A Call and Off for some Fun!

My friend Ruth called me Wednesday morning and said

"Deb, I feel like playing today."

"Okay, whatcha' got in mind?"

"Let's go antiquing."

"You got it. I'll meet you at 9:30."

I dropped everything I had planned for the day. Two reasons, I love Ms. Ruth and two I needed a fun spontaneous day!

I did not have my regular camera, but I have a new phone...Black Cherry Chocolate...and it has a half way decent camera. I decided, for the most part to take pictures of the crafty predecessor and as well as other memories!

The lamps won the ugliest thing in the store award!
From this to PDAs?

This is how we use to look at photos!

Did you ever have your key around your neck for your skates? What is the jar with the metal lid?

Everyone needs a "Fun" day.

Gratitude List:
1. Grilled Chicken
2. Pink
3. Strength
4. Ms. Ruth and her brand new (yesterday) Macy Ann.
5. God's protection over Jen and Doug through a difficult delivery and the new life He has entrusted to them.


  1. cool stuff Deb!

  2. What a fun day!!! I love your photo banner! You look like a real character!


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