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I Can't Remember Where the Week Went?!?

Funny thing about being busy, it's hard to remember from one week to the next.
Saturday was the hardest day, but the most fun. 9:00 am I was at AC Moores for a Fiskars Demonstration until 12:30 pm. then I drove across town and did another Fiskars Demonstration from 1 - 3 pm. Homeward bound. I had about 15 minutes to rest then we headed out to watch my son in his debut professional wrestling match. I loved watching him. But:
1. I hate watching because it scares me to death. 2. I don't like wrestling (entertainment). But I'm determined to be a supportive mother. But I have to tell you there were some women who thought all this was "reality" and not entertainment and became angry and upset when "their" guys did not win. I tried real hard to just close my eyes and get some rest from the busy day.
Here's few mommy pictures. Adam (Jason Phoenix) is the one in red / black. Adam signing autographs was a hoot! I also attended my granddaughters fourth birthday pa…

Week Three of Debby's Dare

Well, I've been awhile since I blogged. I wanted to allow everyone the chance to check out the polls on Creative Dreams Studio. I've been so busy with Creative Dreams Studio and with the "Save the Memories Crop" with Lead Fiskateer Holly Ashby. She was absolutely great! See pictures here: Fellowship of Scrapbookers.

It is both my Granddaughters Birthday Week. We've had the oldest one's party this past Sunday and our littlest one has her party this Sunday. The are both two peas in a pod. I love them oh, so much I can't tell you. Grandchildren are God's reward for raising your own. I've been truly blessed.

Poetry in Motion.....LOL

"I'm 13 ...a legal teenager!"

Fiskateer News: New Leads have been chosen for the 2008 to 2010 term. Whoo Hoo! Here is the Video Announcement: New Leads

"Inspired 2009" date has been set and registration opens August 1st. I'm going to work hard to go this time around. This is the Donna Downy Event tha…

Sorry, Guys

I did not get the poll running this morning as promised. My day started out at 6:00 am and I'm just now getting to the computer at nearly 11:00 pm. The polls are open and the RAK is on.

Have a blessed day.

What a Week Ahead of Me

New polls...yes two...go up on Creative Dreams Studio's Blog in the morning. I'm adding this to the second week challenge to take the polls and get extra points for leaving comments here and at Creative Dreams.
I have the cutter in Pink and Blue and you get to choose your color.I'm getting everything ready for the Save The Memories Crop with Lead Fiskateer Holly Ashby on Saturday. I can't say everything is going smooth, but it is going according to plans. Thursday a group of us within the Fellowship is working on a farewell album for a church member. This is going to be a blast. I also teach my first real stamping class Thursday night. Yikes, it's almost here. Happy Tax Day...right! I've been trying to get a nap in all day and now I'll just go to bed early. Gratitude List1. Bob2. Ruth3. Fresh air and a beautiful sky4. New life (Yeah, Rebecca)5. God's offer of new life for us.

Check Me Out, Won't You....

It's too funny sometimes what happens to me. But today I am to be a " guest artist" at Studio 490 . I'm so overwhelmed that Wendy would put my little creation up on her blog you can not believe it. She is one of the artists I truly admire and she is very down to earth fun and creative creative creative! Wow.
Also my article and layouts on my family Heritage is up on . Jill and Stacy are the greatest and I so thank them for the opportunities they have given me to contribute to this wonderful online magazine. It is the best and they are the greatest! And it's not over with yet. I'm not sure when it comes out but my article on "Going Green" with my Elephant Poop layout is to be featured on also.
What fun I'm having. All of these people have been so encouraging in my scrapbooking and my putting my toe in the water for altered art.
Thank you: Wendy Stacy Jill Angie (yes, you Shuster) Sudie Patti M. Nan Carrie May Cheryl Stephanie …

My Studio

It is a mess...but I'm entering a RAK that wants to see my Studio. This is

Creative Dreams Studio. Please excuse the mess Creating In Progress I love my Clip It Up You can see my punch holder that stays in front of me. Some of my paper, ribbon and ink stashes...only some. See my collection of Fiskars scissors! I just wanted you to see my flower basket. There are three baskets and I put different size flowers in each. This is all I DARE show you. My hope is to have the name Creative Dreams Studio created in wood and put on my wall over my computer. But one dream at a time.
Make sure to take the poll at Creative Dreams and leave a comment for a chance at the April Debby's Dare RAK. Three days left and I'll add another tool to the RAK.

You can not subscribe to Creative Dreams Studio Blog. I'm having the worse time figuring this "feed" thing out. But for now it will work. I'll work on this one tomorrow.

1. Opportunities
2. Hope
3. Forgiveness
4. Special friends

April's Dare

Some of you are just waiting to see what I'll do next. Well, here it is.

I need your input on my new Creative Dreams Blog.

I will be posting a poll each week in April and one week in May. Every time you participate in taking the poll, post back here that you took the poll. Also extra credit for those who leave a comment on the Creative Dreams Blog letting me know some things you would like to see me do as part of the business that can be fun for you!!

Please note I can not ship internationally. Sorry.

What's up for grabs? Looky Looky what I found....
And I'm sure I'll be adding a few fun goodies as the month moves along.

Have fun playing.

Creative Dreams Studio

Personal: Mom, here's a picture of our boy.....Gratitude List:1. Supportive Friends2. My Father who answers prayer3. His will and way in my life4. His direction even with Creative Dreams5. Holly and the whole Fiskars family for making my April special.

Creative Dreams Studio

That is the name of my new business. I'm having a great time, but disciplining yourself to get the work done is hard.

Creative Dreams Studio Blog

I just wanted to make a quick note of a new blog I've set up for Creative Dreams Studio and to let you know that there are great things to come on CDS blog. Not only my designs for sale, but great contests, special guests, etc. etc. The sky is the limit. Because I'm just starting out with this blog I'm going to be setting up polls/surveys for you to help me.

I'm working on this month's "Dare." Give me a few more days as I have to get the last RAK in the mail tomorrow and then I'm clear to set up the next Dare. You are all the greatest!!

Note: My Heritage Article and many of my layouts are now out at Check it out and tell me what you think.


My week off Is Up!!!

Well, I've rested from blogging for a week and I'm raring to go again. Thanks to Stephanie from Fiskateers I have my week documented. Here is a pictorial of my week:

Gratitude List: 1. Sleep..that's where I'm heading too now. 2. My church family 3. My little Hannah that loves unconditionally 4. My husband for trying hard to help me get organized and on a schedule 5. God's provision now and in the future.