stupid they say so. They have no patience for communicating properly and working through a problem. Good manners and communications say that if you want something (like financial aid) you display your best behavior not your worst.

Not asking for help...demanding, angrily, for what they want no matter if it is legal or not!

Cutting people off in the parking lots, as we…


Family reunion weekend is always during the 4th of July holidays. This year it was a mixture of fun and sadness. We attend three reunions during this weekend. The first one is my husband's family mini-reunion. This year, unless one of the children or grandchildren picks up on it, will be the last. Mom and Dad Lewis are in their late 70's and early 80's and they said it was just too much to do in the heat of summer in Florida. So it was a mixture of fun and sadness for sure. My daughter is a TV producer and was able to rent some professional equipment and tape all the reunions. This will certainly be a treasure.

The second reunion was again my husband's family, but his extended family. So many of the older family members have passed away this year and we could see and feel a big difference. It is hard to get the "young" folks excited about being at the reunion. The 20-30 year olds don't seem to realize that this family connection is vital to who they are an…