Short Update...Longer will be later TOdAy!

I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to KNOW about UnKit non-club and the wonderful e-books Sudie Alexander is producing. I'm fascinated with this approach to kit clubs (and I know some others "out there" are looking it over also..wink wink). I don't have to buy anything I'm not interested in at the time! I buy the products through on-line preferred stores that might give discounts from time to time. Or just go to your LSS and buy your products. This sounds silly, Yes?

No, the wonderful part is picking up the UnKit e-book that is full of step-by-step instructions on projects you can complete with your UnKit. I just read the first e-book "Getting Grungy" and it had three wonderful projects, detailed instructions, and full color photos of the steps you need to take to complete the project. It is wonderful. The e-book is 9.95. shipping, no handling, no waiting. Purchase your e-book and it will be back in your inbox quickly.

I'm excited about my e-book as it is the first "e-book" I've ever had. I have the projects saved to my computer for future reference AND it does not take up space in my already overwhelmed studio.

I guess I'm spending time writing this because I believe so strongly in the whole concept of UnKit. Check it out and if you have questions, post a comment, send me an email...go to Unkit blog or join their community.

Well, that commercial is over with and now back to our regularly scheduled program. LOL LOL

I was in Charleston last night with Donna Downy to take a very fun class. I haven't had so much fun taking a class in such a long time. I laughed and laughed. I'll post pictures in my update tonight along with a nice surprise from Cheryl Waters, Lead Fiskateers and published in the Sommerset Magazine that is part of the Celebration RAK. Stay tuned.


God's very protective hand on my life and others on the road last night as I drove home for two hours from Charleston!