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Family, Friends, and a Soccer Ball

It was National Scrapbook Day.  What does any red blood American do?  They scrapbook of course!  LOL  Well, I did scrapbook but I didn't scrapbook all day.  Actually, I took most of the day to spend with my son and his family...his in-laws...and a soccer ball.  My granddaughter had two games, the last two games, of the season that day.  She was determined that her team would win both games. 

H's team did win both games.  She made 5 goals for the day!  Grandparents could not be any prouder.  The team tied for first in their league.  The only downside was a weird accident that was three players in a sort of pile up and one of the girls broke their arm.  She didn't even cry, just "Mom, I just can't move it."  Fortunately, mom is a nurse and knew right away what was wrong.  Koodos to the young lady with so much courage. 

Here is my layout commemorating the day.  I did take Lynn Murphy's advice to turn a very blurry photo into a watercolor with PS…


Memorial Day
Remember the lives and sacrifice of our men and women in the service of our country.

My love for my country runs deep because of my dad and his service to this country.  20+ years of making sure we were safe, helping America to become a nation of freedom and opportunity. I love and miss my dad greatly.  To you Dad, I salute you and remember your gift to this country and to my life.

 both are of my Dad, Otis C. Perkins "Chuck"
Others in my Life
To my Uncle Dewitt...thank you for all you gave, including that most precious, your life.
Uncle Joe Bill
Uncle Max
Uncle Hubert
John Daniels
to my future Navy Officer and my present son, Jacob

To all past, present, and future...Thanks!

Have a Wonderful Day celebrating our freedom these men and women unselfishly gave us!

Gratitude List 1.  freedom to choose
2.  freedom to speak
3.  freedom to follow my dreams
4.  freedom to love, learn, live
5.  freedom that comes from the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus Christ

Inspired by Tortellini! | RAP

As I visit designer or manufacture blogs from the creative world I find challenges where someone has found a wonderful piece of art and challenge crafters to create something inspired from the art.  Bo Bunny just did this with their design team and a very artsy pillow. Their DT did an incredible job.

I saw this packaging, not artsy, but I loved the circles, the line and the writing beneath.  Definitely not artsy, but well balanced and fun.  With an entire page of photos of the Red Album (check the tab above marked "Red Album Project" for more information) I decided to be inspired by a package of Healthy Choice Tortellini!   LOL

What I Learned
Dad did not document this album as well as some of his other albums so I'm having to "guess-ta-mate" some of the dates.  The album is between 1954-1958.  I knew dad was stationed in Okinawa during this time period, but there are other photos in this particular album that say "Japan" on the back.  These photos had …

Moms | Winner Announcement

I had the opportunity to visit with my mom this past weekend.  It has been years since I went to Florida.  I didn't tell Mom I was coming just in case something happen I could not go.  She found out I was coming as I came through the kitchen doorway.  She was surprised...I wasn't sure if she knew it was really me or not.  LOL  We had a couple of days to visit and catch up.

Of course this was a wonderful Mother's Day gift for Mom but you know I'm going to attempt to make cards for both my mom and my husband's mom.  I do better with tags so these are my Mother's Day tag.

This is for my mother-in-law:

Ingredients:  Prima flowers and bling, paper doily, Tim Holtz key, Tiny Fastener, paper clip, baubles, key chain, Vintage Photo Distress Ink, Kraft words; Ranger Archival Ink black, tickets are from a friend; Dymo Label Maker, background stamp Dawn Houser from Inkadinkado

My Mom's tag/card:
Ingredients:  Fiskars Jenni Bowlin banner, Prima flowers and bling; Fisk…

Let's Take a Tour Giveaway

I've finally taken the time to learn how easy it is to do screen shots of my blog.  Eventually, I want to find time to do a list of technically fun things within D's Paper Studio.

I am officially on a "vacation/stay-cation" until next Wednesday.  I thought I'd leave you with a tour of D's Paper Studio, a Challenge, and a Giveaway.

The Challenge
Check out my blog pages leave a comment on the pages you check out.  This includes this page, "Home."  All except two of my pages allow for comments now.  The more pages you visit and leave comments, the more times you are entered.  I would love feedback on what you see,  how your computer see the information (anything out of whack); and what could be useful. 

1.  Beneath the header of the blog are a series of "pages."  Click on the tab to see what creative adventure I'm working on currently all the way to free printables from my own designs. 

