Pleasantly Shocked!

As I was reading through my favorite blogs I ran across this.............

"The Arte Y Pico award (which according to my handy Google translator means “Art Peak”) is an award passed from blogger to blogger as a form of creative recognition. :) Here’s the lowdown:

The recipient picks 5 blogs that they consider deserving of the award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language.

Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.

Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her/him the award itself.

The award winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the Arte Y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. (Here’s the link to a page translated to Englishby Google)

To show these rules.

A circle of inspiration - how cool is that! Thanks to Jen at the Crafty Cafe for including me. Now the hard part! To pick five blogs! Ok in no particular order:

First this is what Jen said about Debby's Dare:
Debby’s Dare was the first blog I thought of when part of the requirements were to pick someone you felt contributes to the blogging community. This super sweet gal does this and then some. Be sure to check out her uplifting site!

Now how do you deal with that? I am so honored I can can't stand it. This is great!

Okay...this is very very hard. There are so many blogs I visit and they all inspire me from so many perspectives.

1. Noel Mignon's Blog Challenge Noel is one of the sweetest scrapper/bloggers out there. She has genuinely challenged me to go beyond myself with craft projects and subjects I really avoid. I so appreciate how sweet and wonderful this place it for me.

2. Studio 490 Wendy is one of the greatest people in the art world. Her blog is inspirational and is so very personal. She has no problem emailing folks, answering questions and sharing what she is up to. I really love this site and would not skip a day of reading and learning.

3. Crop Girl Proudly Presents Stephanie Hamen, one of the Lead Fiskateers for Fiskars is about as down to earth as it gets. She is a endless worker, she is uber creative and her personal blog is dedicated to helping the scrapbooker have the most fun attending crops. She leaves challenges for weekend crops. But Stephanie also shares of her family and the two boys. The thing I like the most is this lady scraps real life. She is certainly one to be inspired by.

4. Triple the Scraps Patter Cross was one of the first bloggers I started reading on a regular bases a few years ago. Patter is creatively inspiring, but more important she is spiritually inspiring. Her faith is so evident on her blog. Her Scripture Challenges, organizational tips, links...all make Triple the Scraps a true winner in the world of Blogging.

5. Live The Life You Imagine by Tim Holtz. Okay I was trying to stay away for the "big names" but Tim is so gracious on his blog. He shares his adventures, but more importantly he gives of himself. This person is busy and in demand, yet he takes time to freely share his craft on his blog. He pushes you beyond what you thought you could do. He makes it possible for you to posses your dream. He gives you the skill and inspiration to think outside the box. If you ever wanted to take one of his classes, well here's your chance on his blog. Tim often does giveaways, but to be honest if he never gave another prize I would be there for the learning and inspiration. Tim has also support efforts for animals and I'm sure other charities. And every time I have a question this man takes the time to email me. That's impressive.

Well, those are my five...these are five blogs that deserve recognition for their contribution to the blogging community.

Okay, I got an early Mother's Day get together today. This was the only day everyone could get together. We grilled out and had fun. I still get a Mother's Day next Sunday, but only a few of the kids can come and my husband has to work. But that's long as they remember me and love me...I've given my best to these beautiful children and they have all made me glad I'm their mom!
The guys around the grill..."whata you think, I don't know, whata you think?"

My GD having a blast with my poor Bailey. This is the first time we let her take the dog outside. My poor boy Baily is now a "girl" dag and has to learn how to go to the potty like a girl...H's idea. Bailey got dragged all over the place. You did not have to ask him twice if he was ready to go in. LOL

Me and my beautiful, accomplished daughter.

Jim determined to cook for me. BTW: the chicken turned out wonderful. Good job Jimmy! And thank you sweetheart for your celebration of me being the mom of your beautiful children.
1. My first born, who's warm, giving heart is an inspiration to me.

2. My first born son who is successful but more importantly he is a man of God, and great, GREAT Father and Husband.

3. For my third and once shy son. He has gone through the most hardship, but he keeps a positive attitude, works hard, reaches for his dreams and makes them happen, for choosing the girl of his dreams and mine for a wife.

4. For my little (6' 4") "add on." J is a dream come true. I could not have more children, but God with His wisdom and sense of humor entrusted us with J. He is funny, determined, trying to find out how he can change the world.

5. My heavenly Father's love and giving. I thank him for the wonderful family that he entrusted to me. Not only did He entrust me, He gave me the strength and wisdom these past 30 years to raise a family loving God.

PS....take the me make 100 posters.


  1. are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!

    And girl...get ready...tomorrow a new challenge goes up!! I hope you like it! :)

  2. Debby!
    THANKS sooo much for the sweet compliment. I sincerely appreciate it.
    You sure made my day!!

  3. Congrats on your blog award! Great choices that you made too!

    I love your lists of gratitudes!

  4. Congrats on the Arte Y Pico award. You are very deserving of that!

  5. so well deserved! congrats! speech! speech!
    and great blog pix all of my faves too!

  6. Anonymous9:23 PM


    You are too sweet!

    Thank you so much!!!!


  7. I found your blog from the link in your place at I am so blessed to have read more about you, and encouraged by your sweet spirit & love for the Lord. He is truly awesome, and I continue to be encouraged by finding more and more scrappers who love HIM! Have a blessed day, and come visit my place sometime.

  8. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I voted in your poll! Good luck1

  9. I tried to vote more than wouldn't let me! I guess that's cheating, but I was just trying to help (lol)

  10. Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to you. I'm glad you were able to be with your family even if it had to be early. Have a good day this weekend,too.


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