After 4 takes ...

I finally got it. I still have a lot of spooky bugs to work out. If I move the least I have a blur, so I need to figure that one out. I can't teach unless I move and talk! LOL

Last night when I was trying to record the video my son joined us and then Sudie joined us via cell phone. It was so much fun. But it did not make the final video.

Several asked me to type out the dimensions.

6" x 6" base
Score at 2" and at 4", turn your paper 90 degrees and Score again 2" x 2"
Flip the paper over and score from corner to corner
Solid Square= 1.75" + a notch
Square to be the triangle pieces 1.75"

Have fun with the video. continue to help me out and leave comments on what you would like to see me work on for increasing the quality of the video.

Oh, Creative Dreams Studio for the launch of a partnership with unKit for November's unKit. You are going to love it!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial Debby!

  2. Great job! You inspired me to get started on mine!

    Very cute Debby!

    Patty 2832

  3. How cool! very cute. thanks for the tutorial. Looking forward to more Debby's Dare videos.

  4. Yeah Debby....wonderful job. I'm looking forward to more tutorials...I'm going to try my hand at these...thanks so much for sharing....Patti Smith #1442

  5. Anonymous11:23 PM

    wonderful video thanks for showing us. Just love it.

  6. O Debby that was so FAST and FUN I done Posted it on my blog.. I LOVED IT!! THANK U!!

  7. Wow - great video. I'm for sure going to give this a try... just have to find some quiet time first.

  8. Great job Debbie!!! I look forward to seeing more videos.

  9. Anonymous12:46 PM

    That was awesome - cant wait to see more videos !!!!!!!!

  10. Loved the shrunken caddy! Prefect for little gifts. Thanks for the video and measurements.
    Jennie #414

  11. That caddy is darling! It's nice to hear your voice for the first time. :) Live! Moving! Talking!

    Talking and talking and talking (yes, I relate).

    Are you using a webcam to do your video? That would explain the blurred movement since they operate at slower frame rates than most regular digital cameras.

    Does your regular digital camera have a movie mode on it? You might get better quality with that. Having the most light possible in your room will help, too. Indirect light, like a halogen light bouncing off the ceiling, helps.

  12. Thank you GW. When I get in this afternoon I'll start working on those settings. I just did not know what to look for to get is right. THANK YOU.

  13. Loved your video and the project! Looking forward to more.


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