2.  Do not forget to leave a comment on each page i…

Inspired to Pieces! Red Album Project

I visited an awesome blog/paper artist during National Scrapbook Day The Scrap Kitchen blog hop that I could not help but fall in love with her creative work.  Iris Babao Uy is an inspired scrapbooker.  I would highly recommend checking out her blog My White Space.  Her work is incredible.

The layout that caught my attention used a stamp I purchased but had not used.  I loved it but was not sure how I would use it on a layout.  Iris is a master at design and used this crossword puzzle stamp perfectly.  I had to give it a shot.  Iris's layout is much more beautiful and balanced than mine so I really do hope you check her layout "12-30-11."  It is the most fun I've had in awhile stamping on my layout.

Red Album Project This layout is of my dad dressed in a tuxedo posing outside a building on the Air Force Base where he was stationed.  I don't know the occasion, but dad had a photo of a friend who was dressed for the occasion as well.  His friend's name was on th…

Adventures in Summer Reading, An Altered White Board

My husband collects.  That's to say he really collects.  With certain items I would even say he is a light hoarder.  LOL  The garage is his for his tools, our storage, lawn equipments, and more.  Well, the more is more than the poor little garage can handle.  Reluctantly, he has been clearing it out. 

I help out from time to time as he goes through the process.  I ran across an old Pepsi White Board, never used.  I asked it I could have it do what I want with it.  I don't think he realized what I was about to do. 

I looked at the white board for a week or so before I decided I just wanted to have a little fun.  Little Honey needed a summer reading log that was bright, fun, and functional.  So here we go.

(click on any photo for better details) The board is 23" x 16".  A nice size.  Let's see if I can tell you everything involved.  The main paper line is from Simple Stories, 100 Days of Summer.  I've never used their paper before and I just love it!  I did use …

From Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration/Red Album Project

Last weekend, National Scrapbooking Day, I help The Scrap Kitchen (Facebook) celebrate NSD by following along a trail of incredible, inspirational blogs.  I get comfortable at times in my own little circle of blog or places to draw inspiration and I see my layouts begin to take on some of the same features.  That's okay and matter-of-fact it's great at times.  But it is also great to shake it up with learning something new. 

I was inspired by a layout I found on the Basic Grey blog that I was lead to by one of the blogs I hopped to.  Although I did not use Basic Grey (whom I love as well) I did find inspiration in Pamela Young's layout The Difference.  I knew this layout would be cool with my Red Album Project.

About the layout...What I learned:  don't use printable transparency for your journaling unless you have a creative way to use it.  I knew better but I did not want to use my handwriting, so I did not get the same feel as Pamela's.  But I did love making t…

The 50's Meet the 70's

I love this paper line from Bo Bunny. When I saw it I thought "Oooo, all those early 70's photos."  But the colors I wore then absolutely clashed with these colors.  I found out I was a very, very conservative "flower child."  LOL

When I saw my photos from the Red Album Project up against that explosion of colors I loved it.  I'm all for vintage and heritage layouts having a lot of color.  For me it brings in a sense of realism.  We often look at the "good ole' days" as something simple and colorless.  Not me.  I know my dad lived life full of adventure and excitement.  I like how the color expresses that for me. 

The photos of are my dad with two of his sisters and I think at least two are his older half brothers.  The two children are his nephews.  Lesson I learned:  make sure if you are making an educate "guess" at names that you have a back up piece of the element you used for journaling.  I thought the baby my Aunt Helen was ho…

Scrapbooking More Than Paper and Adhesive

I hope you had a tremendous weekend celebrating National Scrapbook Day.  I was determined to scrap more than usual to celebrate the our holiday.  I was having a terrible time just getting started.  Either something came up I had to do or I just could not get "inspired." 

While I was looking through my dad's photos I was inspired.  I had scrapbooked a couple of photos from his oldest album but not many.  I decided, because of the age of the photos, that I needed to scan and scrapbook the all the photos to preserve his memories.

I spent most of my weekend doing family research.  In most of dad's photos he had wrote on the back who is in the photos.  In this album he did not do that as much.  So I had to become a detective.  I worked at matching photos from this album to his other albums.  I had to figure out the birth order of uncles to figure out who was who.  Mom helped me with who she remembered and to understand the writing on the back of some of the photos that d…