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A Call and Off for some Fun!

My friend Ruth called me Wednesday morning and said

"Deb, I feel like playing today."

"Okay, whatcha' got in mind?"

"Let's go antiquing."

"You got it. I'll meet you at 9:30."

I dropped everything I had planned for the day. Two reasons, I love Ms. Ruth and two I needed a fun spontaneous day!

I did not have my regular camera, but I have a new phone...Black Cherry Chocolate...and it has a half way decent camera. I decided, for the most part to take pictures of the crafty predecessor and as well as other memories!

The lamps won the ugliest thing in the store award!
From this to PDAs?

This is how we use to look at photos!

Did you ever have your key around your neck for your skates? What is the jar with the metal lid?

Everyone needs a "Fun" day.

Gratitude List:
1. Grilled Chicken
2. Pink
3. Strength
4. Ms. Ruth and her brand new (yesterday) Macy Ann.
5. God's protection over Jen and Doug through a difficult delivery and the new life He has …

Fiskateer Fun

May Flaum, lead Fiskateer often pushes our limits with her Fiskateer Challenges. I always try to meet the challenge. This slide show is my mini-book answer to her
Family Tradition/Celebration Challenge. The mini-book is about the Thomas family reunion from 2006. We have a reunion every year and I've attended since I moved back to Florida as a teenager. It has just changed over time. When Great-Great died, we moved it to her daughter's house, my grandmother. When my grandmother died, my Aunt Pat purchased the house and started the tradition again. This time we meet during the 4th of July weekend.

The Thomas Reunion of 2006 was a special year. My daughter had not been back to a Thomas reunion since she was an adult, so no one really knew her. But she won every one's heart. They love her and are proud of her. Also, this was my Aunt Evelyn's last reunion. She passed away before the next reunion. Aunt Evelyn was the first of the daughters of Nettie and Joseph Thomas to pass a…

How Do You Turn Disappoint into Opportunity?

In the scrapbooking world it is tough to get from point A to point B. The only way to get there is to move in that direction, which means to try. Some day's I try and move an inch and other days I try and find disappointment. Someone once told me that you have to have a thick skin to work in the paper crafting arena. Well, I don't want a thick skin. I want to remain caring and especially have fun in the process. I was told by a very wise man that the growing in not in the end results, but in the process. So my small disappointment today with Graphic 45 (which I'm in love with) is just an opportunity to grow and learn. Yeah!

I've been cleaning cleaning cleaning. Michelle...Fiskateer, and wonderful artist at Faerie Dust Dreams has challenged several of us to organize our studios. Believe it or not I gave her photos. Oh, my lands...I had really let things get out of had in starting up so many areas of my new business venture with Creative Dreams Studio. Here are a couple o…

The Natual Order

I am married to a "farm boy." He grew up on a working farm where you do not name the cows or the pigs. They would be dinner for someone. I, personally, can not see an animal and not want to give it a name. The natural order of life is something he accepts. But I have a tender heart and it is hard.
I just went outside to walk my Bailey and when we got to the edge of a grove of trees he went nuts. Barking and pulling on his leash. He started hopping around in the bush. I noticed something jumping around. I pulled Bailey back to take a look. And lo and behold there was a bird. A hurt bird. Automatically, I started hollering for my husband.
He comes out, takes a look and informs me it is a grown bird and that more than likely he was hurt by a hawk that was flying overhead. Now, I wanted to protect the bird and take it to the wildlife federation. But Jim let me know, "Deb, this is the real circle of life." He asked me to leave the bird...Toby...alone. Tears were rolling d…

Wipe Out Day!

****Don't forget about the Celebration RAK. Add your layout/project to the slide show and help me celebrate going over the 5000 unique visitors' mark. Cheryl Waters asked me to send her the SommersetMagaizne that is part of the RAK and she is going to autograph her article and send it on to the winner of the Debby's Dare RAK. Isn't that neat? See the details of the RAK/Challenge below.*****

Friday, I woke up so very excited. I'm going to see my friend Sudie AND the icing on the cake was I get to take a class from Donna Downey. WhooHoo.


I haven't driven by myself outside of the greater Columbia area since I had a car accident in 1998. I was scared out of my wits. (Sorry, Sudie...I didn't tell you :{ ). God's hand was certainly protecting me and helped me to actually get in the car at the anticipation of it all.

To have a day to myself. No working, no cares, just me and my friends. Sudie and I had a great time. We are so alike in everything we love to…

Short Update...Longer will be later TOdAy!

