In an earlier post I told you that I was Halloween crazy this year. It hasn't stop yet. The papers out this year are out of this world wonderful! Heidi Grace has the cutest little witch on her paper, Lil' Davis has the "web," Little Yellow Bicycle has a really cool line I love using for my teenager. I'm scrapping all my PAST photos.

I won't be at home this Halloween, but everyone has separate plans this year...the curse of your children growing up. I will be on my way to Hershey Pennsylvania for a Fisk-a-teer regional event. Our host is Wendy Jo Avery and our play ground is the Hershey Lodge and the whole chocolate experience. You can not believe how excited I am. I'm already packing up, making lists, creating tags and dreaming of Hershey chocolate. I think Orange (Fiskars) and Chocolate (Hershey) go hand in hand. LOL
If you are a Fisk -a- teer (or go join the Fisk-a-teers) I believe there are just a few spots left. The cost to go? $20.00. Nope the decimal is not in the wrong place! Of course your travels, food (except a meal), hotel are all up to you. Email me if you want to join the Fisk-a-teers and I'll tell you how to go about being part of this great community.

Here is some of my Halloween madness:

I've finally got the hang of Tattered Angel's Glimmer Midst, so this is going to be my new obsession. OMGoodness! I'm a bit slow, but good grief I've midst out on so much. LOL I'll have to show you a few tiny things I've done next time.

Need a favor: go to Creative Dreams Studio and take the short poll on the right hand side to help me out. I'm on a limited budget (who isn't these days) and I want to continue to add to the store but there is so much out there I don't know where to start. So help me out please.

Don't forget unKit has their broadcast and chat tonight at 9:30 EST. Get there a little early and it is easier to get in. Mondays for ustream is very busy.

I'm looking for some new inspirational blogs. If you have a suggestion leave a comment with a link. Thanks.

Gratitude List:

1. cool weather

2. wonderful colors

3. God's protection on my health

4. Opportunities to give back to the people who give so much to me

5. Amazing Grace


  1. Debby,
    Have fun at Hershey. I so wish I could get to a regional, but they are all to far away from me to attend. I want to hear all about it and see lots of pictures from you and the other fiskateers in attendance.

    You are welcome to check out either of my blogs, but I don't know if you would consider them inspirational.
    My family blog:
    My creative blog: (I need to take time to post a few more things on this one so bare with me.)

    by the way, love your halloween layouts.

  2. Cute layouts Debby. Love the texture on these.

  3. Hershey is never going to be the same once we all arrive! I just finished my tags yesterday and I am getting so excited. I have never made tags before this and once I started I couldn't stop. That day will just fly for us! See you there Debby!

  4. Love the layouts, especially "Tiny",
    such great color pop!

  5. Love the layouts, especially
    "Tiny", such great color pop!

  6. Oh no! I so need to go where these is CHOCOLATE!!! Jealous here but have fun and CUTE creations.

  7. Such fun layouts Debby!! Love your enthusiasm for products all the time. You are a great cheerleader for scrapbooking. :) Have fun at Hershey!

  8. have fun Debby , your layouts are fabby !
    love maddy - fiskar friend x

  9. Those layouts are super cute...I especially love how you journaled onto the pumpkin photo. Have fun on your trip!

  10. I absolutely love the colors of the pumpkin page - awesome job

  11. Have fun in Hershey and have some chocolate for me!

    Your halloween lO are just great this year loving them and I will be going to take the poll ofr you next!

  12. love those layouts!
    if you love glimmer mist and crave some custom colors...go here...

    you won't be sorry!

  13. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Enjoy your stay in will enjoy the area..I live around 50 miles from there. Pack some warm clothes..I am not sure how I found your blog but I enjoy your layouts.


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