Ms. Manners

Manners? Manners!? No Manners. I work at a major university and see the student population on a regular bases. Let me tell you unless mom or dad is with the student most...not all....are without any type of politeness or MANNERS.


Comes into my office on a cell phone and does not get off until they are finished with their conversation. And picking up a cell phone in the middle of a meeting is maddening. AGHHHHH! My time is valuable and I expect consideration.

No self control when angry. People believe that it is their right to say exactly what they feel no matter the consequences. If they think you are stupid they say so. They have no patience for communicating properly and working through a problem. Good manners and communications say that if you want something (like financial aid) you display your best behavior not your worst.

Not asking for help...demanding, angrily, for what they want no matter if it is legal or not!

Cutting people off in the parking lots, as well as lines at stores, how rude! Some folks not having the courtesy to allow someone who is older, or pregnant, or even little ones a little consideration in what they are doing.

Stopping to help a stranger. Takes two minutes and makes you and them feel better.

Using slang in an interview instead of proper English; this just shows ignorance as well as disrespect.

Holding open a door, giving that person that is short .25 cents a quarter for the parking meter, saying "Good Morning," sending a "real" thank you note after a visit or a gift, just saying thank you for a kindness or a job well done, allowing the person that is trying to merge into traffic a 'nose' into the traffic, allowing a lady to walk through a door first.....................

Basically GOOD MANNERS is going out of your way to show kindness, courtesy, and respect. It takes a little energy, but the return can be overwhelming.


  1. I too work at a University and FEEL your 'pain'!!!!!!


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