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Less Than 24 Hours

...I will be heading to Hershey PA. The chocolate capital of the world. Mix that with close to 100 Fisk-a-teers and you have a bit of heaven on earth.

My day is very full and I will probably do my sleeping on the airplane! Below is a house I'm building for a class. I picked up elements from Maya Road. This is a Maya Road chipboard house with memory book. IT IS NOT FINISHED, but I wanted to share it with you. I have a DARE. You know how I dislike being away from my computer and contact with the world around me. So here is my DARE. I dare (oops knock at the door) HOORAY! Cloud 9 Christmas paper and embellishments have arrived!!! They will be up on Creative Dreams Studio Monday for sale....this is part of unKit for November. Watch and tell your friends ... this is limited since it is Christmas. Whoo Hoo.

Back to the DARE. I Dare you to leave a comment here. Get your friends to leave a comment with your name as a reference. The person with the most "friends" will receive a Fis…

After 4 takes ...

I finally got it. I still have a lot of spooky bugs to work out. If I move the least I have a blur, so I need to figure that one out. I can't teach unless I move and talk! LOL

Last night when I was trying to record the video my son joined us and then Sudie joined us via cell phone. It was so much fun. But it did not make the final video.

Several asked me to type out the dimensions.

6" x 6" base
Score at 2" and at 4", turn your paper 90 degrees and Score again 2" x 2"
Flip the paper over and score from corner to corner
Solid Square= 1.75" + a notch
Square to be the triangle pieces 1.75"

Have fun with the video. continue to help me out and leave comments on what you would like to see me work on for increasing the quality of the video.

Oh, Creative Dreams Studio for the launch of a partnership with unKit for November's unKit. You are going to love it!!!!!


...and I'm still not finished. I'm revamping Debby's Dare and Creative Dreams Studio. When you don't quite know what you are doing it is a long process. When I get finished with these two, then I'm heading over to my Resume to change the look there. I just felt like a "spring cleaning." It washes over me every now and again. LOL

In the spirit of my Halloween Madness I want to share with you my little make-n-take for AC Moores Paper Crafting Event. This is the same caddy that has been all the rage for a bit. I just scaled it down to make it a treat holder for Halloween. You can use it for your goodies when you hand them out to the neighborhood children. They would make great little decorations at a party. Fill it up with spider web (fake of course) and add a few spiders! I just love they are tiny. I know I'll have a boo-ferric day at ACM, I hope everyone else enjoys making these treat holders. This is my new product (LOL). It is a brad embellishment. I …

Treading Water

Ever have one of those weeks? I've classes to prepare for, a trip to prepare for, and my MOTHER is coming back to stay with us until Thanksgiving. She will be here Sunday night. I'm treading water. But I tread very well. Matter-of-fact I do my best swimming that way. LOL Here a little something I challenge you to do. It came from a friend of mine tonight.
3's about me
Three places I have lived: Bangor, Maine; Weisbaden, Germany, Berlin, Germany
Three shows that I watch: NCIS, Law and Order Criminal Intent, and CSI Miami
Three places I have been: St. Petersburg, Russia, Tartu, Estonia; Holland
Three places I have been this week: Lexington, West Columbia, Irmo
Three people who e-mail me regularly: Sudie, MaryNC, Nikki
Three of my favorite foods: peach cobbler, baked okra, a good moist roast beef
Three places I'd rather be right now: cruise ship in Alaska; Hawaii visiting Antia; my bed
Three things I am looking forward to this year: Hershey, PA Fisk-a-teer event; a long cool Fall;…


In an earlier post I told you that I was Halloween crazy this year. It hasn't stop yet. The papers out this year are out of this world wonderful! Heidi Grace has the cutest little witch on her paper, Lil' Davis has the "web," Little Yellow Bicycle has a really cool line I love using for my teenager. I'm scrapping all my PAST photos.

I won't be at home this Halloween, but everyone has separate plans this year...the curse of your children growing up. I will be on my way to Hershey Pennsylvania for a Fisk-a-teer regional event. Our host is Wendy Jo Avery and our play ground is the Hershey Lodge and the whole chocolate experience. You can not believe how excited I am. I'm already packing up, making lists, creating tags and dreaming of Hershey chocolate. I think Orange (Fiskars) and Chocolate (Hershey) go hand in hand. LOL
If you are a Fisk -a- teer (or go join the Fisk-a-teers) I believe there are just a few spots left. The cost to go? $20.00. Nope the decimal …

Talk, Talk, Talk

That's all I seem to do! I love talking to friends, family, on the phone, on the net, in an email, in a text message, in a letter, in a card...I LOVE to talk. When I teach and demo I can make new friends very quickly. I met a wonderful woman Betty at AC Moores while doing a Fiskars demonstration. I found out that Betty will be working at the same local craft fair that I'll be working. Since I've never participated as a vendor in a craft fair we TALKED. I asked for advise and she said "be friendly and talk, oh, I don't think you'll have that problem." LOL She is so sweet and I can't wait to see her again at the end of November. This is Bailey Bailey! I have to say it twice and it is pronounced Bay-dee. LOL He's my babe. My son took this photo. This is Bailey's chair. At night Bailey jumps up in his chair and covers himself up to sleep for the night. He will rummage around until he gets his covers just right. He keeps me laughing.
I love having …

State Fair and Old Friends

Do you have that friend who you know will always be your friend whether to talk today or a year from now? I have a friend like that. Angie (Two Peas and a Fiskateer). Everyone has heard me declare Angie taught me to scrapbook. Well, that's true. Angie also taught me to have compassion even when it seemingly is unwarranted. She taught me to see things from another angle. She is a true friend.

