State Fair and Old Friends

Do you have that friend who you know will always be your friend whether to talk today or a year from now? I have a friend like that. Angie (Two Peas and a Fiskateer). Everyone has heard me declare Angie taught me to scrapbook. Well, that's true. Angie also taught me to have compassion even when it seemingly is unwarranted. She taught me to see things from another angle. She is a true friend.

Monday Angie and I went to the State Fair for lunch. If you go in between 12 and 2 it is free. If you go to the Cantey building where the farmers display and much more is, you can eat enough samples for free. LOL

Angie and I looked, critiqued, enjoyed, laughed and wondered at the photography entries. Not matter what, she NEEDS to enter in the photography category next year. Check her work out at Angel Photography.

We headed over to check out the craft area. We had to see the scrapbooking FIRST. There I met up with one of my friends and student, Ms. Shirley. She is the sweetest and very talented person. I could not see the layouts very well and I could not get a picture of me and my layout. So against the rules I ducked under the chains and possed for pictures. Shhhh LOL

We saw some of the most incredible cakes, crafts, quilts, dresses, woodwork. I loved the art category for the secondary schools. The huge bird made of USED paint brushes and the altered books were incredible. 12th graders! We also checked out some wonderful cookies. I only had one to make sure my stomach was prepared for my Fiska-Friendzie trip to Hershey, PA.

Here are some sights of the SC State Fair:

Sudie from unKit is feeling better. She had a nasty accident and broke her toe very badly.

Fiska-Friendzie for Hershey, PA is only 17 Days and counting! Whoo Hoo.

There is a poll on Creative Dreams Studio . I would love for you to help me with. Just a quickie!

Gratitude List:
1. Prayer Warriors
2. Pastor
3. God's strength
4. God's Grace
5. God's unending, undeserved forgiveness


  1. ooh looks fabby Debby ! I wont tell you sneaked through lol... honest !
    I have a couple of friends that i know we will be friends for life - its a nice feeling knowing that they will always be there for you isnt it ?

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Sounds like you had a marvelous time. You always have so much fun.

  3. Sounds like a blast! We did not make it to the fair this year! Maybe next year!


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