I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to KNOW about UnKit non-club and the wonderful e-books Sudie Alexander is producing. I'm fascinated with this approach to kit clubs (and I know some others "out there" are looking it over also..wink wink). I don't have to buy anything I'm not interested in at the time! I buy the products through on-line preferred stores that might give discounts from time to time. Or just go to your LSS and buy your products. This sounds silly, Yes?

No, the wonderful part is picking up the UnKit e-book that is full of step-by-step instructions on projects you can complete with your UnKit. I just read the first e-book "Getting Grungy" and it had three wonderful projects, detailed instructions, and full color photos of the steps you need to take to complete the project. It is wonderful. The e-book is 9.95. shipping, no handling, no waiting. Purchase your e-book and it will be back in your inbox quickly.


My Gentle Giant

First off, to our first poster to the Celebration needs to send me your address so I can send out those Heidi Grace Midnight Kisses Rub-ons. Please email me at I hope you will join the celebration before the end of the month!
Check out Unkit. As guest designer my designs will be going up soon. I hope they inspire your creativity.
Noel is having a design team call on her blog. I encourage everyone to check it out. It looks like this is something that would be wonderful to be chosen and join.
May Flaum's B-day is this week. May is one of the lead Fiskateers for just a few more weeks, then she becomes a legend. She is also working full time now for Fiskars and is doing some really radical things on Fiskars.
My ROTC Cadet
Okay, my gentle giant. That's my son. My 15 year old son who has discovered that he is smarter than his mom and dad! LOL Who's mom and dad "controls" his life!!! Who's mom and dad love him more than life itself. We are so prou…

Here's Your Picture RAK

This is what I picked out for the Celebration RAK. Two items: Sommerset Memories apr/may issue which features layouts and an article by Lead Fiskateer Cheryl Waters. Whoo Hoo. This is a great issue I know you will enjoy. I enjoyed mine very very much.

I also added a little organizer. I'm so into organization right now. So while I was buying one for me I bought one for you. It is a three tiered round organizer and each level swings in any direction. I love mine. First layout post get a little Midnight Kisses rub-ons by Heidi Grace!!!
Thanks guys and come celebrate with me!

Celebration RAK

I haven't posted a photo of the RAK yet...I'll post it tonight, but I wanted to go ahead and add a slide show for you to add your celebration layout for the challenge. You know me, I like to RAK nicely!!! I can not ship internationally...sorry. I'm trying to figure how I can RAK something that is cost effective in shipping, but something someone would like to have. If you have any ideas let me know.
When you add your project to the slide show make sure to put your name in the "caption" and add a comment. Celebrate Now! Mother's day was so sweet for me. We really celebrated last Sunday because it was the only time we could all get together. But I had a few of the kids stop by. My beautiful DIL to be gave me a wonderful card with a little comment in it that touched my heart. She is the most beautiful woman, inside and out. Also my little H gave me a necklace that fits me perfectly. It reads:
"Grandma, because of you.....I have memories to last a lifetime.&quo…

Time Goes By.......

Celebration Time ...Come On... There's A Party Going On Right Here........
Wow, it has been a wild month long RAK. Now I need to settle down and announce our Celebration Dare...this one will not be a comment challenge but a creating challenge. For the rest of the month of May create a Celebration it and leave a comment with your link. I'll get a picture of the RAK up asap. I just wanted to give you time to Celebrate with me going over the 5000 mark for unique visitors to Debby's Dare. There will be more than one winner of the RAK. I dare you to Celebrate with me. ScrapWorld Happenings: Sudie, from Two Peas, Unkit and Fiskateers has published her first ebook. It is so totally awesome. Check it out here......... Getting Grungy ---------------------------------------------------------- Ali Edwards is doing a great series of Words this week on her blog (link to the right). Go back and check her posts for each day this week. Awesome journaling inspiration and ideas. …

Pleasantly Shocked!

As I was reading through my favorite blogs I ran across this.............

"The Arte Y Pico award (which according to my handy Google translator means “Art Peak”) is an award passed from blogger to blogger as a form of creative recognition. :) Here’s the lowdown:

The recipient picks 5 blogs that they consider deserving of the award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language.

Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.

Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her/him the award itself.

The award winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the Arte Y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. (Here’s the link to a page translated to Englishby Google)

To show these rules.

A circle of inspiration - how cool is that! Thanks to Jen at the Crafty Cafe for including…