Monday Angie and I went to the State Fair for lunch. If you go in between 12 and 2 it is free. If you go to the Cantey building where the farmers display and much more is, you can eat enough samples for free. LOL

Angie and I looked, critiqued, enjoyed, laughed and wondered at the photography entries. Not matter what, she NEEDS to enter in the photography category next year. Check her work out at Angel Photography.

We headed over to check out the craft area. We had to see the scrapbooking FIRST. There I met up with one of my friends and student, Ms. Shirley. She is the sweetest and very talented p…

I've Gone Halloween

How can you not help it? All the paper out there is some of the greatest designs I've see to date. I'm way behind on scrapping my past Halloween photos. So here is a taste of what I've been doing:

October's Fiskars Sketch Challenge. I'm in love with Lil' Davis's lettering. Wow. Do you see my "Hide and Go Seek" punch. I use my punch with vellum to give it a true ghostly look.! LOL BTW: you do not have to be a Fiskateer to take up the Sketch Challenge at

This is a favorite. I love the spiderweb by Lil' Davis. I decorated it with black stickles, Rain dots and some bats cut out of Heidi Grace Halloween paper. I added Rain Dots for eyes and wire for a "flying" effect. It was too too much fun.

I'm making this one short. I hope everyone has an awesome day. Check out Creative Dreams Studio Store before you leave.

Gratitude List:
1. Catching up with Old Friends
2. God's desire for us to enjoy Him
3. Cell p…

I'm A Star

Too too funny! This is my very first attempt to record a little message for my blog readers. Now I was being serious, but if you find reason to laugh your head off...go for it. I love to bring laughter into peoples lives.

Watch. Leave me a comment and some constructive ideas. This is a really cool web cam. As you will see I'm a little backwards at time. I felt like the first day on the job as a weather girl. LOL

By the way...I know the background photo is a 5 x 7. You made me nervous. LOL

Winner of Studio 490 Art Canvas and More

Okay, it's Friday and I want to thank everyone who has given to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure. As the month goes on continue to give and don't forget to schedule your mammogram. Thank you Wendy Vecchi for donating this beautiful canvas. I'm dieing to just keep it for myself! LOL I not going to, but I will give it to

Fiskateer Michelle 3624
Congratulations. Send me your snail mail address and I'll get it in the mail to you.

A Week In Your Life Mini Mini Book Challenge
Since it is taking me a week to get my photos, I'm going to extend the date to Sunday October 18th to complete your Challenge. Let me know if you are participating. Check here to check out the challenge/RAK

I wanted to share a quiet Friday with you so I put together some photos I played with while I was in Florida. I don't have a fancy camera, but I love memories behind the photos. My favorite are the cotton fields and the humming bird. When I was very young I remember one of the…

Time Flies....

...when you are having fun. I'm most happily having the time of my life. I love what I do.

So what do you do? You may ask.
I'm a wife, a SAHM, a crafty person and a business woman!
I'm wife to Jimmy.
I stay at home for Jacob.
I design and do instructional class, mostly dealing with how tos and techniques. I'm better at teaching someone to scrap than to give them what I call and "slap it on" project. I want my students to walk away saying they can do this again and change it up and even do something different.
I own Creative Dreams Studio. CDS has its own beginnings with a little on line store. (See link to the right.) CDS includes Debby's Dare where I love to challenge you in different areas of your craft, your knowledge, and make great friends. I teach and train for CDS, Fiskars, and Xyron. I also will start doing craft shows starting at the end of November. Included in that are classes and make-n-takes.
I am a child of God. Simple!
So, I'm happy in what…

Let's Have some Fun .. I Dare YOU

(Design Team Entry for Reminisce, Click Here)

I haven't posted for a bit. I've been busy, but mostly I've been trying to find time to relax and regenerate. I had a beautiful day yesterday doing just that. Mom went home yesterday. She plans on being back around the 20th. She needed to take care of everyday household business. Mom's been a hoot to have around, although I only have a few weeks to drop the weight before she comes back to cook again. Yikes!!!

So on with what is going on in the SCRAPPY WORLD I live in and Debby's Dare.

I want to share with you some layouts I did with my unKits.unkit featuring Heidi Grace papers

unKit featuring Deb Wisker guest unKitter for July. She choose an unKit featuring Bo Bunny. unKit has released their October unKit featuring guest unKitter Noel Hyman. You have to check this one out. It is too too cool. unKit's teaching broadcast is Monday night at 9:30 EST. Come early to get a seat. LOLStudio 490, Wendy Vecchi and Breast Can…