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That is the name of my new business. I'm having a great time, but disciplining yourself to get the work done is hard.

Creative Dreams Studio Blog

I just wanted to make a quick note of a new blog I've set up for Creative Dreams Studio and to let you know that there are great things to come on CDS blog. Not only my designs for sale, but great contests, special guests, etc. etc. The sky is the limit. Because I'm just starting out with this blog I'm going to be setting up polls/surveys for you to help me.

I'm working on this month's "Dare." Give me a few more days as I have to get the last RAK in the mail tomorrow and then I'm clear to set up the next Dare. You are all the greatest!!

Note: My Heritage Article and many of my layouts are now out at Check it out and tell me what you think.



  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I just took your poll at Creative Dreams and you're doing a wonderful job. I love all your albums. Congrats.

  2. Debby,
    I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful layout about not being defined by bi-polar! It was very moving. I have a dear friend that battles the same condition, and I admire your strenth. Thank you for sharing something so personal and moving on your blog.
    I'm a new Fiskateer, and hope to see more of you on the message board. Your blog is very inspiring!
    Thanks, keep up the great work!


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