April's Dare

Some of you are just waiting to see what I'll do next. Well, here it is.

I need your input on my new Creative Dreams Blog.

I will be posting a poll each week in April and one week in May. Every time you participate in taking the poll, post back here that you took the poll. Also extra credit for those who leave a comment on the Creative Dreams Blog letting me know some things you would like to see me do as part of the business that can be fun for you!!

Please note I can not ship internationally. Sorry.

What's up for grabs? Looky Looky what I found....
And I'm sure I'll be adding a few fun goodies as the month moves along.

Have fun playing.

Creative Dreams Studio

Personal: Mom, here's a picture of our boy..... Gratitude List:

1. Supportive Friends

2. My Father who answers prayer

3. His will and way in my life

4. His direction even with Creative Dreams

5. Holly and the whole Fiskars family for making my April special.


  1. Hi Debby,
    Just answered your poll for the week.
    BTW please consider putting an email signup for both of your blogs that notifies us when you have added anything new.

  2. I took the poll and posted a comment on the blog. The lo's are great!

    Fiskateer #3675

  3. Char...I know what you are talking about and I'll try and get it added for both blogs. Thanks for asking me to do it.

  4. great website and awesome work. I did your poll for the week. #3291

  5. Took the poll! Good lokking young man!

  6. took the poll and left a comment on the great LO's,

  7. Debby, I took the poll and posted to the web site. Looks like you are off to a great site.
    Fiskateer #2970

  8. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Very nice! What a good idea for service (that you can have FUN doing!)
    Barb #2975 (fellow fiskateer)

    (I noticed that I can post as anonymous here - but not on your other site)

  9. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Also - interesting results from your poll so far! good luck figuring out pricing!
    Barb #2975

  10. Took your poll, and having sold albums before and known others to do so, your price ranges are actually low, especially if the album is included as well.

    Just some (hopefully) constructive criticism.


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