Winner of Studio 490 Art Canvas and More

Okay, it's Friday and I want to thank everyone who has given to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure. As the month goes on continue to give and don't forget to schedule your mammogram. Thank you Wendy Vecchi for donating this beautiful canvas. I'm dieing to just keep it for myself! LOL I not going to, but I will give it to

Fiskateer Michelle 3624

Congratulations. Send me your snail mail address and I'll get it in the mail to you.

A Week In Your Life Mini Mini Book Challenge
Since it is taking me a week to get my photos, I'm going to extend the date to Sunday October 18th to complete your Challenge. Let me know if you are participating. Check here to check out the challenge/RAK

I wanted to share a quiet Friday with you so I put together some photos I played with while I was in Florida. I don't have a fancy camera, but I love memories behind the photos. My favorite are the cotton fields and the humming bird. When I was very young I remember one of the last times my Grandfather grew cotton. I went out to the field with him and he let me pick some cotton. Ouch! Cotton has prickles that stick you. Another favorite is the humming bird, my uncle calls the welfare birds because mom feeds them, are so friendly. I stood very still long enough that the humming bird, at times, came right up to the lens of my camera. He startled me a few times. By the end of shooting photos the humming bird wanted his photo made. It was truly a very fun time. I hope you enjoy the peacefulness of my adventures.


Stay up to date with Creative Dreams Studio's Store. I'm adding new products all the time and I'm about to add on a few more. Please leave a comment on CDS' blog to let me know what products you would like to see. I charge actual shipping charges and no handling fees. I will be posting coupons and deals from time to time. Heads Up....December there will be a Fiskars/Cloud Nine and more kit going up.......but you will have to wait and watch!!

Gratitude List

1. Sleep

2. Friends who Listen when I talk about myself

3. God given blessing in my everyday life

4. Answers

5. God's desire to hear my prayers of my praise and often my need and wants.


  1. Great site!! I have really enjoyed looking around and seeing your pictures!
    Take care

  2. CONGRADULATIONS my Friend!!!:O)

  3. BEAUTIFUL pics! Miss you...


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