My Gentle Giant

First off, to our first poster to the Celebration needs to send me your address so I can send out those Heidi Grace Midnight Kisses Rub-ons. Please email me at I hope you will join the celebration before the end of the month!

Check out Unkit. As guest designer my designs will be going up soon. I hope they inspire your creativity.

Noel is having a design team call on her blog. I encourage everyone to check it out. It looks like this is something that would be wonderful to be chosen and join.

May Flaum's B-day is this week. May is one of the lead Fiskateers for just a few more weeks, then she becomes a legend. She is also working full time now for Fiskars and is doing some really radical things on Fiskars.

My ROTC Cadet
Okay, my gentle giant. That's my son. My 15 year old son who has discovered that he is smarter than his mom and dad! LOL Who's mom and dad "controls" his life!!! Who's mom and dad love him more than life itself. We are so proud of our J. He is about 6'3 or 4" right now and he's only 15 years old. Lord give me strength as I know buying pants is not going to be fun for the next two years!

Here are a few pictures that shows you just how tall he is getting. I'm 5'6" and this photo is not an's real!

I made him sit down to take a picture so there wasn't as much distance.

My Gentle Giant with our little grand-daugther.

Gratitude List:

1. I'm a blessed woman with a family of blessings.

2. God's strength these past few weeks.

3. Encouraging friends

4. Caring people in my life

5. God's Grace...I turned Right! (inside prayer)


  1. what a guy! you must be so proud of him! :d

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    He lkokks about 6 4 in height.. I have 2 that are 6.2 in height, and he looks taller..Mariah #2457


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